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Smoking - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Smoking?

Smoking means a practice whereby people burn a substance which results in a smoke that can be breathed in, which is tasted and then absorbed into the bloodstream. The most common substance that is smoked is the dried leaves of the tobacco plant, which when rolled up inside a square piece of paper, creates a small round cylinder- called a cigarette.

More about Smoking :

Smoking is an age old tradition whereby this practice was primarily practiced as a route of administration for recreational drugs. It’s been because the combustion of the dried leaves and herbs vaporizes very fast and can deliver active narcotic substances into the pulmonary system, where they are absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream to reach our brain and other tissues in our body. In the case of cigarette smoking dried tobacco leaf releases aerosol, gasses and needless to say alkaloid nicotine, which, when absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs creates a feeling of satiety.In some cultures all around the world smoking is till used as a part of various traditional rituals , where participants use this practice to enter a trance like state, which some believe lead them to ‘spiritual enlightenment’. Generally any kind of smoking has negative health effects. As smoking poses a threat to various physiological processes, particularly to our cardio-respiratory system. Diseases that occurs out of smoking have shown mortality for approximately half of the long term smokers, when compared to the death rates faced by non-smokers.

Researches do confirm that smoking tobacco, is the most common recreational drug practiced by over one billion people in present times, of whom most are the citizens of the developing countries across the globe. Less common drugs that are smoked are marijuana (cannabis) and opium. Hard narcotic chemicals like heroin and others are also smoked, but their use is limited, as these chemicals are hard to be found commercially. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are manufactured industrially for commercial use, but then again, they can also be hand-rolled using loose tobacco and rolling papers.Some of the other things that are often smoked are pipes, bidis, vaporizers, hookahs and bongs.

In the present times many governments across the world is deterring their citizen from smoking and highlighting on anti-smoking campaigns, stressing on the harmful long-term effects of this age-old practice. Passive smoking, which affects the health of other non-smokers and children in the vicinity of the smokers, is one major reason for enforcement of this smoking ban. Especially in indoor public places, like bars, restaurants, and bars.

Treatable by medical professional Lab test not required
People who smoke have a greater risk of dying from lung cancer. Smoking leads to dry cough and irritation in the throat. Women who smoke during their gestation have greater risks of delivering babies with birth defects. Smoking can lead to erectile dysfunctions. Smoking has greater risks of developing heart ailments and COPD symptoms.

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Why Tobacco Causes Cancer?

MBBS, DNB Gen Surgery, DNB Surgical Oncology
Oncologist, Bangalore
Why Tobacco Causes Cancer?

Conventional wisdom makes us believe that the only type of cancer caused due to smoking is lung cancer. However, recent studies have greatly detailed the fact that smoking or the consumption of tobacco products can cause esophagus, pancreas, liver, kidney, stomach, among other types of cancer.

The Various Chemical Carcinogens Present In Tobacco
Thus, smoking is by far the largest preventable cause of cancer. The solution is simple: stop smoking. Tobacco products contain certain elements that are widely believed to cause cancer. These elements also referred to as carcinogens are either naturally part of the tobacco producing plant or are added to it by the tobacco manufacturer. The latter carcinogens include benzene, certain tobacco-specific nitrosamines, and formaldehyde. The quantity and the specificity of carcinogens differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country.

Continuous consumption of products which contain carcinogens will inevitably result in the formation of cancer. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has already designated certain chemicals found in tobacco and tobacco-related products as human carcinogens.

The Effects of the Chemical Carcinogens -
It must be emphasized that there is no safe way to consume tobacco. From cigarettes and pipes to smokeless tobacco and cigars – all of them lead to the same result. Chemicals found in tobacco reduce the ability of our immune system, making it harder for it to kill cancerous cells. This ensures that cancerous cells simply multiply without it being stopped or killed. Moreover, the same chemicals also alter the “DNA structure” and the instructions of the DNA which leads to cells growing out of control and abetting the cancerous tumor.

How do the carcinogens enter our bloodstream?
These chemicals are delivered into our bloodstream by virtue of us breathing in the smoke. Once the chemicals enter our bloodstream, it travels to all parts of our body – carrying this carcinogenic chemical. Non-smokers who stand beside individuals who are smoking (secondhand smoking) become passive smokers, also inhale the harmful smoke. The World Health Organization estimates that 10% of all smoking-related deaths are due to passive or secondhand smoking.

How long does it take for cancer to develop?
While there is no specific time-frame linking consumption of tobacco to development of cancer, it is estimated that it takes many years or even decades for the cancer to develop. Our body’s immune system is vested with the power to cope up with limited damage, however, persistent smoking tendencies and the chemical carcinogens entering our bloodstreams – irreversibly damage the DNA in many lung cells.

Thus, in conclusion, it is highly advisable to quit smoking sooner rather than later. Tobacco causes long-term and irreparable damage to our bodily organs. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Substance Abuse - How Should You Cope With Someone Going Through It?

