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Thyroid Disorders

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Hello friends!

I am Dr. Praful Barvalia. I have been talking about the role of homeopathy in thyroid disorders. Homeopathy is a holistic science and when we apply homeopathy to any chronic disorder we individualize each case, study all the dimensions- mind as well as physical play. Thyroid is a serious endocrinological disorder which has impact on all the levels- at the level of mind, at the level of GI tract, at the level of skin, at the level of heart essentially metabolism. Homeopathy since tries to deal with the disease process, not with the expression. When we study Hyperthyroidism, Grave's disease which is an autoimmune disorder, we find patients with hyperthyroidism come down with weight loss, diarrhoea, skin infections, palpitations, anxiety.

Individualized homeopathy treatment when applied to a patient suffering from hyperthyroidism, it brings about improvement in number of functional features initially like anxiety, palpitation, headache, fatigue etc., followed by improvement in pulse rate, in blood pressure, in hemodynamics, improving wait over a period of time. So in almost 6 months period of time we see evidence of stabilization taking place. The overall treatment may require more than 1-1.5 year and what we apply is constitutional homeopathic treatment based on entire understanding of the patient. As I mentioned- the mind, the physical aspect as well as the characteristic particular. Then, this medicine is quite corrective and bring about the resolution of autoimmune pathology of thyroid. We have been able to correct a number of cases of Grave's diseases while studying them in special thyroid clinic and Spandan hospital and as well as in special thyroid clinic which we ran in Smt. C M P Homeopathic Medical college in MumbaDevi hospital for almost 12 years. So friends, scientific application of homeopathy can bring about the permanent resolution of autoimmune thyroid disorders, Grave's disease and a number of cases. For more information, you can definitely contact me at

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