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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Non-pharmacological Management Of Diabetes Mellitus!

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Dr. B RamyaDiabetologist • 21 Years Exp.MBBS, Fellowship in Diabetology CCEBDM , CCGDM
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Management of Diabetes mellitus does not comprise of taking tablets or Insulin alone. Healthy lifestyle changes are of equal importance in preventing and controlling Diabetes. These are as follows: 

1) STRESS REDUCTION - Stress causes a drastic increase in the hormones which increase blood sugar levels. Hence it is of great importance to keep our mental and physical stress under control. It is advisable to take the help of breathing exercises like Pranayam to attain calmness. Having a good friends' circle and frequent outings can reduce depression and anxiety

2) DIETDiet has a great role to play in the management of Diabetes. People in the pre-diabetic state can prevent or postpone diabetes in the future by following the right Diabetic diet. Those who are already Diabetic would not require huge doses of medicines if they follow a strict diabetic diet. Small, frequent meals are always better than large meals. Fruits like pomegranate, apple and pear are advisable. Artificial sweeteners are to be avoided. Green leafy vegetables, bitter gourd and Fenugreek should be included in the regular diet. Deep-fried and JUNK food are to be strictly avoided. Sweet dishes can be occasionally consumed if the HbA1 c is good.

3) EXERCISE - Regular exercise not only leads to the maintenance of ideal body weight but also improves Insulin Sensitivity. So exercise as per individual conditions is a MUST for all Diabetics.

4) YOGA - Certain asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing patterns ) are of great help in promoting the function of the pancreas, thereby controlling sugars. Yoga done under the guidance of an expert would definitely be beneficial.

5) DE-ADDICTION - Addiction to smoking, alcohol, etc. not only increases the risk of chronic diseases but also their complications. Diabetics who smoke are at a greater RISK of heart diseases and amputation of leg/foot than who do not. SO QUIT SMOKING, ALCOHOL.

6) KNOWLEDGE - Adequate knowledge about how Diabetes occurs, what it is, what it's complications are and how it can be controlled will definitely result in greater self -care, prompt reporting of symptoms and better adherence to treatment.

7) REGULAR TESTS AND SELF EXAMINATION - Diabetics and those at risk of Diabetes should regularly check their sugars and do other tests to rule out complications. Apart from that, they are supposed to regularly examine their feet, nails, skin to report any change at the earliest.

8) GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE - As the risk of infection is more in Diabetes, it is important to maintain adequate personal hygiene. Feet especially should always be clean.

9) PROPER FOOTWEAR - AVOID BARE FOOT WALKING to minimize the risk of foot infection. Footwear should be roomy and not tight. Those with foot problems should go for customized footwear.

10) MOTIVATION - It is the responsibility of family, friends and health care providers to motivate the patient to manage and control Diabetes as well as co-existing disorders.

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