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#HappyEasterDay - Recipes For A Perfect Easter Meal!

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Dt. Geeta Shenoy 90% (23 ratings)
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Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  31 years experience
#HappyEasterDay - Recipes For A Perfect Easter Meal!

Celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, post the spring equinox, Easter is a great time to catch up with friends and family over a delightful meal which is incomplete without culinary delights and desserts. From sweet breads, pastries, cookies, and cakes, to meat and eggs, these are some of the food items that grace the Easter tables. This is often a problem for people trying to watch their weight as it is practically impossible to control your appetite.

So, if you are confused about whether or not you should relish this amazing food, here is a tip - stick to healthy recipes and practice a little bit of self-control and you have it all covered.

Here are some simple and healthy recipe ideas for your Easter meal:

#Recipe1: Chocolate mousse eggs


  1. Dark chocolate - 50 g dark chocolate (melted)
  2. Chocolate mousse (diet) – 165 grams
  3. Honeycomb chocolate bar - ½ bar (chopped)


  1. To make the shells, take Easter egg mould and place a spoonful of melted dark chocolate into each side, spread the chocolate with the help of a brush to make a thin coating inside the mould. Refrigerate until set hard.
  2. Whip the mousse until smooth. Carefully transfer the chocolate shells onto a tray. Pour one spoon of mousse in every shell. Sprinkle the chopped honeycomb bar.

This is a nice way to incorporate sweets into the Easter meal as it is not packed with a lot of calories and can be munched on without any guilt.

#Recipe2: Hot Cross Buns


  1. Instant dry yeast – 2tsp
  2. Caster sugar – 2 ¼ cup
  3. Skim milk – ½ cup (warm)
  4. Egg (whisked) - 1
  5. Plain flour- 3cups
  6. Mixed spice – 1tsp
  7. Oil spread (reduced fat) - 50 gms
  8. Sultanas – ½ cup
  9. Currants – ¼ cup
  10. Reduced-sugar jam – 2tsp
  11. Plain flour – ¼ cup
  12. Oil spray


  1. Add the yeast, sugar, milk and ⅓ cup warm water in a bowl. Mix well. Keep in a warm place for 5 minutes.
  2. Add the whisked egg and mix well.
  3. In a bowl, add mixed spice and flour. Using your hand, mix well until it begins to look like fine breadcrumbs.
  4. Add in the sultanas and currants. Now make a well in the centre, pour in the yeast mixture in the well. Mix well to combine all ingredients.
  5. Knead the flour mixture for at least 5-7 minutes or until it becomes elastic. Place it in a bowl and set aside until it doubles in size.
  6. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Lightly coat the cake tin with oil spray. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions.
  7. Roll these portions into balls. Arrange them in the oil-sprayed cake tin. Set aside in a warm place for 30 minutes.
  8. To make the flour paste, add flour and sugar in a small bowl, mix well. Add 2 tablespoons of water to make a smooth paste. Place in a snap-lock bag.
  9. Pipe crosses onto the dough balls. Place them in the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Reduce oven heat to 180°C and bake for another 20 minutes.
  10. Transfer the buns to a tray and let them cool for a bit. Lightly brush the buns with the reduced jam and serve.

The buns are enough to serve 12 people and contain less amount of calories. It is the best bread option for weight watchers.

#Recipe3: Weight watchers Deviled Eggs


  1. Hard-boiled eggs – 6
  2. Non-fat Greek yoghurt – 1/3 cup
  3. Sriracha Sauce - 1/4 tsp
  4. Scallions – 2 (chopped)
  5. Fat-free Cheddar Cheese – 2tbsp
  6. Salt – As per taste
  7. Pepper – As per taste


  1. Peel the hard-boiled eggs and cut them into halves. Transfer the yolks with the help of a spoon into a bowl. Add in the Greek yoghurt, sriracha sauce and scallions. Mix well.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste. Transfer to a piping bag.
  3. With the piping bag, fill the empty eggs with the yolk and yoghurt mixture. Garnish with grated cheddar cheese and scallions.

Easter Sunday is knocking the door, have you prepared already? To celebrate this important feast at the lively new spring means a lot for people. It's time forget those annoying troubles and open a new chapter of life to see the energetic world. Paint eggs to enjoy the happiness. Just lay down the burden to have a rest and enjoy these fresh, spring tastes on the Easter dinner table!

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