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My kid is 9 months old. What kind of balanced diet should we prefer? Please suggest home made recipes.

My kid is 9 months old. What kind of balanced diet should we prefer? Please suggest home made recipes.
Sweet potato, ragi rab, ragi halwa, ragi upma, rajgeera lahi with milk, fruits ,fruit juice, soups, mutigrain ata halwa and rab, dal and chawal ka pani mix is good tonic for kids.
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Is it necessary to wash ragi rava (ragi rava like upma rava) or ragi rava can be used directly?

Is it necessary to wash ragi rava (ragi rava like upma rava) or ragi rava can be used directly?
Eat a high-protein breakfast. Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. Drink water a half hour before meals. Choose weight loss-friendly foods Eat soluble fiber Drink coffee or tea. Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. Eat your food slowly. inform me progres
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#HappyEasterDay - Recipes For A Perfect Easter Meal!

#HappyEasterDay - Recipes For A Perfect Easter Meal!

Celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, post the spring equinox, Easter is a great time to catch up with friends and family over a delightful meal which is incomplete without culinary delights and desserts. From sweet breads, pastries, cookies, and cakes, to meat and eggs, these are some of the food items that grace the Easter tables. This is often a problem for people trying to watch their weight as it is practically impossible to control your appetite.

So, if you are confused about whether or not you should relish this amazing food, here is a tip - stick to healthy recipes and practice a little bit of self-control and you have it all covered.

Here are some simple and healthy recipe ideas for your Easter meal:

#Recipe1: Chocolate mousse eggs


  1. Dark chocolate - 50 g dark chocolate (melted)
  2. Chocolate mousse (diet) – 165 grams
  3. Honeycomb chocolate bar - ½ bar (chopped)


  1. To make the shells, take Easter egg mould and place a spoonful of melted dark chocolate into each side, spread the chocolate with the help of a brush to make a thin coating inside the mould. Refrigerate until set hard.
  2. Whip the mousse until smooth. Carefully transfer the chocolate shells onto a tray. Pour one spoon of mousse in every shell. Sprinkle the chopped honeycomb bar.

This is a nice way to incorporate sweets into the Easter meal as it is not packed with a lot of calories and can be munched on without any guilt.

#Recipe2: Hot Cross Buns


  1. Instant dry yeast – 2tsp
  2. Caster sugar – 2 ¼ cup
  3. Skim milk – ½ cup (warm)
  4. Egg (whisked) - 1
  5. Plain flour- 3cups
  6. Mixed spice – 1tsp
  7. Oil spread (reduced fat) - 50 gms
  8. Sultanas – ½ cup
  9. Currants – ¼ cup
  10. Reduced-sugar jam – 2tsp
  11. Plain flour – ¼ cup
  12. Oil spray


  1. Add the yeast, sugar, milk and ⅓ cup warm water in a bowl. Mix well. Keep in a warm place for 5 minutes.
  2. Add the whisked egg and mix well.
  3. In a bowl, add mixed spice and flour. Using your hand, mix well until it begins to look like fine breadcrumbs.
  4. Add in the sultanas and currants. Now make a well in the centre, pour in the yeast mixture in the well. Mix well to combine all ingredients.
  5. Knead the flour mixture for at least 5-7 minutes or until it becomes elastic. Place it in a bowl and set aside until it doubles in size.
  6. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Lightly coat the cake tin with oil spray. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions.
  7. Roll these portions into balls. Arrange them in the oil-sprayed cake tin. Set aside in a warm place for 30 minutes.
  8. To make the flour paste, add flour and sugar in a small bowl, mix well. Add 2 tablespoons of water to make a smooth paste. Place in a snap-lock bag.
  9. Pipe crosses onto the dough balls. Place them in the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Reduce oven heat to 180°C and bake for another 20 minutes.
  10. Transfer the buns to a tray and let them cool for a bit. Lightly brush the buns with the reduced jam and serve.

The buns are enough to serve 12 people and contain less amount of calories. It is the best bread option for weight watchers.

#Recipe3: Weight watchers Deviled Eggs


  1. Hard-boiled eggs – 6
  2. Non-fat Greek yoghurt – 1/3 cup
  3. Sriracha Sauce - 1/4 tsp
  4. Scallions – 2 (chopped)
  5. Fat-free Cheddar Cheese – 2tbsp
  6. Salt – As per taste
  7. Pepper – As per taste


  1. Peel the hard-boiled eggs and cut them into halves. Transfer the yolks with the help of a spoon into a bowl. Add in the Greek yoghurt, sriracha sauce and scallions. Mix well.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste. Transfer to a piping bag.
  3. With the piping bag, fill the empty eggs with the yolk and yoghurt mixture. Garnish with grated cheddar cheese and scallions.