B.A., MA - Counselling Psychology
Psychologist, Mumbai
Substance Abuse - How Should You Cope With Someone Going Through It?

While we all know substance abuse is a social issue and learning that a loved one is affected by the problem can be nearly heart-breaking. It is definitely not something that can be easily accepted. At the same time, the affected individual needs all your love and attention and more importantly support to get through the situation. It is important to not show anger or frustration at the person but to empathize and help them get out of the situation.

Read on to know some of the ways in which you can play an active role in supporting your loved one under such circumstances. This involves both of you coping with the situation at hand, as well as helping the person come out of the abuse.

  1. Educate yourself: When you are trying to help a person, you should know in detail about the substance that was being used and its ill effects. This gives you greater credibility, unlike the person who got carried with the happy feeling it gave and got into abuse. 
  2. Ensure safety: This is both for the affected individual and yourself. With the required substance not being available, the person could look at harming either self or others, especially ones who are trying to get them out of the abuse. Though the intent is to help, they are looked at as people who are depriving the feel-good feeling produced by the substance, which is no longer easily available. Therefore, ensure safety. 
  3. Talk openly: In the beginning, be a good listener. Once you get their confidence, make them understand that the entire situation is making you upset and perhaps angry or frustrated too. Get them to focus on your proposal of getting out of the habit together. If they are willing then this can ensure greater success in quitting the habit. Get to understand how exactly the habit developed including the people responsible for it, the circumstances leading to it, and the various chemicals that were used. The duration and frequency are also important. Tell them it is okay and that you will both get out of it with each other’s support. 
  4. Participate in therapy sessions: Individual counseling will work effectively for the primary client, but it is also important for family members to get involved. The counselor also would need support beyond the few counseling hours for completely getting rid of an individual’s habit. Therapy can help you learn how to manage the issues back at home. 
  5. Find your “me-time”: With all that is going on, you will need some time for yourself to just be. Eat well, stick to your workouts, sleep well, keep your friends, and make time for your hobbies. These will ensure you are in good shape to support the affected individual. It is not possible for you to help another person when you are not in great shape yourself. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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Nicotine Dependence - How To Treat Smoke & Smoke Less Addiction?

Psychiatrist, Ahmedabad
Nicotine Dependence - How To Treat Smoke & Smoke Less Addiction?

Smoking is a habit that can easily become an addiction. There are two aspects to this; the physical addiction of holding a cigarette in your hands and the addiction to nicotine. Most people believe that by substituting cigarettes for other forms of nicotine, such as chewing tobacco or snuff, one may wean oneself off cigarettes. However, this is not always the case. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances. It is a colourless, natural liquid that turns brown when burnt. When exposed to air, it emits the odor of tobacco.

Nicotine enters the body through the mucosal lining of the nose and mouth or the skin. Depending on how it is consumed, either in the form of cigarettes or by chewing tobacco, it travels through the blood stream, accumulating in the blood and brain. When smoking, nicotine can reach the brain within 10 seconds of being inhaled. On the other hand, when smoked through a pipe, nicotine is absorbed at a much slower rate. This is because it enters the body through the mouth and not the nose.

By sharing the ill effects of nicotine with a perosn who is addicted to it, will not inspire him or her give up the habit. The easy availability of nicotine products such as cigarettes and tobacco does not help either. Thankfully, there are a number of psychiatric treatments that can be used to treat nicotine dependence. These include counselling, medication, group therapy, hypnosis and behavioral training. The aim here is to make the person feel more confident of his own ability to stay away from nicotine. In addition to this, the support of his family and friends is crucial.

Nicotine replacement therapy may also be used. In this case, instead of smoking a cigarette, the person may be given gums to chew on or a patch that delivers a slow dose of nicotine to the body. The dosage here depends on the amount the person smokes and reduces with time. This can help the person wean off nicotine. However, it is important to undergo this treatment under a doctor’s advice as people may get addicted to this form of nicotine as well.

When it comes to nicotine dependence, some people may require therapy for 6 months while others need therapy for longer. Relapse is common and hence provisions need to be made for an efficient support system and a mode to measure progress. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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World No Tobacco Day - Making An Effort To Control Tobacco Usage!

M.D - Respiratory Medicine
Pulmonologist, Hyderabad
World No Tobacco Day - Making An Effort To Control Tobacco Usage!

When man first started using tobacco, he probably did not know that it would grow to be an epidemic that could cause multiple health issues. Be it smoking or chewing, tobacco has severe negative effects on health. Take any of current lifestyle diseases from diabetes to infertility to obesity, the common risk factor is tobacco abuse. In addition, depending on the form of tobacco used, specific organs are affected. For instance, chewing tobacco leads to oral cancer while smoking causes lung cancer.

