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#23-1-864, Mogulpura, Charminar, Landmark: Near Taher Function Hall. Hyderabad
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Alpha Hospital Multi-speciality Hospital (Dentist, Pediatrician & more) #23-1-864, Mogulpura, Charminar, Landmark: Near Taher Function Hall. Hyderabad
22 Doctors · ₹0 - 450
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Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care....more
Our mission is to blend state-of-the-art medical technology & research with a dedication to patient welfare & healing to provide you with the best possible health care.
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Alpha Hospital is known for housing experienced Neurologists. Dr. Deepak Goel, a well-reputed Neurologist, practices in Hyderabad. Visit this medical health centre for Neurologists recommended by 108 patients.


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#23-1-864, Mogulpura, Charminar, Landmark: Near Taher Function Hall.
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3 Ways To Treat Vaginal Dryness

Sexual Health Clinic
Sexologist, Delhi
3 Ways To Treat Vaginal Dryness

Are you experiencing reduced libido along with intense dryness in your genitals? Loss of libido is a tough thing to cope with in women. In spite of having a great sex life, your vaginal area can become nonresponsive because of several reasons. You might not even know what is happening and the reasons which are causing the condition. These conditions are common in the menopause stage in women.

Reasons for decreased libido and vaginal dryness:

1. Several changes occur in a woman’s body during the menopause stage. The sex hormones, which include estrogen and progesterone start decreasing. This may lower your libido, cause vaginal dryness and affect your sex life to a great extent.

2. Testosterone is the sex hormone which turns you on or gets you into the mood for having sex. When the production of this hormone is insufficient, the urge for having sex gets affected and reaching an orgasm gets even harder.

3. The decrease in estrogen production causes several physical changes in a woman. The blood circulation to your sexual organs gets reduced, making you less sensitive to any kind of sexual stimulation. It also leads to vaginal dryness. The walls of the vagina also become thin due to which penetration may get painful.

Remedies for decreased libido:

1. You should start practicing breathing exercises and do meditation for at least thirty minutes every day. This will enable you to eliminate stress, which is a primary trigger for decreased libido.

2. For balancing the estrogen levels, you should consume phytoestrogenic tea and supplements. Some important herbs which you should take include black cohosh, red clover and dong quai.

3. You should also consume aphrodisiac food items. Garlic is such a food item, which contains allicin and increases the blood flow to the vagina. Dark chocolate can also be taken.

Remedies for vaginal dryness:

Several conventional vaginal lubricants may lead to irritation, infection and dryness of the vagina.

1. You should always use a natural lubricant, which is not associated with side effects and works effectively. Natural lubricants such as tea tree oil, coconut oil and vitamin E based oils provide effective vaginal lubrication. They also moisturize and repair the vagina.

2. You must keep fit and active. Regular cardio or yoga sessions will help with enhanced blood flow to your sexual organs, making you feel wet.

3. You should drink plenty of water and always stay hydrated in order to prevent dryness in the vagina.

Most importantly, it is a good idea to continue having sex. If you shy away and do not make any effort, the problem of decrease in libido will continue. Therefore, sex is the best way of encouraging your body. Proper communication with your partner is also necessary.

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Premature Ejaculation!

Vedicgram Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Noida
Ayurvedic Treatment For Premature Ejaculation!

Who wouldn't desire to prolong those precious moments in bed and bring their significant other to absolute satiation? However, many unwanted, sometimes awkward, situations arise which compromise the climactic pleasures and become the cause of profound afflictions to various men. 

Premature ejaculation is triggered off by various biological and physiological causes. Some causes may be enlisted as hormonal imbalances, nervous disorders, erectile dysfunctions, infections in the urethra or the prostate, while others may be these may be owing  hereditary while others may be instigated by socio psychological factors like coyness, performance anxiety or overexcitement. 

Often the lack of sexual compatibility between the partners may also lead to premature ejaculation. While premature ejaculation is an often scoffed at phenomenon and may lead to unpleasantness between the partners, one need not be dejected by it. Premature ejaculation does not accrue any serious health implication, neither does it reflect negatively on your 'manhood'.

True, it limits the duration of the sexual intercourse and thus adversely affects one's sexual prowess, but premature ejaculation should not be a cause of any embarrassment and distress. It is a physical condition which can easily be dealt with using natural or clinical cures. However, given that natural methods have nil or minimal side-effects, many prefer ayurvedic prescriptions. 