Easter Sunday is knocking the door, have you prepared already? To celebrate this important feast at the lively new spring means a lot for people. It's time forget those annoying troubles and open a new chapter of life to see the energetic world. Paint eggs to enjoy the happiness. Just lay down the burden to have a rest and enjoy these fresh, spring tastes on the Easter dinner table!

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'No-Oil Recipes' - directly from my kitchen laboratory

'No-Oil Recipes' - directly from my kitchen laboratory
No oil recipe, for kids, weight loss, renal patients or gastric patients.

Baby potato barbecues:

Barbecues play a very important role in our traditional Indian authentic cuisine, it's not just a recipe, in fact it is an age old cooking procedure, all in all, it is a treasure.

Here's a healthy version of this delicious cute baby potatoes, I guarantee fussy eaters like kids will run at the back of you, it can be a lunch box item, chatpata picnic cherish, or a spicy starter at a friends' get together, or kitty party show stealer,

Thankyou, enjoy.

Once again I am reminding you, healthy food need not be tasteless.
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Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Working Women!

Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Working Women!

It's a common belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Parents and doctors have always advised us to have 'breakfast like a king', and for good reason. It's a great way to get nutrients that propel your metabolism and keep you energized through the day. Researchers have shown that a good breakfast not only keeps a person healthy, but can also help with weight loss. Skipping breakfast translates to binge eating through the day which could be harmful. So, work up that appetite and prepare yourself for some delicious breakfast. For those who find themselves worrying about "what to eat for breakfast?" every morning, we've put together a list of veg breakfast options 

• Rava Dosa
• Poha
Oats idli
• Bread poha
• Bajrie ka thepla
• Vegetable and Cottage Cheese Sandwich:
• Moong Sprout Chilla
Banana dried fruits smoothie
• Ragie porriage with dried fruits
• steamedBanana coconut dishes
• Stuffed dosa with coconut chutny 
• Moong dhal chilla with blend sprouts
• Barely vegetable poha

• Lemon Oats: Preparation:
Dry roast the oats and keep aside. Soak the chana daal for 20 minutes. Heat oil in a pan and add the tempering ingredients except the peanuts. Now add channa daal and turmeric powder and fry till the channa daal turns slight brown. Add peanuts and fry for a minute, next add water and salt and bring to boil. Once it starts boiling, add the oats, spread evenly and keep stirring. Then cover and cook for 2 ½ minutes. Remove from flame, add a dash of lemon juice and serve hot.

Make the smart choices by:

• Choosing skimmed milk over full-fat milk.
• Choosing multigrain bread over white bread.
• Choose mustard or low-fat spreads over regular mayonnaise and sandwich spreads.
• Choose Nutralite (or any margarine) and peanut butter over regular table butter
• Choose fat-free or low-fat cheese and cheese spreads over regular cheese
• Have a fruit smoothie or milkshake and avoid chocolate milkshake. Even drinks like ‘Horlicks for women’ or ‘Bournvita for women’ are a advisable rather than opting for plain chocolate.

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I wanted to know is Ragi good for health. Benefits of having it with milk or with something else.

I wanted to know is Ragi good for health. Benefits of having it with milk or with something else.
Ragi is rich in calcium, iron, fiber, folate etc. You can take ragi in the form of chapati, vegetable, ladoo, porridge, ragi idly or upma etc.
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Health Benefits Of Ragi

Health Benefits Of Ragi

Health Benefits Of Ragi

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Health Benefits Of Ragi

Health Benefits Of Ragi

Health benefits of Ragi:

Maintains bone health:

Ragi is the richest source of calcium among plant foods. Calcium along with vitamin d help strengthen bones. It is an excellent source of natural calcium for children and aging people. It helps in the development of bones in growing children and in the maintenance of bone health in adults. Thus, ragi helps keep bone problems at bay and could reduce the risk of fractures as well.

Aids weight loss:

Ragi contains an amino acid, tryptophan which reduces appetite. It has a much higher amount of dietary fiber compared to white rice and other grains. It is also a low-fat cereal and most of the fats are in the unsaturated form. This makes it the best choice in grains for people trying to lose weight. The bulkiness of the fibers and the slower digestion rate makes one feel fuller on fewer calories and therefore helps prevent excess caloric consumption.

Lowers high cholesterol levels:

Ragi contains amino acids lecithin and methionine which help bring down cholesterol levels by eliminating excess fat from the liver. Finger millet also contains the amino acid threonine which hinders fat formation in the liver and helps bring down the cholesterol levels. The high fiber content of ragi also helps manage cholesterol problems.
Help in anemia:

Ragi is an excellent plant source of natural iron. Its consumption helps in anemia. Vitamin c increases iron absorption. Sprouted ragi develops vitamin c in the process of sprouting, therefore, the iron in ragi becomes more bioavailable when consumed as sprouted ragi flour or ragi malt.