The statistics around tobacco abuse are extremely startling and can be read below:

  • A total of about 90 trillion rupees are spent on various tobacco products.
  • About 1.4 trillion is spent on healthcare related to conditions caused by tobacco abuse.
  • India has about 120 million tobacco users.
  • More than 7 million people die every year due to tobacco usage.
  • The Government has levied a GST of 28% on cigarettes, making them unaffordable, which is one of the ways to promote quitting.
  • For those who want to quit but are not able to, there is a quit-line setup, which is toll-free, 1800-11-2356 and is accessible from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Tobacco is a menace in all the strata of society. The lower economic classes are adversely affected both due to lack of knowledge and healthcare facilities. Therefore, the government uses the World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) that is observed by all members of the World Health Organization as an opportunity to drive this awareness.

This is celebrated on May 31st every year. Some measures that are taken to promote 'say no to tobacco' campaign are listed below.

  1. In 1975, the Cigarettes (Regulation of Production, Supply, and Distribution) Act was introduced, which made it mandatory for cigarette packs to have a warning stating “Smoking Kills” or “Smoking is injurious to health.”
  2. Marketing campaigns are shown in the movie theaters at the beginning of movies which depict the hazards of tobacco
  3. Smoking is banned in most public areas, and warnings are on display.
  4. Children below 18 are not sold tobacco products. If in doubt, the seller can ask for age identification.
  5. Schools and colleges do not have tobacco selling within 100 meters of the campus.
  6. The price increase ensures that not everybody has easy access to cigarettes.
  7. Celebrities promote quitting tobacco and smoking by talking about their personal stories.
  8. Restaurants have separate smoking sections where children are not allowed to sit
  9. Tobacco in form of beedi and gutkha also needs to be targeted, as the lower income groups often use these. Also, beedi is sold as single units, so cost is not a deterrent.

How can a healthcare professional help you?

A healthcare professional plays a vital role in a smokers life, as it the healthcare professional that can increase the odds of quitting with guidance, medication, and support. 

What should a healthcare professional do?

  • Identify people who smoke 
  • Motivate them to quit or think about quitting
  • Refer a person who smokes for treatment and support
  • Support ongoing abstinence

What is the right smoking cessation strategy?

  • Ask: Every smoker to visit a healthcare professional
  • Advise: Urge the smoker to leave smoking
  • Assess: Assess whether the person is willing to quit in 30 days
  • Assist: Plan and help Rx Quit
  • Arrange: Arrange a follow-up through phone or sms or in person

What is that people who smoke need help with?

  • First and  the foremost challenge are the withdrawal symptoms 
  • Urge to smoke and borderline depression with a possibility of relapse
  • People who have high pre-abstinence nicotine intake

How to get over the initial withdrawal discomfort?

  • Behavioral support is of proven efficacy
    • Can be delivered in different formats
      • Face-to-face
      • Telephone
      • Internet
  • Nicotine replacement therapy and nortriptyline are of proven efficacy

Facts On Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

  • There are no real contradictions related to NRT
  • No drug interactions 
  • Side effects, if there are any are localized e.g.
    • Taste of oral products
    • Hiccups with the mouth spray 
    • Skin irritation with patch 

Treatment for quitting Nicotine 

  • Medications: Medicines which are useful adjuncts in the determined but unsuccessful quitters are Varenicline and Bupropion
  • Electronic cigarette: Electronic cigarettes are not as effective as imagined and have few side effects 

Though smoking out in the open has reduced, there are miles to cover when it comes to eradication of tobacco. 

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Effects Of Smoking - How Smoking Affects Your Lungs?

MBBS, DNB - Pulmonary Medicine, Allergy & Sleep Disorders
Pulmonologist, Noida
Effects Of Smoking - How Smoking Affects Your Lungs?

Smoking can have adverse effects on your health that may result in a number of diseases, and also can degrade the overall health condition. Thus, every packet of cigarette comes with the warning “Smoking is injurious to health”. Yet, for those who are habituated to it, it can be extremely difficult to heed the caution and quit.

If you are one of those smokers contemplating quitting, here are some of the compelling reasons to embark on the road to good health immediately. Read on to know about the long-term effects that smoking can have on your lungs:

1. The cleaning of the lungs gets disrupted
Every time you smoke, the harmful chemicals that cigarette contains lead to damaging your breathing and scaring your lungs in some way. As a result of smoking, the cleaning system of the lungs is greatly disrupted. The lungs have ‘Cilia' or broom like hairs that play a crucial role in cleaning the lungs. When you start smoking, the functioning of the cilia starts to slow down, and this goes on for several hours, interfering with the functioning of the lungs.

2. Increases the inflammation as well as irritates
Just like humans age, so do the lungs. With aging, it's very normal for your lungs to not function as effectively as they used to once. However, smoking makes the aging of the lungs faster. Plus, the airways of the lungs also get inflamed and irritated by smoking and as a result become narrower and disrupt the normal air flow.