  • Asparagus and milk powder: Mixing asparagus powder in a glass of boiling milk is an effective cure to premature ejaculation. Blending almonds, ginger, cardamom and saffron with milk. 
  • Almonds and Ginger with Milk: Ayurveda prescribes mixing crushed almonds with powdered ginger, cardamom and saffron in milk and consuming it regularly to abate the frequency of premature ejaculation.
  • Eggs: Eggs contain vital cholesterols which accelerates the vital sex hormones which increase your longevity in bed.
  • Including cereals and blueberries in breakfast: Blueberries and cereal grains improve blood circulation around the genitalia and helps in holding an erection for a longer span of time. It is also a testified antidote to premature ejaculation. 

Besides these natural therapies, the markets are flooded with ayurvedic medicines which promise to cure premature ejaculation and sustain the libido. Premature ejaculation often also results in depression. These ayurvedic remedies go a long way in mitigating such ailments and enhance your performance in bed.

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Hi I recently asked what will happen if some tissue paper is left inside teeth while filling. Most of the doctors said that the filling will fall out. I want to know why will the filling fall out even when the filling is put in layers and the tissue paper is at the bottom beneath all the layers of filling. Thank you.

Dentist, Bangalore
Hi I recently asked what will happen if some tissue paper is left inside teeth while filling. Most of the doctors sai...
Most important factor for filling to stay in place is bonding. Bonding can either be chemical with the help of bonding agents used for composite fillings or directly of the cement like glass ionomer with the tooth surface. It varies from one cement material to another. In your case it is hard to understand why tissue paper was left? In this case tissue paper fibers will interfere with the bonding and definitelt increase the chance of failure of restoration.
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Erectile Dysfunction - Factors That Put You At Risk!

MCh Urology, DNB Urology, MS-General Surgery, MBBS, Diploma In Laproscopy & Urology, Basic & Advance Robotic Urology Training
Urologist, Delhi
Erectile Dysfunction - Factors That Put You At Risk!

If a survey is done for the most common male sexual problem, the outcome would be erectile dysfunction. Commonly referred to as ED, it is a major problem for the male but it can be treated in simple ways.
By definition, ED is the repeated inability of a male to achieve and/or maintain an erection for a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. The key word here is “repeated” as a quicker erection or softer erection is very common in many men, which could be a one-off instance and caused by transient factors like stress or lack of sleep. When this happens repeatedly, then it needs attention.

Symtoms: Erectile dysfunction is when:

  1. Erection is too soft, not allowing for sufficient penetration and prolonged intercourse
  2. Erection duration is very short
  3. There is difficulty in arousal

Risk factors: ED has been noted to be commonly seen in people, who have following behaviours:

  1. Smoking
  2. Obesity
  3. Advanced age (>60 years)
  4. Excessive alcohol abuse
  5. Sedentary lifestyle with no exercise
  6. History of diabetes
  7. Hypertension
  8. Atherosclerosis
  9. History of groin surgical procedures for prostate, bladder, etc.

Causes: ED has both physiological and psychological reasons.

  • Most common psychological reasons are strained relationships, performance anxiety, and other life stressors.
  • Physical causes include reduced hormone levels and other chronic medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Diagnosis: While ED is easy to diagnose medically, the truth is that not many would be forthcoming for a diagnosis. Given that this issue could be a jolt to the “manhood,” it is often not brought out in the open for discussion. Once that is done, the following steps can help in diagnosis.

  1. Medical history and specifically sexual history
  2. Check for genital abnormalities
  3. Blood testosterone levels
  4. Other vitals including blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels to identify overall health


  1. Sexual counseling involving the couple. Once they open up and get comfortable, the problem vanishes. Performance anxiety which is a major cause is taken care of, and ED is no longer an issue. Aligning the couple’s expectations also is very essential.
  2. Hormone supplements, both locally applied and taken into the system, help to a great extent
  3. Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, moderating alcohol abuse, healthy eating habits, and moving away from sedentary lifestyle helps treat ED
  4. Medicines like Viagra are very useful for occasional cases of erectile dysfunction

As a last resort, there are advanced options like pumps, vacuum devices, implants, and surgical options, and implants. These are often not required, as in most cases, sexual counseling and hormone therapy help in managing ED.

Adrenal Cancer - What Are The Symptoms?

Diploma in Diabetology
Endocrinologist, Mumbai
Adrenal Cancer - What Are The Symptoms?

Adrenal cancer is a rare and aggressive disease that causes abnormal cell growth inside the adrenal cortex. This cancer usually appears as tumors at the outermost layer of the adrenal glands and gradually develops cancerous cells. In the majority of the cases, adrenal cancer is diagnosed only after it has been growing for several years.

