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15 Reasons Why Banana is Healthier Than Apple

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Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi  •  17years experience
15 Reasons Why Banana is Healthier Than Apple

The humble, easily available banana is not as humble when it comes to its contribution to your health. And once you learn how much good it can do to your body, you will be compelled to add it to your daily diet. This god of a fruit protects you from innumerable diseases, keeps your hair, heart and head well as well as fights chronic diseases - and the list has just begun.

Here are just 15 reasons for you to have a banana every day -

1) This fruit is high in potassium and low in salt, it is your protective shield against blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.
2) Iron rich banana is extremely good for anemic people.
3) The calcium-rich bananas are excellent for your bones and help in increasing bone density.
4) For people who exercise, bananas are an energy booster and sustain your blood sugar as well as protect against muscle cramps post workouts or leg cramps.
5) Bananas help beat depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin: the feel-good brain neurotransmitter.
6) It also enhances your moods and relieves PMS symptoms as well as stress levels in body and mind.
7) Due to high levels of vitamin B-6, bananas produce white blood cells and help in building immunity as well as strengthen nervous systems.
8) Weightloss - If you swap your junk foods with bananas, you might be inching towards losing weight. As an added bonus your energy will be become more steady and consistent.

9) Improve your mood and reduce PMS symptoms by eating a banana, which regulates blood sugar and produces stress-relieving relaxation.
10) Bananas reduce swelling, protect against type II diabetes, aid weight loss, strengthen the nervous system, and help with the production of white blood cells, all due to high levels of vitamin B-6.
11) Extremely caring about your stomach, Banana not only soothes your digestive tract to restore lost electrolytes after diarrhoea, it also helps in relieving constipation due to ts high fibre content.
12) Rich in pectin, bananas aid digestion and gently chelate toxins and heavy metals from the body.
13) Fever too? A banana can bring down your body temperature to cool your temperature off.
14) Bananas make you smarter! It makes you very alert. The high levels of potassium help your memory as well. Think about it before an exam.
15) Smoke? High levels of B-vitamins as well as potassium and magnesium in the fruit, help in speedy recovery from the effects of withdrawal.

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