3. Tissue damage and poor immunity become evident
Smoking not only injures the lung tissues but also causes the immunity power of the lungs to decrease. While on one hand, the damaged tissues lead to decreased blood vessels and air spaces in the lungs, which disrupts the normal oxygen level in the blood, on the other hand, smoking impairs the natural defense power of the lungs, making the lungs more prone to critical lungs condition.

4. It may cause a number of lung conditions
Ranging from asthma, wheezing, to coughs and colds, smoking can lead to serious lungs diseases such as emphysema, breathing issues, breathlessness, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and even lung cancer. Smoking can also cause the debilitating and progressive disease, COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to develop.

No matter whether you smoke a pipe or a cigar, as long as they contain cancer-causing chemicals in them, smoking poses a serious threat to your health. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Popular Questions & Answers

I am taking cigarettes from last 6 years daily a pack I got married now is this effects my children? How I can stop this?

MS - Counselling & Psychotherapy, Master of Arts In Clinical Psychology, Bachelor of Arts - Psychology & English Literature
Psychologist, Coimbatore
Hi lybrate-user, Smoking definitely is not good for health especially to your lungs and also for those who are around you at the time you smoke. Yes it affects your children in many ways from partial breathing in, during pregnancy time, and also your health condition in fact plays a major role to your family members. Counseling alone will definitely not help you to stop smoking, it would be better if you seek a addiction center for the same. Take care of your health. Take necessary steps to stop smoking.
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My throat always remains itchy and sore. It is way sensitive to curd and banana. I gargle 2-3 times daily yet I feel something's there in my throat which I need to gulp down. I'd like to admit that I smoke a cigarette or 2 per day.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - ENT
ENT Specialist, Trivandrum
Throat irritation and feeling of something in throat happens also due to gastric reflux problems. You should check if you have acidity problems. It yes then you should make some changes and also to take a course of medication. Consult on private for more details.
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HI, I'm bidi smoker. in my neck side loose skin and I not feel good every time. Please give me some medicine for this thanks.

MSW, Clinical Hypnotherapy, MBA, Post Graduation in Counselling, Research Scholar
Psychologist, Guwahati
We as psychotherapists can't comment on medication. Kindly get a thorough body checkup done by an ent specialist to rule out all possibilities. The ent would prescribe medication accordingly.

Hi sir, I am 24 years. I done big mistake in my life is that I smoked weed for first time and I got panic attack for 2 hours. My uncle came to know that I smoked weed. He thrashed me like anything. Beaten me badly. Since then that trauma stayed in my head and I began to get panic attacks and anxiety attack daily. Even I went to depression. Because he sold my bike to someone. I love my bike more than anything. My first enemy was Google. I began to search my. Symptoms and got health anxiety. Because of my panic attacks I went to emergency room so many times. Done many tests all normal. Ct scans too normal. I stopped smoking cigarettes because if I smoke one puf I get dizziness and fainting feeling. If I drink one beer the next day my anxiety was 10x times worse. My right side of my sometimes I get something passing like vibrating. Its not painful even. I am getting fear of colon cancer. Now my life fucked up by all emotions. I don't have any emotions I am done with my fucking dpdr life. Can not hold this mental pain anymore. Decided to give up. Need your blessings to give up. I even can't focus on anything. Can not focus on my job. EVERYTHING SEEMS dream. My eye sight soo bad. Need your help sir.

MD- Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Aurangabad
You are having anxiety symptoms. At the outset refrain urself from alcohol (beer) and try some relaxation techniques. With the intensity of symptoms that you r having you will also need a professional help by psychiatrist. Giving up is not even a option. Take help and you will again b better. Do not worry.
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Hi My brother is a chain smoker how xn I help him through diet wat cn be given to him that I cn reduce his addiction towards smoking without any medical treatment please Will b v v thankful to u. Ty Br.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear user. I can understand. Tobacco is addictive. Cigarette also contains 4000+ carcinogenic chemicals other than nicotine. Smoking can affect your mouth, throat, lungs, heart, stomach and brain in many ways. Cancer is one among the potential diseases smoking can cause. The best method is to leave it and continue with your will power. There are other methods like Nicotine Replacement therapy and pharmacotherapy combined. Nicotine chewing gums too help as an alternative for cigarettes. But still you will need will power. You may consult a physician or deaddiction therapist or a rehabilitation facility for further advice. You can also opt for online deaddiction therapy. Take care.

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What is Smoking?

More about Smoking :

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Smoking and Air Pollution
Hello my friends.

I m Dr. Nikhil Modi and I am consultant respiratory specialist in Indraprastha Apollo hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. Today I will be talking about harmful effects of smoking and air pollution. As we know smoking has been a very important risk factor for causing numerous diseases in our body. Further now with the growing prevalence of air pollution which everyone has been talking about, we have read in newspapers, in media, so this pollution along with smoking is harming us to a large extent.