While most of the adrenal cancer patients have the common symptoms, often some people feel just fine, unless until their doctors find the presence of cancerous cells in the adrenal cortex through CT scan. Generally, the symptoms of this life-threatening disease depend on three factors, which are:

  1. The particular type of overproduced hormone
  2. The tumor producing hormones excessively
  3. And, type of the tumor

However, it is the overproduction of particular hormones, that makes the majority of the symptoms visible. Below are the common symptoms of adrenal cancer, depending on hormone types that are overproduced during the presence of this disease.

Symptoms of cortisol overproduction
When the presence of adrenal cancer leads to excess production of the cortisol hormone, people start experiencing different types of symptoms. The accumulation of fat behind the shoulders and neck, gradual weight gain in the stomach and chest portions irregular periods, and hair growth on the chest, face and back (in women) are the most prominent ones. One can also suffer from depression, weakness in legs, and easy bruising as other signs of cortisol overproduction.

Symptoms of aldosterone overproduction
As a result of the overproduction of the aldosterone hormone, people generally have feelings of excessive thirst, feelings of tiredness and weakness and sometimes high blood pressure. The desire of urinating frequently and painful muscle cramps too become evident due to the excessive production of aldosterone.

Symptoms of testosterone overproduction
When as a result of malignant tumors in the adrenal cortex the production of the testosterone hormone goes to higher than normal levels, it is considered to be overproduction. The voice becoming deeper, excessive invasion of acnes, irregular periods become prominently visible symptoms of this kind of adrenal cancer. Even, excessive growth of body hair or the facial hair and heightened muscle mass are some of its common symptoms.

Symptoms of estrogen overproduction
The growth of the breast in males and the early puberty in females are the most common symptoms of adrenal cancer where the malignant tumors overly produce estrogen hormone. Even decreased sex drive or impotence in males can be considered as its other serious symptoms.

Apart from the above mentioned adrenal cancer symptoms, in some cases, the adrenal tumors become so big that they start pressing the nearby organs which leads to signs of abdominal pain or feelings of fullness in the belly. The moment one identifies having any one of the signs discussed here, he or she should look for medical attention immediately.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

PG Diploma in YOGA, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Ayurvedic Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

The problem of premature ejaculation (PE) is very common among men and one that many men are hesitant to talk about as they feel that it has a direct bearing on their sexual prowess. Ayurveda describes the problem as occurring due to an aggravation of the Pitta dosha and imbalance in Apana Vata in our body. When this happens, the semen loses its stability. Additionally, this aggravated Pitta then moves up the channels that carry semen and with imbalanced Apana Vata, causing the semen to get ejaculated with minimal sexual stimulation. Even biological and psychological causes can be at the heart of your ejaculation problem. 

Reasons you should consider an Ayurvedic treatment for your premature ejaculation issues: 

  • Ayurveda believes that PE is completely normal and can be treated through natural methods. 
  • Ayurvedic remedies are suggested accordingly to resolve the imbalance that occurs between Pitta and Vata doshas before sexual activity. 
  • Helps in controlling the hyperactivity that the muscles of the penis experience, leading to an increase in sensitivity and early ejaculation. 
  • Remedies that are suggested restore the harmony of your body's hormones as well as improve your ejaculatory mechanism. 
  • The natural remedies also help in improving your sex drive. 
  • The Ayurvedic remedies act as stress busters without causing any side effects. 
  • Additionally, problems associated with anxiety and stress during sexual activity is effectively dealt with counselling, use of rejuvenating herbs, meditation, and yoga

There are a number of Herbs used in Ayurveda to enhance sexual potency like Safed Musali, Kaunch, Ashwagandha, Gokshur, Jaiphal, Javitri etc. Using these herbs definitely, restores the harmony of the reproductive system ultimately boosting sexual potency and very helpful in managing Premature Ejaculation. 

Recommendations on lifestyle and diet are also made like increasing the consumption of foods that cool down your body like butter, milk, almonds and so on; and reducing the intake of foods that aggravate your pitta dosha like spicy and salty foods. Excessive masturbation with unhealthy dietary habits aggravates the condition. If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'Consult'.

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What is the normal level of testosterone? And also please guide me the herbs to boost the testosterone.

Diploma in Diabetology, Pregnancy & Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Prevention in Diabetes ,Thyroid
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
What is the normal level of testosterone? And also please guide me the herbs to boost the testosterone.
TOTAL TESTOSTERONE LEVELS SEX ng/dlng/ml Females6 - 860.1 - 1.2 Males270 - 11002.4 - 12 Fenugreek is an herb that has been shown to aid in sexual stimulation. A proprietary fenugreek extract, Testofen, has shown promising results in boosting libido and testosterone levels in human studies. Use 600 mg daily. Tribulus is an herb that has been used traditionally in ayurvedic medicine as an aphrodisiac.
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I'm 8 months pregnant i'm not interested in sex but my husband want a sex with me what can I do it's safe for baby health in current time.

