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Vaidic Chikitsa is known for housing experienced s. Vaidic Chikitsa, a well-reputed Naturopathic Physician, Ayurveda, Homeopath , practices in New Delhi . Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 102 patients.

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University of Biha
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    Naturopathic Physician, Ayurveda, Homeopath
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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    The tulsi plant or holy tulsi has been an intrinsic part of indian history. It runs so deep within the realm of our understanding and profession of hinduism or of an overly eastern way of life, that you use it as a metaphor for sanctity. Most hindu households, both rural and urban, worship this plant. The benefits of this herb have had the support of a huge mass of people who would not have settled for anything other than a scientific approval of their faith; the humor in this statement eludes most proving every bit of truth in it. Indeed, this healthy herb has been found to be helpful in more than a couple of ways and has thus, transcended the limits of domestic and cultural identities.

    See for yourself how healthy is tulsi:

    A) fight off cancer with tulsi leaves: tulsi plant is widely sought after for its anti-carcinogenic properties. It is also known to counter bacteria and other viral infections. One may even use its leaves as an antibiotic. Regular consumption of its leaves on an empty stomach can rid you of recurrent problems like fever or cough and cold.

    B) pamper your skin with a touch of health: tulsi is known to detoxify and cleanse the human body. Most skin disorders arise due to underlying skin infections. These infections are usually the result of toxins. Applying a tulsi pack or drinking herbal teas can therefore be effective.

    C) say goodbye to crushing digestive problems: tulsi can build up your immunity against common conditions like diarrhea or dysentery. People suffering from slow bowel movement have also gained from this herb. It propels good digestion.

    D) a big threat to mosquito borne diseases: treatment of malaria and dengue incurs thousands. Using tulsi as a preventive herb can be of significant help. Tulsi is also known to cure hepatitis and tuberculosis.

    E) bathe in tulsi water to remedy rashes: adding tulsi leaves to your bathing water successfully deals with germs and bacteria. You can easily tackle itchy skin, rashes, and boils with this simple tip.
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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
    Proper and sound hearing is essential for a healthy living. If you are suffering from lack or loss of hearing, chances are that you are missing out on life itself. Therefore, it is imperative that you undergo treatments in case you are suffering from any kind of hearing ailment.

    There are various reasons that contribute to loss of hearing. Some of the common causes are:

    Increasing noise
    Genetically inherited
    Over the years various surgical and non-surgical methods have surfaced that can help repair loss of hearing and damage. Among the other branches of medicines, Ayurveda is the most old and ancient method. It uses natural herbs in order to correct and treat hearing loss. This has proved to be extremely beneficial and potent and it cures hearing ailments with the help of a number of natural methods. Some of them are:

    Lukewarm mustard oil or sesame oil: If you are suffering from ache in ears or loss in hearing, try putting few drops of warm mustard oil and sesame oil in your ear and hold it with index fingers. At the same time store air in your mouth and let your cheeks contract and bulge for a minute or so. This ayurvedic tip considerably improves hearing and reduces ear pain.
    Radish juice and sesame oil: If you are suffering from sores and hearing problems, a mixture of the two can be beneficial. In this method, a small quantity of Radish juice should be boiled with a small quantity of sesame oil, till the juice absorbs the oil. This mixture should be administered twice a day in order to experience the results.
    Applewood oil: A variety of ingredients are required in order to create the resultant oil. Initially cow's urine should be boiled and the applewood powder must be added to it. This mixture should then be filtered and further added with sesame and goat's milk. This concoction is then boiled and the resultant oil should be stored and applied with cotton daily. This improves hearing a great deal.
    Mixture of neem and turmeric: In this method turmeric and neem leaves are boiled together. The steam should be taken as well as the water must be applied on the ears and surrounding areas. This has proved to be an extremely effective remedy in treating pus in the ears and consequent hearing loss.
    Mixture of Radish juice, turmeric, sesame oil and ajwain seeds: All these ingredients must be taken in selective quantities and boiled to get the resultant oil. This oil must be stored and used to treat loss of hearing and other ear diseases.
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  • Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

    Autism is defined as a neurobiological pervasive development disorder that includes lack of social skills and inability to reciprocate to social interactions. The patient may also have intellectual and cognitive deficits and problems in communication (verbal as well as non-verbal).

    Ayurveda is the oldest study of medicine and has proved to be very effective when it comes to managing and treating those affected by autism. The earlier an autistic person resorts to ayurveda, the more effective it is.

    Ayurvedic drink recipe for treating the symptoms of autism: (should be taken daily)
    1.1/3 cup of yogurt
    2.3/4 cup of water
    3. Cumin
    4. Coriander and
    5. Ginger
    Diluted fresh pomegranate juice

    Ayurveda in curbing aggression:
    Autism includes heightened aggression and aversion from social interaction due to a neurological condition that impairs the functioning of the brain. Not all autistic patients are violent towards others, but may express their frustration by self-harm and emotional outbursts. One can curb these emotional outbursts by taking herbal supplements. An ayurvedic herb called brahmi (bacopa monnieri) which is known for its, anti-anxiety, neuroprotection and antioxidant properties can help considerably.

    Regular massages using sandalwood, rose, lavender and gotu kola oils are also very calming and relieving, because it stimulates the blood flow and neuronal responses. Massage also helps in increasing eye contact and social relatedness, less stereotypical behavior and improved sleep.

    Ayurvedic herbs for autism:
    1. Brahmi- scientifically known as bacopa monnieri, brahmi is an important herb that delays the process of forgetting and improves memory. Not only does brahmi improve memory, but also increases the grasping power, intellect and speech and also corrects the abnormality of emotions, personality and mood of an autistic individual. It also helps in performing complex tasks such as comprehension, reasoning and learning.

    2. Ashwagandha- scientifically known as withania somnifera, ashwagandha has high affinity for gamma aminobutyric acid (gaba) receptors. Low gaba activity is related to cognitive impairment.

    3. Shankhapushpi- scientifically known as convolvulus pluricaulis, shankhapushpi is very effective in improving learning and memory and is highly effective in treating insanity and epilepsy.

    4. Centella asiatica- this ayurvedic herb is used as a medication for insanity, speech disorders and epilepsy, making it a very useful drug for treating autism.
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