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Does frequent masturbation leads to low sperm count in future? Or any other problems? Please suggest to me.

3 Doctors Answered
No. There are many myths about masturbation. Even though many of these have been debunked several times, they seem to resurface time and time again. Most claims about masturbation are not backed up by science. There is often no scientific evidence to show that masturbation causes any of the adverse effects suggested. Masturbation will not cause: blindness hairy palms impotence later in life erectile dysfunction penis shrinkage penis curvature low sperm count infertility mental illness physical weakness some couples worry that their relationship must be unsatisfying if either one of them masturbates; this, too, is a myth.
For many, masturbation is a touchy subject. Almost everyone does it at some point, but no one likes to talk about it. In fact, 23.4% of men between the ages of 25 and 29 masturbate a couple times per week. women are masturbating too, just not quite as much. So, why is it still such a taboo topic? Because many people (women and men) avoid sex-related discussions. Not only that, but there’s also a sense of guilt that comes with self-pleasure. The science behind masturbation you might be wondering why having an orgasm feels so dang great. As a matter of fact, ejaculating after masturbation feels pretty close to the sensation you get during sex. The reason masturbation is so pleasurable is because your brain gives off “happy” chemicals – endorphins and dopamine. Endorphins are feel-good peptide hormones that relieve both pain and stress. On the other hand, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel motivated and concentrated. These two chemicals are natural and perfectly normal. However, some people become addicted to the secretion of them because of their similarity to opioids. For example, morphine and oxycodone both trigger positive feels like endorphins do. With that said, the release of endorphins through masturbation is not harmful like opioids. But, given the similar effects, it’s easy to see why some people crave masturbation non-stop. Masturbation addiction and compulsive sexual behavior excessive masturbation is a form of compulsive sexual behavior (csb). Prevalent in both men and women, this condition can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. According to the mayo clinic, symptoms include inability to control sexual urges and guilt after releasing sexual tension. The causes for csb include hormone imbalances and changes in the brain’s reinforcement centers.  identifying a masturbation addiction just because you masturbate a few times a week, doesn’t mean you’re an addict. But when you get to a point where masturbation consumes your life, you have a problem. It’s also common knowledge that pornography goes hand-in-hand with masturbation. If you find yourself watching porn multiple times a day, you’ll need to break that habit as well. Here are a few telltale signs that you’re an addict: masturbation becomes a hobby. You don’t just masturbate every once in a while, to cure sexual tension. Instead, masturbation turns into one of your favorite pass times. You use masturbation as a way to cope. Like drug and alcohol users, obsessed masturbators use self-pleasure to escape from their daily problems. Your personal relationships deteriorate. Your friends, family, and partners become more distant because you’re self-absorbed in masturbation. Your masturbate to the point of self-injury. obviously, excessive masturbation comes with physical effects as well. After a while, you’ll notice red, irritated, and sore genitals. This is a sign that you need to slow down. Refraining from masturbation turns into a chore. you try and try to stop but simply can’t control yourself. Just like other addictions, masturbation addiction isn’t easy to overcome. Pornography vs. Masturbation addictions according to recent data from pornhub, there are 50,000 searches for porn on their website alone. Since masturbation accompanies pornography, the two addictions are very similar. After watching porn for too long, you can’t masturbate without it. For that reason, sometimes you have cut both from your life at the same time. If you crave porn every time you’re aroused, it might be best to just not masturbate at all.  treating masturbation addiction fighting a masturbation takes determination and resilience. While there are many diy approaches, chronic masturbators might need to seek professional help. Some of the more old-fashioned remedies include: working out. exercising is known to reduce sexual urges and stress at the same time. Similar to masturbation, working out release feel-good endorphins. Finding a partner. starting a relationship is another way to ease back on self-pleasure. Having actual sex reduces your need to masturbate. Picking up a hobby. Many people masturbate simply because they’re bored. Take up a new interest and get out of the house. Blocking porn sites. Not being able to watch porn can help fight a masturbation addiction. If you can’t get off just using your imagination, you might not feel like masturbating at all. If the above remedies don’t work, you might have to turn to the professionals. There are many therapists and counselors who specialize in masturbation addictions.
My take has been always the same .till date untill masturbation effects your daily routine work (compulsive disorder) it's the most safest and healthy thing you can do. Stop worrying needlessly about it. Enjoy it and focus on your life goals.
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