Sexologist, Panchkula
I'm 8 months pregnant i'm not interested in sex but my husband want a sex with me what can I do it's safe for baby he...
You can do sex If pregnancy is normal and there are no complications in pregnancy. Avoid thrust on uterus during sex.
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What is the home remedy for running nose of a child. Please share a remedy which I can do at home.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda, PG Diploma in Yoga Vignana
Ayurveda, Hyderabad
What is the home remedy for running nose of a child. Please share a remedy which I can do at home.
Give your child juice of tulasi leaves and ginger 5 ml each added with 5 ml of honey twice a day, it will open all the sinuses, improves immunity and shuts down running nose very quickly.
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I had protected sex in the the 1st week of July. I've also got my periods twice during this time, the first one was late by around 1 week and it occurred approximately around 20th of July while the 2nd one occurred on 16th of august. But recently I'm having some health issues which are similar to the ones which occur during pregnancy. These are: 1. Continued weakness 2. Frequent back ache 3. Head ache 4. Occasional chest pain (below and in between the breasts) 5. Loss of appetite 6. Mood swings 7. Also, along with these symptoms I've also noticed that recently I've become more vulnerable to mosquito bites. I wanted to go for Beta hCG test but the pathology supervisor advised me not to do so without proper consultation and based on my symptoms advised me to get the following tests done, 1. CBC-5, EDTA WHOLE BLOOD 2. GLUCOSE RANDOM, PLASMA 3. THYROID PANEL, SERUM So my main concern is that, is there any chance of me getting pregnant and should I go for any sort of pregnancy test or am I just over thinking. I'm 21 years old and am unmarried and don't want to get pregnant right now. Kindly help me.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Nashik
I had protected sex in the the 1st week of July. I've also got my periods twice during this time, the first one was l...
My opinion is you r not pregnant. For confirmation you can do UPT at home. No need of Beta HCG. The symptoms described by you are signs of general debility and stress. Kindly get the UPT done and just take medicine for general debility. Do not worry. I'd suggest you to consult me personally if you seem it necessary. I hope, I have answered your queries.
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Piles - Know Its Causes And Surgical Treatment!!

MBBS, MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Pune
Piles - Know Its Causes And Surgical Treatment!!

Piles are inflamed masses, clumps, or cushions of tissue in the anal canal. Also called haemorrhoids, piles can be a very unpleasant condition to live with.

However, the fact is that we all have some amount of inflammation in our anal canal tissues. But it’s only when the haemorrhoids become too inflamed that symptoms occur and this is when you are diagnosed as having piles.

The size of piles is variable and they can be found inside or outside the anus.

Internal haemorrhoids typically occur from 2 to 4cm above the opening of the anus. They are the more common ones and are divided into four grades.

  1. Grade 1 – Less inflammation occurs and it’s usually inside the lining of the anus. These piles are invisible.
  2. Grade 2 – These are larger haemorrhoids but are inside the anus. When passing stools they can get pushed out, but return back into the anal canal unaided.
  3. Grade 3 – These are called 'prolapsed haemorrhoids' and appear outside the anus. They can be pushed back into the anal canal with a finger.
  4. Grade 4 - These haemorrhoids cannot be pushed back and need treatment in the form of surgery as they are large and hang outside the anus all the time.

External piles occur on the outside edge of the anus and are called perianal hematoma.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

  1. You may feel a hard lump around the anus. And this consists of coagulated blood which is painful
  2. A feeling of fullness even after going to the toilet
  3. Bright red blood discharged after a bowel movement
  4. Itchiness around the anus along with redness and soreness
  5. Mucus discharge while defecating
  6. Pain while defecating


Piles occur due to chronic constipation and diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy or straining during defecation.

Piles are often not serious and disappear without any treatment and usually with the help of lifestyle changes like drinking more water, cutting down on caffeine, eating more fibre etc. Just 10% of patients consulting a doctor for piles require surgical treatment. And surgery may be necessary for grades 3 or 4 haemorrhoids only.

Surgical Procedures-

BEIM technology - no cut, no suture, no wound, same day discharge!

  1. Hemorrhoidectomy – This involves removing the excess tissue that is causing the bleeding. This is an effective procedure for treating grades 3 and 4 haemorrhoids but it can cause complications like difficulty passing stools, as well as urinary tract infections.
  2. Haemorrhoid stapling – The blood flow is stopped from reaching haemorrhoid. It is less painful than a hemorrhoidectomy, but it comes with risks like haemorrhoid recurrence and something called a rectal prolapse in which a part of the rectum pushes out of the anus.