What are the diseases and how it cause? We all breathe all the time and when we smoke all the smoke goes through our air ways into our lungs and breathing continues even in air pollution so the pollution is also inhaled in our body. These air pollution and the smoke from the cigarettes which we inhale are full of large toxic agents. Some of them also are cancer causing agents. Some of them are harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, chlorofluorocarbon, and others. There are more than thousands of carcinogenic agents which are present in the smoke.

So we are been constantly expose to them. By inhaling them what all side effects can be there? It can start from very mild side effects from itching in the nose, sneezing, running nose, itching and watering of eyes which can be mild. Further down the airways involving causing bronchitis, asthma. It has to be noted here due to this growing air pollution and smoke. The number of asthma cases are on the rise. Now recent data has shown one in every 3 children. So small children are suffering from asthma which has been aggravated by all this air pollution and smoke.

Further this air pollution and smoke is harmful because it makes our body prone to large number of infections especially pneumonia. The pneumonia which was usually easy to treat now because of this smoking and everything they become difficult to treat and also can be a cause of death. Further, there is an increased risk of tuberculosis in patients who smoke and air pollution further adding to that. The most important of all is increasing number of lung cancer cases. Lung cancer, smoking has been identified with a most important factor which increases the risk of lung cancer.

So smoking harms our body. Further I would like to say smoking not only affects our lungs but through the when it is inhaled in the lungs it goes into the blood vessels and to other organs and it can also lead to cancer of other parts of the body. It can lead to increase the risk of heart attacks, it can lead to increase in the number of brain strokes also. So it is no part of the body is safe and all of them can be involved with smoking. Further this rising air pollution is also harmful. So what can we do? Smoking obviously we have to stop, it is in our hand if we stop smoking and then all of these can be minimized.

