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Braces n Roots

Braces n Roots

Dental Clinic

220-B, Pocket-1, Landmark : Near Ganga Market
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Botox, Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentist, Dental Surgeon, Orthodontist, Pediatric Dentist.Customer service is more

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Know More About Braces
Know More About Braces

Hello, I am Dr. Deepak Singh.

Hello, I am Dr. Divya Swarup.

We are practicing orthodontics at Braces and Roots. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with the treatment and correction of mal right teeth and jaws. Today let’s talk about braces treatment or in simple words the procedure to correct irregularly positioned teeth in the mouth. The only natural process to correct malpositioned teeth is through Orthodontic Therapy that is braces. There are various other options as well but they will certainly compromise the natural tooth structure integrity to some extent always. So if we say teeth are irregularly placed that is various malalignments, which causes major issues.

Firstly, it becomes unaesthetic, not very pleasant to look at. The aesthetic concern is very important as it raises the overall confidence of a person. Having a pleasing and confident smile is very necessary from psychological point of view. To talk, smile and laugh without being overtly concern about one’s teeth and their appearance is very necessary. Peer pressure in today’s world may otherwise lead to depression, feeling of neglect and unwantedness. Unaesthetic and pleasing smile is the simplest solution to avoid psychological concerns.

Secondly and the more important issue is the function that is when teeth are malaligned and not properly positioned, they prevent proper cleaning to be done which leads to the secondary damage to the gingival, inflammation causing loss of perinatal attachments and finally bone loose leading to untimely tooth loss. Another problem in tooth function due to malocclusion is deferment of a deep bite that is, when the lower teeth are completely covered by the upper teeth, in such cases the lower teeth starts hitting against the upper teeth causing perinatal damage leading to early tooth mobility being developed. When the lower teeth hit against the upper teeth the incisal edges that is the upper edges of the lower teeth becomes attrited and sensitivity in teeth develops. Attrition of the lower teeth leads to the loss of proper bite and causes the collapse bite in the posterior region leading to various other complications one of them being TMDs that is Temporomandibular Disturbances. The lower teeth even start touching the palate of face causing trauma to the palate leading to bleeding from the parietal surface. So if we see just a simple thing like malalignment of teeth can lead to various complicated problems.

Now let’s see the various options in these braces treatments. Traditional braces are metallic braces. These come in various sizes, shapes. The smaller the size, the smoother the bracket design, the more comfortable it is for the patient. Metallic braces are very common. Next options are tooth-colored braces or ceramic braces. These are again of two types. One being disliked translucent one which is polycrystalline and second is the totally transparent braces that are monocrystalline. So the aesthetic concern of the patient is taken care of when ceramic braces are chosen.

Metallic braces in comparison are not as aesthetic and as pleasing to look at. With ceramic braces, the wires that are used are also tooth colored. Hence the aesthetic concern being taken care of. The next option for braces is Lingual Braces. Lingual Braces are the braces that are placed on the inner aspect of the tooth that is on the lingual surface. Again these braces are not visible while talking while smiling and hence they are practically invisible.

Next, there are Self-Ligating Brackets. In this, the wire is engaged directly in the braces without the help of an elastic module or ligature wire which generally holds the bracket or the wire inside the bracket. This wire component might cause slight discomfort to the patient which is not included in the self-ligating brackets. The time duration per appointment also decreases in self-ligating braces. The last option being invisible option for Orthodontic treatment is the aligners. These are the most prevalent today. These are thin transparent plastic-like materials which is worn over the tooth. This aligner therapy is the most aesthetic option today. Finally, if we see, all these treatment options will help us in achieving the ideal occlusion and a perfect smile.

Orthodontics braces are the perfect treatment modality for achieving the desired smile and occlusion. Orthodontic treatment as earlier thought is not just limited to the growing children or the young age group. Adult orthodontic is very common and highly successful today. So whenever you decide and whatever age it is, it’s never too late. Hoping to create a beautiful smile for you and your family members. Visit us at our clinics soon, at Braces and Roots and Smile Square.

Thank you.

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Doctor in Braces n Roots


Dr. Divya Swarup

Dentist14 Years Exp.
MDS - Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics, BDS (Implantologist)
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Doctor is good and friendly ..explain my problem so we'll



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It was a nice experience

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