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Life Hospital

Life Hospital

ENT Specialist Clinic

Life hospital Infront of Hanuman Mandir
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We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and more

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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Care
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Care

Hello everyone, myself, Dr Honey Gupta I practice in Faridabad. I am ENT specialist, ENT is the is the branch which is for Otolaryngology it covers ear, nose, throat as well as the structure of head and neck, letsamanicular gland, parotid gland thyroid, neck roots etc. Today we are not going just to do one topic we still are discussing do's and don'ts for the ENT. What should be done for the routine care of ear, nose, throat as you all know ear is a very vital structure, it is a vital structure not only just for hearing purpose but also it is very important as it plays an important part in balancing our body, we cannot even stand or walk without the help of ears. So how should we take care of our ears, it is a very common question how should we clean our ears in a routinely actually routine ear cleaning is not required there is an automatic self-cleaning mechanism in our ear for cleaning. We should avoid overuse or excessive use of earbuds as it mainly injurious to our ears. Many time patients come with the bleeding, swelling or trump trauma or sentence hearing loss because of use of earbuds, so avoid using earbuds and any sharp object inside the ear and it is also important to know that you should avoid water in our ears as water moisture inside the ear make a rise to various infections and ear discharge. So while swimming we should use earplugs and during bathing also we can use earplugs or cotton buds and in case of any hearing loss or any sudden hearing loss, we should seek for an immediate medical help as the time left is very critical. And today is the era of mobile phones, there is a radiation comes from the mobile as we all know we should keep mobile at a little distance from the ear while talking and we should avoid long talks over the mobile, never use headphones as the loud noise for a long time as it may cause hearing loss. And for the nose, as we all know it is very important for the smell function, it is important sense organs, it also filters the air which we taking during the breathing, we should not pluck our nasal hair as it may cause infections which can be very dangerous at the time. And we should also avoid nasal packing as it is the commonest cause of nasal bleeding and we should not keep our cough and cold untreated for a long time as it may give rise to various complications like ear discharge, SOM, CSOM, sometimes it may cause sinusitis, asthma etc. So get your cough and cough treated early and the further throat, we should maintain our oral hygiene as we all know we should brush twice but avoid vigorous gargling and also never put your fingers too deep in your throat and we should use a voice very properly not use loud voice or continuous voice for a long time as it may care cause hoarseness in our voice. In case of any problem always seek for the medical advice never used over conquering drugs as it may cause various dangers or various problems. It is like experimenting with your own body without knowing the outcome, so in case of any query always feel free to ask and that's all.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Doctor in Life Hospital


Dr. Honey Gupta

ENT Specialist16 Years Exp.
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Ishwar Chand Vista Sagar

Jul 03, 2019

Nice treatment with gentle behaviour

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