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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

What Can Make Urination Painful?

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Our kidneys help in filtering waste and extra water from the blood through urination in the form of urea which is stored in the bladder. A healthy urinary system can hold up to around two cups of urine for 2-5 hours. On a normal routine, one urinates 4-8 times a day but urinating more than that and very frequently might indicate a health issue or just increased liquid consumption or overactive bladder syndrome. When there are other things like fever, stomach ache, vomiting, bloody or foggy urine, fatigue, pain while urinating, etc., with the need for frequent urination, then one might be suffering from urinary tract infection.

There can be many other causes for frequent urination: a diabetic patient may find a need to urinate frequently, during pregnancy, an enlarged prostate, discomfort or infection in bladder and pelvic part (interstitial cystitis), medications for high blood pressure, neurological problems. Some of the rare causes of frequent urination could be bladder cancer, bladder impairment, or radiation therapy.

If anyone finds these symptoms together with an urge to urinate frequently than usual, they should consult a doctor as it could be something big or can hinder their daily lives. One can go through certain medical examinations and tests to know the real cause of the problem as it could be serious. One should also inform the doctor if they find something unusual in their urination process.

Ease the Pain of Urinating

Any infection in the bladder or the urinary function can lead to painful urination. One can have various ways to ease the pain depending upon the reason for the frequent and painful urination.

● Antibiotics for treating urinary tract infection and prostate

● Hot baths or hot water bag ● Prostatic massages

● Medications ● Increase liquid intake to dilute the urine

● Avoiding chemical products near the genitals

Soothe the Bladder

One’s bladder can have many problems if not taken care properly. It is not always important that a serious health issue is the reason of the bladder dysfunction, but usually, it is because of the medications one is consuming or the unhealthy lifestyle. One can soothe the bladder by including a few things in their daily lives.

● Bladder training for overactive bladder syndrome;

● Strengthening pelvic floor through pelvic floor exercises known as Kegels, vaginal weights, and biofeedback;

● Retaining a healthy body weight;

● Terminate smoking;

● Lead an active lifestyle;

● Minimize constipation;

● Eating healthy food;

● Avoiding spicy food;

● Take medications prescribed by the doctor depending upon the reason of the infected bladder;

● Reduce or better terminate the intake of caffeine and alcohol;

● Increase the intake of water and liquids.

Take Away

Urination helps clean our blood and body from waste and extra fluids. But, if the need to urinate becomes unusual or one is having issues while urinating, then it is a matter of concern as it can affect the overall health and routine of the person. One should maintain and take care of bladder through simple ways of changing the lifestyle but should consult a doctor before taking decisions about medications.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!

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