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Sleeping Well: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is Sleeping Well? What will help you sleep? What causes restless sleep? How can I get deep sleep in short time? Does wearing socks help you sleep Well? What is the treatment of restless sleep?

What is Sleeping Well?

Sleeping well is a condition which affects the quality of waking life of people. It directly affects the mental and physical health of the person. People who don’t sleep well have negative impacts on their health by affecting hormones, brain function, and performance in exercise. In many cases, it is seen that poor sleeping also cause weight gain and increased disease risk. For a good sleep, all a person needs to do is to make simple changes in their daytime routine and bedtime habits. Sleeping well leaves you feeling mentally sharp, all day full of energy and emotionally balance in a person.

What will help you sleep?

Sleeping well is extremely important for one’s health. It helps the brain to function properly and relaxes the body as well. Many people have no problem in falling asleep, but there are many peoples who face sleeplessness. Which lead to a negative impact on people brain and body. In such cases, people can adapt few things which might help them to sleep better.

  1. Get on a schedule - it is important for a person to have seven to nine hours of sleep at night. People with schedules sleeps and wakes on a time. Have food and work on time as well.
  2. Meditation & exercises - people who have stress schedules or lifestyle are more tended to sleep less. In such cases, it is important for them to meditate and practice yoga or exercises to make them stress-free.
  3. Avoid day naps - people who sleep for hours in a day are keen to face sleeplessness in nights. It better to avoid naps during the daytime.
  4. Eat healthy - it is a key to many things, but for a good sleep food is a key which can help you. All you need to do is to keep an eye what you eat. Avoid eating heavy food during dinner and eat it in the late evening.
  5. Music can help - studies shows that listening to relaxing music can help you with better sleep.
  6. Low room temperature - some people don’t get comfortable with a temperature of their room. In such a condition, it’s been better to set a lower temperature of the room, which can help you to sleep better.

What causes restless sleep?

Restless sleep is a sleeping difficulty in which affected person gets uncomfortable during sleep. In such cases, patients can have sensations in legs, which could be tingling or pain. This difficulty of sleep is also known as restless leg syndrome.

Apart from that, rapid eye movement sleep disorder also could be a reason for restless sleep, in this disorder affected person act out their dream by walking, hitting and punching. It could also lead to parkinson disease as well.

There is one more cause which is called obstructive sleep apnea - in this condition frequent gasp and loud snoring like interruptions in breathing throughout sleep. In severe cases it could lead to disease such as cardiac, restless sleep and diabetes.

How can I get deep sleep in short time?

Anyone affected by sleep syndrome can do few things to get a deep sleep in short time. Which are -

  1. Scheduling things - it is necessary to have schedule things. It is important to have a fix time to sleep as well as a fix time to wake up. Make sure you are taking a sleep of seven to nine hours.
  2. Meditation and exercise - people affected from sleeplessness can add yoga and different exercises in their schedules. It helps people d-stress themselves as well as good for good and deep sleep in a short time.
  3. Not to look at clock - it is normal to wake up in the middle night. People who didn’t fall asleep back are not advised to see the clock. It might cause anxiety and sleeplessness in people.
  4. Say no to day naps - people who take day naps are intended to wake at night. Which also affects the lifestyle and schedule of the people. It’s always better to wake during day time.
  5. Keep an eye on what you eat - it is the most important thing to remember. People should avoid heavy or junk food in dinner. They should eat their dinner by the late evening.
  6. Listen relaxing music - it is been observed among people that music plays an important role in their deep sleep. So if you want a deep sleep then listen relaxing music.
  7. Exercise during the day - doing physical activity is considered for healthy sleep. It also decreases the stress hormone level in the people body. Exercise during morning or day improves quality and quantity of sleep.

Does wearing socks help you sleep Well?

At the time of winter, people face many during sleep such as cold feet, which could be a reason for restless sleep. Due to cold feet, people face problems such as swelling or pain. Apart from that wearing socks before sleep has few benefits such as - in women, it prevents them from hot flashes. It also improved cracked heels if you moisturize before wearing socks, increases potential orgasms and it also prevents feet from swelling as well.

What is the treatment of restless sleep?

Restless sleep is a common condition nowadays, it could be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, stress or diet, which could be drinking caffeine or alcohol intake before bedtime. Apart from that, it could also be a sign of following severe conditions which are treated by -

Restless leg syndrome - in this syndrome patients urge to move their legs during sleep, which lead to restlessness for the affected person. When it comes to treatment of it, use of ice packs, leg massage or you can wrap your foot to put pressure on certain muscles in the foot. In case of severe pain, you visit a doctor. On the basis of the clinical condition, the doctor will prescribe iron supplements or medications such as anti seizure drugs, dopaminergic agents etc.

Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder - in it affected person act in their dreams, he/she walks or moves in their dreams. In such condition, the doctor will prescribe you medications such as melatonin or clonazepam to treat this disorder.

Obstructive sleep apnea - in this condition affected person snore or gasp loudly. It also includes symptoms such as headache, sore throat or dry mouth. To treat this condition doctor will prescribe lifestyle changes, more physical activity so that a patient can lose weight.

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