It is advised to get yourself treated as leaving piles untreated can increase the risk for gangrene and anemia due to long –term blood loss.e

Hallucination - 5 Common Types!

Psychiatrist, Chandigarh
Hallucination - 5 Common Types!

Do you think hallucination involves only seeing things which are not real? There is much more to it actually and you may even smell or touch something, which does not exist. Hallucinations occur from various causes, primarily because of mental illnesses and nervous system disorders in your body. It is important for you to know about the different types of hallucinations, which are commonly experienced, along with their causes.

Types of hallucinations

  1. Hearing voices: This is known as auditory hallucinations in which you hear sounds and voices coming from within your mind or from outside. These voices might talk to each other as if they are trying to tell you something.
  2. Seeing things: This is called visual hallucination in which you see things, which actually do not exist. You might observe snakes crawling on your hands, but it is unreal. You can also see flashes of lights, and spots or shapes of bright colors.
  3. Smelling things: This type of hallucination is called olfactory hallucination in which you might sense a certain odor coming from your body, or from your surroundings.
  4. Tasting things: Known as gustatory hallucinations, you might find an odd or weird taste in something you are eating or drinking.
  5. Feeling things: This phenomenon is called tactile hallucination. You may feel that you are being tickled, or poked in spite of no one being around you. You might also feel that insects or snakes are crawling under your skin. Feeling a blast of hot air on the face is also likely.

Causes of hallucinations

  1. Schizophrenia accounts for being the primary cause of hallucinations and above 70% of the patients with this condition suffer from visual hallucinations, while others hear voices.
  2. Parkinson’s disease is another disease, which causes visual hallucinations in patients.
  3. Alzheimer’s disease and certain other types of dementia also account for causing hallucinations because of changes in the brain.
  4. People suffering from migraines may experience a form of visual hallucination known as aura. It resembles a crescent of multicolored light.
  5. Brain tumor causes hallucinations based on its exact location. In case of brain tumor in an area which controls vision, visual hallucinations are indicated. Smell and taste hallucinations are also likely.
  6. The condition called Charles Bonnet syndrome causes visual hallucinations in patients with cataract, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.
  7. Patients suffering from epilepsy are also prone to hallucinations. Different types of hallucinations are likely along with seizures, which are a common part of the condition. The exact type of hallucination caused depends on the part of your brain, which is affected by seizures. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Psychiatrist.
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Gout - How To Get Over It Effectively?

MBBS, D.O. Orthopedic Surgery
Orthopedist, Chandigarh
Gout - How To Get Over It Effectively?

Our bones and joints are what make us function on a day to day basis. It is, therefore, imperative that we take good care of them at all times. There are many conditions that can affect our skeletal system, and one of them is - Gout. While the link between the two may not be that obvious, gout happens to be a condition which is sometimes related to arthritis. Therefore, it is sometimes known by the name 'gouty arthritis'.

While the issue may be severely painful, it does not mean that it cannot be reduced. And of course, when a person has the option and cutting the pain caused by gout drastically, his or her natural response is likely to be 'why not?'

Why Does It Happen?

The main reason for the occurrence of gout is too much uric acid being present in the body. The limbs of the body swell up, especially the extremities and this is known to be very painful. In many cases of gout, the swelling is especially evident in the big toe. Flare ups can last hours on end and may even get longer.

The people who wish to get the gout that is putting him or her through so much pain treated, there are quite a few options at their disposal. There are pain relievers that can be consumed under the advice of a medically qualified professional. While these pain relievers do not treat gout, but can reduces the intensity of the symptoms. Daily doses can be recommended as per the requirement and severity of the situation.

How to Get Rid of Gout?

While some anti-inflammatory drugs may have their effect but no matter how bad the pain, aspirin is a drug that needs to be avoided. Intake of aspirin can make the problem even worse, which is the last thing a person would want!

The severe problems of gout can be dealt with the chemicals known as corticosteroids. Now, while these can provide some very effective pain relief, using them can be tricky due to certain side effects. One of these side effects is that since these chemicals are injected into the joints, they can significantly weaken them. The other side effect is that they slow the healing process of the wound. Both of these side effects are highly undesirable for any patients. These chemicals are usually prescribed by the doctors after a thorough analysis of patient's condition and history.

A person who drinks alcohol and suffers from severe condition of gout should look to scale back the amount which is consumed by him or her. This is because alcohol increases the amount of uric acid which is present in the blood. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Orthopedist.

10 Tips For Healthy Pregnancy Care!

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Patna
10 Tips For Healthy Pregnancy Care!

