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Miracles Mediclinics (Apolo Cradle)

Miracles Mediclinics (Apolo Cradle)

Pediatric Clinic

CO- 1,2 & 3, Sector 14
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Tips on Treating Diarrhea In Children
Tips on Treating Diarrhea In Children

Good Morning, I am Dr Anurag Singh. Working as a consultant in Apollo cradle hospital, Gurgaon. Today I want to give some tips about diarrhoea in children.

So, Diarrhoea is a very common problem in children. Especially in the summer season. And the child present with multiple symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are loose stools, vomiting, fever, lethargy, so these are the symptoms that parents come to visit a paediatrician. This diarrhoea can be divided into different groups as per the clinical condition of the children.

So, first, it is divided into no dehydration, some dehydration and severe dehydration. So, if your baby has no dehydration, so baby will be playful. Diarrhoea will be there. Diarrhoea or loose motion more than or 3 times per day or it is loose in consistency is defined as diarrhea. If your baby is not coming to the "no dehydration" group, the baby is dehydrated like some dehydration or severe dehydration. In some dehydration, he will ask for the water again and again. Although he is not to be active or some amount of dullness will be there, eyes will be sunken, thirsty overall mucosa will be dry. Eyes will be dry. So, if u can just your skin pinch just feel the skin of the baby. If you leave it, it will go back slowly. It is a sign of some dehydration. So you need to give the proper amount of ORS in this child. As per the age or as per the weight, there are some guidelines to follow and maintain the hydration level in this kind of children. So the key point of management of diarrhoea in children is to maintain the hydration level. So, if you are able to maintain the proper homemade remedies or solution so you can manage it at home also properly. But if you are not able to manage it with the ORS or any home made remedies, then the baby is not able to take it or babies is lethargic. To get admitted your child, And maintain proper hydration level.

Basically, treatment basic purpose is to maintain the hydration level . just take care of your baby in the summer season. If your baby is getting diarrhoea so give proper ORS solution and keep your baby hydrated. After that, I just want to give some points to read the viewer.

If anybody wants a further consultation or any further knowledge about the diseases in the children in this season. about diarrhoea or any disease in children in the various season so they can visit me in and they can message me or text or call me also at lybrate .com. I will be available as per the convenience

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Dr. Anurag Singh

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