Further we have to support the government policies in reducing air pollution. We should not burn coal, should not burn wood, we should get our automobile service on time so that there is minimal emission of harmful gases from our pollution. And all other measures which we can take to minimize air pollution. Especially reduction of exposure of this air pollution and smoke in patients who are already allergic, prone to asthma so that they can lead a healthy life. It is important we do that because it is our future generation our children who are going to suffer from that and it is high time we take some action against that. And for smoking smoking cessation can also be done, there are ways of doing that through counselling and through the drugs which you can contact any specialist. You can contact me you can meet me in Indraprastha Apollo hospital or you can contact me through lybrate platform so that I can be your helper, helping you quit smoking. Thank you!
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Things To Know About Smoking
Namaskar! Mera naam Dr. Prashant Saxena hai. Mai Max Smart Hospital, Delhi mei ek pulmonologist hun. Aaj me apse smoking ke bare me baat krunga. Smoking aisa khatarnak addiction hai joki aaj kal duniya mei badhta ja rha hai. Yuvaon ki baat alag hai. Middle age aur old age mei bhi ye shaunk bade ache se kiya ja rha hai. Smoking ke itne dushprabhav hote hain ki agar hum unki jankari len, to ek puri kitab likhi ja sakti hai. Smoking sharir ke kisi bhi organ ko affect kar sakti hai. Smoking se lag bhag 13 tarha ke cancer aaj kal dekhne ko milte hain. Jismei ki lung cancer no.1 cancer hai. Smoke mei lag bhag 7000 chemical hote hain jisme se 70 chemicals cancer sharir mei paida kar sakte hain. Smoking karne se lung cancer sabse bada cancer hai joki hamare ko ho skta hai. Iske alawa 13 or tarike ke cancer hain joki hume ho sakte hai. Lung cancer or anye cancer ke alwa, smoke se ya smoking krne se hamare ko lungs ki bimariyan ho skti hai. Jisme ki chronic bronchitis, dame ke attacks, pneumonia hona, tuberculosis jaise infections hona. Agar hum aur effects dekhen smoking ke, lungs ke alawa, to hamari eye sight pe farak pad sakta hai, hamari bones kamjoor ho skti hain. Hamare jo blood vessels hote hain uske andar ek substance deposit ho jata hai smoking karne se. Agar hamare sharir mei anthracosis ho jati hain to us insan ko heart attack padne ke ya stroke hone ke chances bahut jyada ho jate hain. Smoking agar ek mahila karti hai ya pregnant mahila karti hai to uske bahut jyada side effects hote hain. Apka bacha gir bhi skta hai. Bache ka growth retardation ho skta hai. Bache ki delivery jaldi ho skti hai. Bacha paida hone ke baad bhi agar maa smoking krti jai, to aise bachon mei dekha gya hai ki inko bahut jaldi pneumonia hote hain. Aur in logon ko dama hone ke chances bahut jyada badh jate hain. Kayi baar log hamse puchte hain ki passive smoking ya environmental tobacco smoke kya hota hai. Agar hum aam taur pe apna vatavaran ko dekhen to kayi tarha ke dust, particles, smoke, hamare environment mei hai jisme ki tobacco smoke bhi hai. Agar hum is tarike ke smoke ko inhale krte hain to usi tarha ke dush prabhav hamare sharir mei hote hain jitna ki ek smoking krne vali ciggrette se hote hain. Mtlb agar aap smoking nhi bhi kar rhen hain ya fir aap smoking environment me rhen hain ya fir koi bhi smoking kar rha hai or aap usko inhale kar rhen hai,to apko vhi bimariyan ho sakti hai jo tobacco smoking krne se paida hoti hain. Smoking krne vale ko smoke ki aadat kyu padti hai? Jab bhi hum smoke karte hain to ciggrette ke andar ek substance hota hai jiska nam nicotin hota hai. Nicotin jab body ke andar jata hai to vo body ko pleasurable effects deta hai. Mtlb usko anand aata hai, energy aati hai, usko acha lgta hai ciggrette peena. Aur jab ciggrette pina vo band krta hai to nicotin ka level body mei kam ho jata hai or uske baad usko thakan mehsus hoti hai or usko acha nhi lgta. Aur ye cycle continue hoti rehti hai. aur agar koi ciggrette chodta hai to usko withdrawl symptoms hote hain. Ye symptoms kya hote hain. Jab aap smoking chorte hain to uske kuch ghante baad as soon as half an hour, hmare andar changes aate hain, jaise ki hume anxiety hona, depression hona, ya mood change ho jana ya irritable ho jana ya pait me dard hona ya maror hona, hath pair kapna, is tarha ke lakshan shuru ho jate hain. Ye lakshan smoking chodne ke 2-3 din mei peak krte hain or 2-3 hafte tak reh sakte hain. Kuch log jo bahut jyada smoking krte hain unke andar withdrawl symptoms 2-3 mahine tak reh sakte hain. Withdrawl symptoms ke bare mei janna islia jruri hai kyuki jab bhi hum smoking chodenge to hume malum hona chaiye ki inko kaise tackle krna hai. How to quit smoking? Agar hum dekhen to smoking quit krna bahut asan kam nhi hai. Smoking quit krne k lia self-determination or bahut strong will chaiye. Aur yaad rkhiye kayi log smoking chodne ke baad bhi dubara us lat mei vapas aa jate hain. Sirf chewing gum ya tablet khane se koi smoking nhi chor skta. Agar hum dekhen to smoking chorne ke kayi sare upay hote hain. Sabse pehle hume identify krna hai ki smoking ka trigger kya hai. Kayi logon ko khelne ke baad smoking ki talab hoti hai. Kayi logon ko khana khane ke baad smoking ki talab hoti hai. Kayi logon ko alcohol peene ke sath ciggrette peene ki talab hoti hai. To hume trigger identify krna hai ki kab hume sabse jyada talab ho rhi hai or fir hume us trigger ko dheere dheere apne se durr krna hai. Agar hum pub mei jate hain, hukka bars mei jaate hain, to hume dekha hai ki hum aise places me na jayen, jahan bhi log smoke kar rhen hain. Kyuki agar hum unhe dekhenge smoke karte hue to hume dubara talab hogi ciggrette peene ki. Kuch logon ne yahan tak ye bhi kiya hai ki unhone apne doston se milna bhi chor dia hai jo ciggrette smoke krte hain kyuki agar aap aisi company mei baithenge ki vahan smoke ho rhi hai to aapka bhi mann krega ki aap smoking karein. Aur baar baar smoke ki taraf aakarshit honge. Agar hmara dimag bar bar smoking ki taraf aakarshit ho rha hai to hum koi nyi hobby ka istemaal kar skte hain jaise ki hum gym join kar skte hain, hum kuch aur creative chiz kar sakte hain, drawing, art, anything we can do. Taki hmara dimag divert rhe or smoking ki traf na jaye. Bich bich mei agar hum vegetables or fruits khate rahen or paani peete rahen to smoking ki talab kam ho jati hai. Aur agar hum doctors ki prescribe ki hui dawaiyon ka istemal karen jis se ciggrette ki talab kam ho, vo dawaiyon hame istemal krni chaiye. Ciggrette chorne ka kya tarika hota hai. Sabse pehle hume decide krna hai ki hume kis din ciggrette chorni hai ya kis mahine ciggrette chorni hai. Uske ba ciggrette chorne k 3 sabse important tarike hain. Sabse pehla tarika hota hai aaj humne decide kia ki ab hum ciggrette nhi peeyenge par ye bhi dekha gya hai ki upaye bahut jyada successful nhi hota. Dusra upaye ye hai ki hum ciggrette ki matra kam krte hain. Jaise hum 20 ciggrette peete hain to 1 hafte baad 15 peete hain. Uske 1-2 hafte baad 10 peena shuru kar den. Or jaise jaise ciggrette kam ho jaye, hum grade decide kar ke ciggrette peena chor den. Teesra tarika hai ki ciggrette hum aadhi pee ke fekna shuru kar dein. Mtlb humne 2-4 puffs liya uske bad ciggrette chor dia. Aise hamara ciggrette ka amount kam ho jayega or hume ciggrette ki latt chut jayegi. Is dauran hame side-effectss ho skte hain. Withdrawl effects ho skte hain. Hum apne physician ko consult kar sakte hain. Jo hume nicotin replacement therapy or kuch dawaiyan hain jo non-nicotin replacement therapy hoti hai, usmei hume enroll kr k, hume dawaiyan de skte hain jis se hume withdrawl symptoms se fight krne mei aasani rhegi. Yaad rakhein ki sirf planning se kaam nhi chalega. Behavior therapy, counselling + medicines and your strong will, all are most important things in quitting smoking.
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Heart Attack - Causes , Risks & Precautions
Hello Friends!