Are you pregnant and waiting to be a mother for the first time? Pregnancy is an ideal time for you to start taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. It is not a very simple thing and is associated with several complexities. Here are nine ways, following which you can undergo a healthy pregnancy:


  1. Consult your doctor or midwife immediately
    • After finding that you are pregnant, get in touch with your doctor or midwife for organizing antenatal care.
    • You will need to get important pregnancy advice and prepare for scans and tests that are required.
  2. Eat properly
    • Consume a healthy and balanced diet on a regular basis comprising carbohydrates, protein servings, and fish.
  3. Take supplements
    • Take pregnancy vitamin supplements in case you are not getting the essential nutrients from your everyday diet.
    • Consume folic acid and vitamin D in large amounts during pregnancy.
  4. Maintain proper hygiene
    • For keeping away from a condition known as listeria, you should avoid food items that may harbor the listeria bacteria, such as unpasteurized milk, under cooked meals, raw and under cooked meat, and many more.
  5. Work out regularly
    • Regular exercise is important during pregnancy.
    • Go for yoga, swimming, walking, and aquanatal classes as you need to build your endurance and strength. This prepares your body to deal with pregnancy.
    • Practice pelvic floor exercises as these help in having a toned pelvic floor that ensures you of a smoother childbirth.
  6. Avoid alcohol
    • ​Alcohol is unsafe during pregnancy, and you should totally try to avoid drinking. Heavy drinking during pregnancy is fatal for your baby in several ways.
  7. Avoid caffeine
    • ​Avoid having mild stimulants such as coffee, cola, and tea when you are pregnant. The high caffeine amounts may increase the chances of miscarriage
  8. Avoid smoking
    • Smoking during your pregnancy may lead to complications such as miscarriage, premature birth, or low birth weight of your baby.
    • Smoking also triggers placental abruption, ectopic pregnancy and nausea, followed by vomiting. Hence, you should totally quit smoking.
  9. Undertake pelvic floor exercises

It is also very important for you to get sufficient rest when you are pregnant. You are bound to get tired easily because of pregnancy hormones that are in high levels. Try taking naps during the day if your night sleep is disrupted. Try relaxation techniques such as yoga, stretching, massage, deep breathing, and visualization. For a healthy pregnancy, without any complication or hazards, these also play an important role. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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Teenage Pregnancy - Know Everything About It!

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Teenage Pregnancy - Know Everything About It!

Expecting a baby is the best feeling for any woman but this may or may not be the case in teenage pregnancy. Getting pregnant at the early age can cause serious damage to her not only to her health but also her future. Any pregnancy that occurs in women under the age of 20 is termed as teenage pregnancy. It is classified as high-risk pregnancy which can cause grave danger to the mother as well as her unborn child.

Technically, a girl can become pregnant after sexual intercourse anytime after beginning ovulation. In common- speak, a girl can become pregnant after she begins menstruating.

Risks of Teenage Pregnancy
Usually what happens is that a teenager gets pregnant against her wish… She doesn’t plan to but gets pregnant maybe due to unprotected sex. This increases the risk to both her and her baby.
It usually leads to a lag in her accessing and getting prenatal care. This can lead to problems later on like-

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Premature births
  3. Low birth weight

Controlling high blood pressure during pregnancy and getting regular prenatal care is the single most important thing that a pregnant teen can do for her own and her baby’s health.

High BP
Teenage mothers are at high risk for suffering from high BP which means they are at high risk for developing pre-eclampsia. This is a sudden increase in blood pressure after the 20th week of pregnancy and can be life-threatening for both the mother and the unborn baby. There are no proven ways to prevent it and most women who have signs of pre-eclampsia are monitored to lessen the harm and to avoid complications. The only way to cure pre-eclampsia is to deliver the baby. Usually, doctors manage high blood pressure in pregnancy by closely monitoring the baby, lifestyle changes by the mother and use of medicines. Compliance among teenagers for making lifestyle changes is usually low according to experts.

Premature Babies
Premature babies are also common in teenagers and these babies can have health problems at the drop of the hat because their organs did not have enough time to develop in the womb. Problems that they are prone to are-

Low-birth weight
Low birth weight babies are another risk of teenage pregnancies. These babies who weigh less than 5 pounds are at higher risk for health problems like delayed motor and social development or learning disabilities. They also become sick more often in the first days of life or develop infections.

Risks of low birth weight, premature labour, anemia, and pre-clampsia are linked to the low age of the mother and all of these are observed in teen births even after controlling for other risk factors such as prenatal care.

