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Pid - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is PID? Causes : Experts Advice and Cure : Treatment :

What is PID?

PID or Pelvic inflammatory disease, is an infection that happens to women. PID affects the upper part of the female reproductive system namely the uterus, ovaries, and the fallopian tubes and inside of the pelvis.Often there may be no symptoms of this illness.

Causes :

PID is caused by bacteria that spread from the vagina and the cervix. Infections by diseases like Chlamydia trachomatis and gonorrhea are mostly present in 75-90 % of cases of PID. Often there several different bacterium are involved in development of this disease. The risk factors involved with PID are similar to those of STD (sexually transmitted disease) and include history of drug use and high number of sex partners. Vaginal douching also increase the risk of getting infected with this disease.

Experts Advice and Cure :

Experts are of the opinion that this disease be considered in all women who are of childbearing age and are suffering from lower abdominal pain.Ultrasound scanning of the reproductive organs is often useful for diagnosis of this disease.Efforts that can prevent PID are not having sex or limiting the number of sex partners and also using condoms. Antibiotics are generally prescribed for the treatment of this disease.PID is more recurrent on women who has a prior history of this disease. Recent onset of menses, use of IUD (intrauterine device) or if the partner has a STD are also some of the other reasons for getting infected with this disease.

It has been observed that even when PID infection is cured, the effects of this disease may be permanent in many women. Hence an early detection is an essential factor for curing this disease. Since late diagnosis of this malady often can lead to the damage to the patient’s reproductive system. Formation of scar tissues due to recurrent episodes of PID can increase the risk of the inability to get pregnant as the multiple recurrence of this illness often results in tubal blockage of the fallopian tubes. Which can also later on be a cause for development of an ectopic pregnancy.

Treatment :

There are also instances when the PID infection when left untreated has spread to inside the peritoneum causing formation of scar tissues on the external surface of the liver leading to (Fitz-Hugh-Curtis) syndrome.

Blood tests are also conducted at times to determine the severity of this illness. In such a case the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) are done on the patients suspected of this disease.

Popular Questions & Answers

Is cynomycin 50 mg helpful for treating pelvis inflammatory disease? As doctor has prescribed me for 5 days. One more thing if I took 1 yasmin tab in mid cycle then can I discontinue it till get periods.

Cunomycin is an antibiotic and is useful in treating PID. Tab Yasmin has to be taken from 1st day of cycle ,it's not started from midcycle
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Is occasional abdominal pain after intercourse and fever with chill, after 1 month of marriage .is a symptom of pelvic infection. There may be other reasons associated with this.

Commonest cause of fever with chills and rigors after marriage is urinary infection. Get your urine routine and culture-senstivity done. According to report treatment will have to be started Till then drink plenty of water.
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My wife ultrasound report said that she is suffering from Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is this disease curable if yes how much time and what is the medication and precaution and can she conceive during this.

there are different grades of pelvic inflammatory disease.She will have to get physically examined by a gynaec who will prescribe medicines .The duration depends upon the severity of the infection and the type of infection.After the infection is c...
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