I am Dr. Anupam Goel. I am a senior interventional cardiologist in Max Hospital, Saket, Delhi. Today we will discuss a very important issue, I am not sure how best you can see this slide, this is just to say that the heart attack complains increase day by day and unfortunately it is affecting young people. By an estimate of WHO, in next 2 years means by the year 2020, in India, we will have maximum patients of hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. So, we are going to face an epidemic of heart disease. So, I just tell you how the heart disease happens. Normally, our heart arteries are very narrow smooth whole tubes structure. But all the year because of disease and cholesterol deposition the blockage happens and the channel for blood carrying, keeps on reducing. So, what exactly happens is less and less blood reaches the heart and heart is not even getting enough blood for its routine functioning. When this blood supply is interrupted that is when the heart attack happens because those cells of the heart don't get any blood. Suddenly and repeatedly, these holes will never be going to function again. More important than heart attack itself because of awareness not many of us know about heart disease in women. Whenever we think of heart disease, we think about male but unfortunately, as we have more data, the heart diseases in men are reducing.

This is the data from the United State not from our on the country. Because of ignorance or prognosis, societies not aware of heart disease in women, the death in women are increasing because of heart disease. When we see the causes of death in women, cancers are a very important part but much more than that heart and circulatory disorders are the biggest reason any women will die. So, what we have is, heart disease is the no.1 killer in women. And heart disease causes 1 in every 3 deaths in women. Every 3rd one is dying because of heart disease. 90% of women are at the risk of developing heart disease but they are not aware of it. It suddenly affects them and causes the bad prognosis. Let's bust some myths. Most of us believe that the heart disease is of men. But heart disease can affect both men and women, in fact, 50k women in a year die because of heart disease.

The women die because of heart diseases as compared to all the cancers combined together. And because of under-diagnosis and treatment, even the doctors are less aware of it, women face more adverse outcome. And why would it happen? Because none of us relate to heart disease to women. So, they come to an emergency late. they keep on thinking that it could be gastritis or something else and they are busy taking care of each other. And it could also be because the heart disease presents differently in women. In a man classical signs, you would all know. The heart attack would present as a heaviness or like an elephant sitting on the chest. But in women, it can very vague. They will be like not feeling well, palpitation and just unwell. It can't be just simple chest pain. So, most of the women just confused about their heart attack presentation and would be late in getting treatment. the good thing is 80-90% heart diseases are preventable. So, if we are aware, we are able to take care of the risk factors. There is a large proportion of heart disease which we can prevent.

So, we will discuss some important risk factors which can take care of to prevent disease. Some risk factors are non-modifiable. Like the family history of heart disease. if there is the strong history of heart disease and in one genetics than one is likely to have heart problems. So, it is advancing age. But there are a few risk factors which we can control. Like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, smoking, more weight and some newer risk factors like CRP level and clotting factors. few of these which are relevant, diabetes, 2/3 of all diabetics will die of heart disease eventually. Risk of having a heart problem in women, if she is diabetic as compared to the women who are non-diabetic and in men also, the risk of heart disease increases 3 times, if they are diabetic. So, diabetics have to be more conscious about their heart conditions. Than smoking. Smoking is one single most preventable risk factor which is responsible for heart disease. It is relevant in both male and female. Especially, a young woman who smokes is at the very high risk of heart disease. And if somebody is on oral contraceptive because of their age or anything, the risk of heart disease is compounded with smoking.

So, what smoking does, it causes the plaque. The cholesterol deposits the arteries to burst. They form a clot and causes a heart attack suddenly. it reduces good cholesterol. It gets burned by smoking which causes one to have more heart attack. And smokers who have a heart attack, they are more likely to die young. When one quite smoking, then the risk of developing a heart attack comes to 1/3 in the next 2 years. But you know, it takes almost 10-15 years for the risk to come back to normal as compared to somebody who has never smoked. So, I request everybody to quit smoking. 3rd is physical inactivity. So, inactivity is a very important factor in our Indian culture to cause a heart attack. We should all exercise not because it burns calories and helps in weight loss but it increases good cholesterol. It helps us in keeping our heart healthy. One should try to stay active physically. Just get up in the morning and walk. Walking is a good exercise which will help you in preventing heart disease. One more important factor is obesity, BMI. if the BMI is less than 25% is normal.