Reduces diabetes risk:

Due to the high polyphenol and dietary fiber content in finger millet, regular consumption is known to reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus and gastrointestinal tract disorders. According to a research finger millet based diets help diabetics as they contain higher amounts of fiber over other cereals and millets. Diets based on whole finger millet have a lower glycemic response i. E. Lower ability to increase blood sugar level. This has been attributed to the presence of certain factors in ragi flour which lower digestibility and absorption of starch.

Ragi - best food for diabetic

Helps in relaxation: one amazing benefit of ragi is that it helps in relaxing the body naturally. It is found to be beneficial in conditions of anxiety, depression, migraine and insomnia.

Source of essential amino acids:

Ragi is rich in amino acids vital for the body. Finger millet contains amino acids namely tryptophan, threonine, valine, isoleucine, and methionoine. Isoleucine helps in muscle repair, blood formation, bone formation and improves skin health. Valine is an essential amino acid which facilitates metabolism and repair of body tissues. Another essential amino acid, not found in most cereals, is methionine. It is found in ragi and therefore makes it a complete protein food, unlike other cereals and millets. The amino acid methionine is useful in various body processes, helps in eliminating fat from the body, and is the main provider of sulfur in the body. Sulfur is essential for the production of glutathione which is the body's natural and most important antioxidant.

Ragi food preparations

Finger millet is normally consumed in the form of flour-based foods such as roti (unleavened pancake), mudde (stiff porridge/dumpling) and ambli (thin porridge). Ragi can be used to make porridge, upma, cakes, and biscuits. Ragi flour is used to make various Indian preparations like dosas, idlis, and ladoos.

'puttu' is a traditional breakfast of Kerala, usually made with rice powder together with coconut and steamed in a cylindrical steamer. The same preparation is also made with ragi powder, which makes it more nutritious

Multigrain flour preparation by combining wheat and finger millet in the ratio of 7: 3 (wheat: finger millet) is one of the simplest ways of incorporating ragi in the daily diet as no Indian meal is complete without the Indian style bread or roti. In the proposed blend, though the gluten content is reduced significantly, the making of chapatti is not much affected. However, the color turns a little dark. Fortification of finger millet in chapattis is very helpful in controlling glucose levels in diabetic patients efficiently.

Malted ragi grains are ground and consumed, mixed with milk, boiled water or yogurt. In southern parts of India, it is the recommended food, by doctors, for infants of six months and above because of its high nutritional content. Homemade ragi malt is one of the most popular infant foods till date.

Delicious ragi malt

Malting characteristics of finger millet are superior to other millets. On malting, the vitamin cis elaborated, phosphorus availability is increased, digestion is easier and amino acids are synthesized. In south India, the malted ragi flour is extensively used in the preparation of weaning foods, instant mixes and beverages.

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Health Benefit of Ragi

Health Benefit of Ragi

Health Benefit of Ragi

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Ragi - Many names, many benefits

Ragi - Many names, many benefits
Ragi - many names, many benefits

Ragi has always been known as a highly nutritious foodgrain, rich in calcium. You might notice the power of ragi when you visit the maharashtrian countryside. Known colloquially as'nachni, a staple diet of these'naachni bhaakris' and'pitla' has been the main reason behind generations of lean yet robust kids.

Finger millet is the english equivalent of ragi. Also, predominantly, used in south india, it is also a rich source of protein, fiber, iron and other minerals.
It is more nutritious than other cereals and has a host of health benefits.

1. Weight loss
Ragi is very high on fiber. Hence, it digests slowly, keeping you full for a longer time and helps you avoid excessive food consumption. This helps you shed kilos and keeps you fit.

2. Laxative
The high fiber in ragi helps to clear bowels smoothly everyday and prevents constipation.

3. Diabetes
Due to its slow digestion rate, ragi helps lower blood sugar levels. Hence, diabetics can enjoy ragi rotis/pancakes without the fear of affecting their sugar levels.

3. Bone strength
Ragi is very rich in calcium. It can be easily substituted for milk (in case of lactose intolerance) to get your daily calcium dose. You can also have ragi flour kanji as a great source of calcium. Ragi porridge can be given to growing children for bone development and to elders to avoid osteoporosis.

4. Gluten free
Ragi is free of gluten which is found in wheat and its products. Hence ragi can be easily taken by gluten sensitive people.

5. Cholesterol control
Highly fibrous, ragi helps control and lower bad cholesterol levels.

6. Anemia
Ragi is also rich in iron and hence can be beneficial for people with anemia.

Ragi mixed with milk works wonders for infants. For the elder kids, naachni khakrashighlight the health-conscious man's snack section during tea breaks. There is a huge list of south indian dishes which feature several ragi permutations and combinations (eg. Ragi idlis, ragi dosas, ragi rasam, etc.)

All in all, in the company of ragi, you have no choice but to stay healthy!
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