What can be done?
A pregnant teen, therefore, should do the following-

  • Get regular prenatal check-ups
  • Take vitamins and iron to prevent birth defects
  • Staying away from smoking, alcohol, and drugs to prevent birth defects
  • Use a condom during sex to prevent sexually transmitted diseases that could hurt the foetus

The only way to prevent teenage pregnancies is educational interventions and promotion of birth control. And both of these should be used to prevent these high-risk pregnancies. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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Cardiomyopathy: Types and Treatments

Clinical Cardiology, MD - Consultant Physician
Cardiologist, Surat
Cardiomyopathy: Types and Treatments

Cardiomyopathy includes diseases involving the heart muscle. These diseases have various causes, types, symptoms and modes of treatment.

The heart muscle gets enlarged, thick or rigid. In several cases, the heart muscle tissue is replaced with a scar tissue. As this condition worsens, the heart gets weaker and the ability to pump blood is disrupted, which can cause heart failure or irregular beating of the heart. The weakened state of the heart can lead to valvar diseases.

The different types of cardiomyopathy are:

  • Hypertrophic CardiomyopathyThis is a common form and affects people of all ages. Men and women are affected equally. This condition arises due to the enlargement and thickening of the heart muscle. The ventricles, the septum and the lower heart chamber usually thicken, which causes obstruction in pumping of blood by the heart. This disease also causes stiffness in the ventricles, and cellular changes in the tissue.
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy: This form of cardiomyopathy develops due to the enlargement and weakening of the ventricles. The issue arises from the left ventricle and develops over time. It may even affect the right ventricle. More effort is put in by the heart muscles for pumping blood and slowly the heart is unable to pump blood effectively. This condition may lead to heart failure, valve diseases or blood clots in the heart.
  • Restrictive CardiomyopathyThis disease occurs due to the stiffening of the ventricles, without thickening of the walls of the heart. The ventricles are not allowed to relax and do not receive a sufficient volume of blood supply. This condition causes heart failure and valvar problems over time.
  • Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia: This rare form of cardiomyopathy occurs when fat or fibrous tissues replace the muscle tissue of the right ventricle. This causes arrhythmias and disruption in the electrical signals of the heart. It generally affects teens and may cause cardiac arrest in athletes.
  • Unclassified Cardiomyopathy: Some types of cardiomyopathy of this category include left ventricular non compaction where the ventricles develop trabeculations. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is another disease where immense stress causes failure of the heart muscles.

Treatment: Many cases of cardiomyopathy come and go away on their own. Treatment for other cases depends on the severity and symptoms. The major treatment methods are:
Lifestyle changes meant for a healthier heart.

Modes of surgery for treatment of cardiomyopathy include:

Implant devices such as Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) device, Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), Left ventricular assist device and pacemakers are fitted into the heart for better performance.

Cardiomyopathy can be of many different types, each arising from different situations and conditions. The mode of treatment depends on the severity of the complication or on the basis of symptoms. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Cardiologist.

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Bladder Leakage - Solutions To Help You Manage It!

Urologist, Delhi
Bladder Leakage - Solutions To Help You Manage It!

It is an extremely embarrassing situation to have a bladder leakage. Social life could be altered, with reduced socialising for fear of losing control in the presence of others. Though not discussed frankly, it is an extremely common issue and about 25 million people in the United States suffer from this, with 75% of these being women.

Treatment depends on the type of incontinence, such as stress, urge, overflow, functional, or mixed. It starts with least invasive methods like lifestyle changes moving over to surgical approaches.

Ways to manage it

With trips to the toilet increasing considerably when you have urinary incontinence, simple measures can help manage leakage.

  1. Bladder training: Train your bladder to control the urge for another 10 minutes. This happens by voluntarily contracting the muscles and holding up the urge to go to the toilet. Gradually, it will help increase the frequency of the visit to 4 to 6 hours.
  2. Scheduled toilet trips: Whether or not there is an urge, visit the toilet every 4 to 6 hours.
  3. Double emptying: Even after you have voided, force yourself to void one more time. The residual urine, which is almost always present in the bladder, also gets emptied.
  4. Food/diet modifications: Stress incontinence is worsened by alcohol, spicy foods, acidic foods, and caffeine. Avoiding these can help reduce bladder leakage.
  5. Kegel exercises: The simple repetition of contracting the pelvic floor muscles, holding it in place, and releasing it can do wonders for strengthening the pelvic floor. This can be done anywhere and any time of the day and is very effective for improving bladder control.
  6. Catheters: These can be used if the incontinence is short-lived; the person would need to learn how to safely insert and remove it.
  7. Absorbent pads and medical devices: The absorbent pads are helpful in preventing embarrassment during social situations. On the other hand, medical devices like pessary are inserted into the vagina to support the bladder neck and thereby prevent leakage from the bladder.
  8. Drugs: Anticholinergics/antimuscarinics are useful to control a leaking bladder. Botox injections can help paralyse the overactive bladder muscles and provide a solution. Topical oestrogen may be used in small amounts to improve tone and reduce incontinence. Alpha blockers are also used in some people with good results. There are muscles that relax the bladder and increase the amount of urine it can contain.
  9. Surgery: In the event that all these measures are not useful, surgical correction is possible. Sling procedure where an artificial mesh is used to support the urethra. Bladder neck suspension is where the bladder neck is given support to prevent leakage. If there is a pelvic organ prolapse, that is corrected to rectify the bladder leakage. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Urologist.
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5 Foods That Improve Your Eyesight!