Beyond that, it becomes overweight and predisposes one would have more and more heart attack. Heart attack increases almost 6 times as compared to a normal weight person in those persons who are very heavyweight. So, we should all be very careful about our own body weight. Till very recently we didn't know that women are at the highest risk of heart disease. Thanks to research and data which we have. Now we know women are more likely to have heart disease. The disease starts in early childhood. It is a gradual process. Small changes in our lifestyle can make a big difference. We all need to prevent it. So, we all should start with lifestyle changes but if one has risk factors, it is a good idea to see your doctor at earliest. I am with Max Hospital, Saket. If anybody needs any help for their heart health, please don't hesitate. You can contact me and come and see me.

Thank you so much. Take care of your health and your heart.
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Air Pollution - Must Know Facts!
Good evening friends!

I am Dr. Piyush Goel. I am consultant Pulmonologist and critical care specialist.

Today we will discuss about one of the most happening topic which we are discussing in day to day life that is air pollution. Right, we talk lot about air pollution.

What is air pollution? It can affect your lungs, it can affect your heart, you, beside living in daily NCR in wrong area, you have a large exposure of air pollution at most of the things, most of the allergies, most of the lung infections, and most of the heart diseases are because of this air pollution. You all know this. You all know about this thing. You have read all these thing in the newspaper, but we just have to know how it affects your body? What is, basically first, what is air pollution, what are the contents of this air pollution? What is smoke? What is particulate matter? We heard lot of particulate matter. PM 2.5 so you just have to know about all these thing and how it affect your lung, how it effect you heart and other body parts. So we will discuss all these thing and how to avoid exposure to air pollution .what are the things you have to do to avoid air pollution. Right, so air pollution is basically because of our day to day activities right. First and foremost is combustion of fossil fuels which we are using in day to day activities like when we drive a car. We are, we are emitting lot of gas. Our car, our scooter, our bike is emitting lot of gases which can lead to air pollution. By burning of petroleum products like diesel and other things. Right, So the burning of fossil fuels is one of the most important reasons. Then you, the smoke originating from the industries ,factories and. The other types of air pollution are the greenhouse gases which are emitting into environment like as emitting from you refrigerator and from your AC which we call as hydrofluorocarbon, then there are other chemicals also in environment like lead, mercury and dioxin's and benzene and other chemicals and other compounds which also lead into air pollution right! Then there are other things which are not because of human that is basically the pollens. The presence of moisture in air leading to increase amount of mound and pollen in air which are also contribution for air pollution and all these things can lead to very harmful effects on your lungs, on you hearts, on your kidneys and other body parts like central nervous system and in children it can lead to liver diseases also and gastrointestinal disorders also. So many times you heard about levels of pm in your cities. Pm level in you surrounding .you have heard about pm level in newspapers. So what s this pm level .this is basically particulate matter .how this particulate matter forms? Particulate matter is formed when the smoke ,dust, dust from the construction sites ,dust from your pavement of roads and dust from other places where ever you do some exclamation. This dust with smoke with some other organic compounds and with some water vapors due to moisture in air .when they combine together they will form a pm means particulate matter and you heard about pm 2.5. So what is meant by pm 2.5? It is basically the diameter of that particulate matter that is 2.5 microns which is very small. For example you have seen a single hair. It is 70times less than that of a single hair the diameter is that .so this Pm 2.5 compound or this molecule can go directly into the lungs or in the deeper airways where it can go to the direct blood circulations and it can go to the heart , it can go to the valve, kidneys and brain which can lead to multiple can lead to heart diseases it can lead to stroke it can cause lung diseases asthma ,Copt and other lung diseases also . SO this is what is PM 2.5. So how you avoid this pm 2.5. Right. How you will, What are the precarious you take. First whenever you have pm 2.5 levels more than upper normal limits you can avoid going outdoor avoid doing physical activities right, outdoor. Right, avoid going to walk. Avoid. Stay inside. Stay inside your home. Right. Most of the times. And whenever you stay inside, you have to tool your doors. You, most of the, at least most of the time and the day. Right and you can use the mesh also you can invest in mesh. If you want to invest. There are some meshes which filter these particulate matter and other dust particle and also it will be a barrier for insects also .such things will not enter into your home and then you can use some plants also this will adds to your decorum also .there are some plants which are for this basic purpose to reduce particulate matter and dust into your if you want to go out door you can use n95 mask. You can wear the N95 mask. Especially for those patients who are asthmatic patients, who have history of allergies and at this part of time I can only say this thing to you that if you have any allergies, if you have any breathing troubles, if you have any chest infections right now you can come to and contact me via Lybrate and you can come back to me at my hospital in Colombia and I'm seeing patients at my residence also so you can come and see me.

Thank you
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