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Prevalence Of Chronic Kidney Disease

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My name is Dr. Sudeep Singh Sachdev and I’m currently working as a consultant in the department of nephrology in Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, sector 24, Gurugram. Now there are several methods by which we can reduce the frequency of kidney diseases. So why wait until our kidneys are diseased? Today I’m going to discuss some very important and useful tips to keep your kidneys healthy. Now the first and foremost tip that I would like to say is to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water in a day.

This will help to clear the kidney of salt, urea, creatinine and other toxins which have accumulated in the body over the day. The second useful tip I would like to give you is to reduce the salt intake or reduce the sodium in your diet. Avoid taking any package or restaurant foods, avoid addition of any extra salt in the diet. Keep your salt intake over 24 hours to less than 5 to 6 grams in a day. Doing such a day would reduce the load of the kidney and decrease the development of hypertension, hypertension related disorders are also kidney diseases in the future.

The third important tip would be to maintain an appropriate body weight. Keep your cholesterol levels in check because deposition of cholesterol cannot only occur in the heart but can also occur in the renal arteries and is implicated in the pathogenesis of the kidney diseases. Avoid intake of any fatty food, fried foods, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The next important tip I would like to give you is to check blood sugar levels. Every year get a fasting and a postprandial blood sugar levels done. Maintain your hba1c under 6 in the body. Avoid taking any sugary items or items which are rich in sweets. This would help to maintain your sugar levels under limits.

If you have been diagnosed to have any impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes mellitus consult a physician, take oral hypoglycemic drugs and keep your sugar levels under control because diabetics develop kidney function very early which can be permanent and irreversible if not corrected. The next important tip would be to monitor your blood pressure regularly and keep it under control that is less than 120 by 80. You can do this by adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising every day for at least 45minutes, playing granite games, going for swimming and so on. Reduction of salt intake would also help to maintain your blood pressure under control and decrease the chances of development of kidney diseases or delay progression if you are already having one.

Now get your kidney function tests and urine analysis done regularly. This is especially important for the at risk population for kidney diseases which includes diabetics, hypertensives. People above the age of 60 years, obese people, people who have known coronary artery disease or people who have a family history of the same or family history of chronic kidney disease. Get yourself evaluated by blood tests, urine analysis, kidney imaging like an ultrasound of the kidney or a renal artery doppler to rule out causes of kidney diseases. Another important tip which I would like to give you is to quit smoking.

Smoking not only harms the kidneys but also effects the heart and can even cause stroke. Smoking even one cigarette already weakens already harm kidney. So I would request all of you to avoid smoking and stop it if you are already doing so. The next important tip is to maintain an active lifestyle. As I have discussed, one exercise should go for in a day, avoid fatty, fried items. Take a low salt diet and keep oneself healthy by maintaining a BMI of less than 24, especially in the Indian scenario. The next important tip which is actually not followed by majority of us is to avoid unnecessary use of any painkillers or any other sort of alternative medication if it is not required.

Commonly used painkillers like brufen, combiflam can harm the kidney and have been implicated in the causation of chronic kidney disease. So I would request you to use painkillers which are safe from the renal standpoint like paracetamol, or hydrocet. Last but not the least I would request you all to balance your lifestyle by having a healthy night sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours in a day. This is going to provide adequate rest to the bodies and the kidney and provide time for the recovery and you to be up and about during the next day. Thank you. I hope this would have helped you to garner some information about how why one can keep once kidney and the human body healthy.

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