MBBS, MD - Ophthalmology, Vitreoretina and Uvea
Ophthalmologist, Gurgaon
5 Foods That Improve Your Eyesight!

It is true that the foods you eat cannot get back your eyesight. It is also true that the foods that you eat can never increase your vision powers. Then you might ask why go through all the trouble of writing articles which state the foods that are beneficial for vision.

A well-made point! But the real truth is while the foods cannot affect the performance of your vision; there are many foods that are needed to maintain a healthy vision. These foods are beneficial and are necessary to preserve the line of sight and are also valuable in sustaining them further damage. Let us give them a thought in detail

Vitamins A, C, and E form the main components when it comes to vision. Always choose a food that has ample doses of these substances and makes it a regular habit. Some of the foods that are high in them are:

  1. Bell Peppers: Not many people know that the brightly coloured bell peppers are a nutritional powerhouse that could help reduce the risk of poor vision. They have ample quantities of Vitamin A and C and in addition to that bell peppers are fat-free, low-calorie, and contain fiber. Give them a shot and see the benefits in the long run.
  2. Carrots: There cannot be an article written about eye sight without the mention of carrots. They have rich traces of Vitamin A and they help to reduce the impact of both cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Try having them in its raw format rather than a cooked format to get hold of all the vitamins.
  3. Greens (Spinach, Kale, Leafy Vegetables): There is an age-old saying that the colour green is good for the eyes. This holds true even in the case of green vegetables. Green vegetables like spinach and kale are rich sources of vitamin C and are loaded with antioxidants. They also protect your eyes from UV rays and the direct damage to your eyes from the sun’s rays. Use it as per your imagination and you can have them in salads, soups or as a dip.
  4. Blueberries: Blueberries are also packed with antioxidants and they are beneficial for the overall health and wellness of your eyes health and wellness. They are also high in the soluble fiber, which can help lower cholesterol. You can simply wash them and pop those in your mouth or you can add it as a delicacy to your cereal and porridge.
  5. Sweet Potatoes: Just like carrots, sweet potatoes too have high carotene levels and they are effective in reducing the stress of your eyes. They also soothe your eyes to a great extent and can be beneficial in maintaining the robustness of your eyes. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an Ophthalmologist.
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Blurred Vision and Cloudy Vision - It Could Be A Sign Of Cataract!

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist, Ghaziabad
Blurred Vision and Cloudy Vision - It Could Be A Sign Of Cataract!

Cataract is clouding of clear natural lens present inside the eye, this is a major cause of decreased vision in elderly. Cataracts can occur in one or both eyes, usually developing very slowly. Things look blurry, hazy, less colourful and less sharp with cataract.

Most cataracts are related to ageing, however many other factors can either increase the rate of formation or cause cataract formation. 

Causes of Cataract Formation-

  1. Ageing: Most common cause. As the proteins present in the lens of the eye degenerates over the years ( just like any other organ) cataract is formed. If you are having Diabetes or hypertension, the rate of formation gets accelerated.

  2. Radiation: Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, especially UV-B rays, results in cataract in your eyes. Wearing sunglasses in the daytime helps in slowing down the process of cataract.

  3. Genes: Many genetic disorders can result in congenital cataract ( cataracts present since birth) or early formation. Like in Lowe syndrome or Down's syndrome

  4. Lifestyle Choices: Cigarette smoking, long hours of sun exposure regularly, antioxidant, poor diet etc. are responsible for the onset of cataract.

How To Detect Cataract?

Certain signs and symptoms suggest the existence of cataract in the eye. Depending on the type and level of cataract, problems in vision occurs. The main symptom is foggy cloudy vision as if seeing through a dirty glass window. 

Other Symptoms are- 

  1. inability to see clearly in bright light (during the day) which becomes better in dim light ( evening and night) and vice versa. 
  2. watery, tired eyes - mild pain in and around eyes. 
  3. yellow tinge in vision
  4. Halos around light bulbs or bright light. 

If you are experiencing above symptoms and having problems in viewing things clearly, visit an ophthalmologist and get your eyes checked.

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