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MBBS, MD, FIMSA, FIPP, CIPS - Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist
Pain Management Specialist, Delhi  •  38 years experience
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my friend, I am Dr Neeraj, I am a senior consultant in the spine and pain specialist. I own spine and pain clinic and I work as a senior consultant in Max Hospital in Shalimar Bagh and Balaji Action Hospital. Now let's understand, you know why the pain management what is the importance of the pain management and pain clinic for that matter. Pain is one of the most common symptom people present in the hospital and is the most common thing which the patient comes with. So we really have to look at the symptomatic part of it because is not blood sugar, blood pressure you know which affects the patient and patient doesn’t know about it and they go for treatment and talked on it what is blood sugar and blood pressure. Its something which patients come and tell that patient has got a problem, patients got a pain and patients come with the objective problem with that there is a problem pain coming from. So we have to take patient word into a count and treat it accordingly. Any pain which is not being treated in 4 weeks time that really needs some serious concern and serious treatment. So one should see a pain specialist if you think any treatment which is not good enough for next last 4 weeks, you should go and get more investigation and a targeted intervention done. Now what pain specialist, they do it the under one roof, they have always diagnostic and therapeutic interventions which is been done. So first we have an eye to have a look at like in cardiology in medicine there is cardiology, neurology, gastrology same way in there is a pain management which maintains all specialities put together. Any patient who is not being helpful last 4 week is the time they should see a pain specialist. no, what all we look at is if the patient got a back pain. Now it happens with almost 20% population any given point of time now Delhi has the population about 2 crores, let seek NCR for about 40 lakh people has got a back pain and of this 4 lakh people have a serious back pain which needs actual treatment you know. Maybe half question it may need be. Now what is to be done is if you don't treat in time the bigger problem is this become serious and then you obviously have to operative measures. Now what happens if you catch it early you can manage as the precautions lifestyle changes, some diet variation, some exercise and some medicines and some Physiotherapy, but if it is late then we have only option is the surgery. We won’t avoid the spine surgery because spine surgery is got a lot of hangover and over lace. The whole idea is if you can catch it in time precautions, conservative management and then if it is not really getting help before 30 days a very good Maternity these days which card information pain management where why you with non surgical treatment you can you can really manage all this back pain and slip disc, sciatica, cervical pain, cancer pain or fractures spin even all this or neuropathic pain for this matter. All this domain can very well be done including the cervical pain and headache. As well so what we do is we diagnose them, we do targeted management interventions, we go to the spot where is been coming from and block the pain from there. There is a best thing which is happened in the latest in the medicine you know. So what we do is like suppose there is a patient got a back pain and is being there for years together and suddenly the disc is with disease and is suddenly burst over one day and becomes a leg pain which is called a sciatica pain. Now what we have to see here to diagnose with the clinical aspect then MRI, once you have the exact diagnosed with you, you just have to take the patient on the see and just go to the days and 3 either days just with the needle. We can call and it needle surgery or needle dissect me. It's just like angiography patients have got a heart problem, there are 2 treatment which we have beyond conservative management which is the angiography or the heart surgery same way in spine also before any open surgery to be done there is something is very good modality interventions find management procedures which are almost non-surgical and minimally spin surgery are there you can call it. They work equally well as good as the surgery and without the competition surgery or without the surgery per safe.

The other ideas is patients has got a osteoporosis is got a pain, back pain is not getting adequately treated you can see a pain specialist and if there many issues there is a ruminant fracture or rib fracture we can simply put a needle, inject liquid cement inside now what we do is we get inside the body and inject liquid cement inside now this bone becomes the hardest bone of the body. Now understanding is important osteoporosis and the orthopaedic fracture is common in the spin, all over the body we know but hip fracture, shoulder fracture, disk fracture but people don't understand the severity of the spine fracture because if spine fracture is not taken care of in time it can go and pressurise the chord and they can be called damage or permanently paraplegic and the paralysis you can call it both legs they become dysfunction. So we should really treat in time if you don't get serious because the treatment is so simple and so easy. The whole idea is there are there are treatment available which are very effective which are almost non surgical. Why suffer, why allow complication to happen and then go for an open surgery, let it be in time. To this called a vertebroplasty or even if it is collapse you can do a kyphon ballooning and we can do a kyphoplasty. So this is about Cancer pain one important thing is don't die before actual death because cancer patients, they have been almost every day and they are almost dying every day, so I don't like that part of it because cancer is curable or not the different story altogether. Cancer pain is definitely curable we can treat cancer pain and the patient can have a quality life and whatsoever we call it, if you can't add days to your life we can add life to your days at this quality is better in patients back to the life, till the last day of life. This is due to the cancer pain and about the slip disc I mentioned you. But the other pain which is arthritis pain and headaches, they can also be taken care and adequately help without going for surgery. You don't have to go for like Trigeminal Neuralgia patient keep taking treatment for years together, you don't have to do that. Now what you have to do is you just go to the pain specialist, he will put in the needle in Trigeminal Neuralgia and block the Neuralgia with the radioactive machine and his pain is taken care for months and years together. With one injection any can be off medicine, the idea is one life to live, live it to firm, live it with quality why suffer in pain when the pain treatments are available. The whole idea is enjoy life pain free.

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