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Urinary Tract Infection

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Hello Everyone!

I am Dr. Indira Das, Gynecologist. I am practicing in South Delhi, Near Parahladpur and in Charmwood Village, Faridabad. Today I am going to talk about a very common problem urinary tract infection. What is it? We have to know first about the organs which form urine and pass it out of the body. There are 2 kidneys in each human body and 2 pipes near the uterus which carries urine from the kidney. There is a small pipe which is called urethra which carries the urine outside the body. Most of the urinary infections are bladder infections. If it is not treated properly it can pass infection up to the ureter. Now, what are the symptoms? You may feel pain and burning sensation when you urinate. This is the complaint with which a person comes in. You may feel incomplete urination. Other then that, there may be a fever, backache and body pain as well. Feeling nausea and vomiting.

Your belly may feel heavier and painful as well. Lower backache also occurs and this is exactly where your kidney lies. Now, what are its causes? Germs get inside your urethra. These germs cause infections and lives in your large intestine. They can be carried out into your stool as well. Why women tend to get more bladder infection than men. Because woman has shorter urethra. And urethra is located closer to the rectum and vagina and making it more prone to infection. You are more likely to have urinary infection if you are not having enough fluid. Presence of kidney stone is another problem. Large prostate is a problem in men. How these can be diagnosed? If any of the symptoms you have which I have mentioned, please consult a doctor immediately. Your doctor is going to examine you and will ask you for the sample of the urine. Protein examination is to check the blood or pus in your urine and cultural sensitivity.

What are the drugs can be given in controlling this problem? Specific anti-biotics do kill the germs. But still, you need to take the test. You will be given a sealed bottle. Do not open the bottle until and unless you are ready to give the sample. Close the bottle as soon as possible otherwise, you will be at the risk of contamination. In case the kidney stone is doubted, an ultrasound may be necessary to locate enlarge prostate. An assessment of sugar and diabetes is also necessary. How are they treated? Anti-biotics prescribed by your doctor are also going to cure you definitely. But if you feel better after taking antibiotics for 48 hours, please do not stop it. Because that may give rise to germs and the bugs and other treatments may become extremely difficult. Last but not least, with the medicines, you have to take lots of fluids. The number of times, you will pass the urine, it will be better because it will eventually flush out the germs.

Can re-infection be prevented? Yes, that can be done. Drink plenty of water. Urinate often. Please do not hold it back. Woman need to urinate right after sex. The woman who have stopped menstruating, they have the complaint of dry vagina which may make the suspected for recurrent UTI. Vaginal estrogen cream can help them to get it well. Pay attention to your hygiene. Clean yourself after urinating. Look after yourself and stay healthy. I am Dr. Indira Das, Gynecologist. Feel free to contact and ask for any problem.

Thank You.

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