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Know More About Amlapitta / Acid Peptic Disease!

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Know More About Amlapitta / Acid Peptic Disease!

Amlapitta is the Ayurvedic term for a medical condition when your stomach produces more acids than you need for digesting food. It is a very common disorder today, which is triggered by our unhealthy lifestyle choices. Amlapitta or acid peptic disorder needs medical attention because if it continues for too long, you could end up with painful peptic ulcers.

What are the causes behind Amlapitta?

According to Ayurveda, your diet and lifestyle mainly lead to Acid Peptic Disorder-

Diet -

  • Consuming spicy, fried food

  • Excessive consumption of pickles and oily food

  • Excessive intake of sour and salty foods

  • Eating fermented, stale food

  • Intake of hot beverages, like tea/coffee and soup

  • Skipping meals

  • Irregular meal times

Lifestyle -

  • Lack of sleep at night

  • A fast-paced lifestyle with no time to rest

  • Overexposure to fire and sun

  • Excessive anxiety and stress

Signs and Symptoms - 

The obvious signs and symptoms of the acid peptic disease include –

How is the condition cured?

Since the primary causes of acid peptic disease are dietary, Ayurveda suggests the selection of the right kinds of food and healthy lifestyle changes to cure the condition.

Follow these guidelines to get rid of amlapitta –

  • Take small meals twice a day

  • Eat your food in a loving manner with awareness and attention

  • Eat at fixed time regularly

  • You should eat your meal during Pitta period i.e. between 10 AM and 2 PM

  • Eat light food like Rajgira Laddoo, Dry black resins decoction in morning

  • Pomegranate is useful in Amlapitta

  • Coconut sweets is also eaten in Smlapitta to get rid of it

  • Drink plenty of water and juice of raw vegetables

  • Avoid eating/drinking foods that are too hot or too cold

  • Avoid consumption of carbonated beverages 

  • Cut back on fatty meat

  • Include sufficient amount of rice, wheat, bitter gourd, cucumber, pumpkin and cow’s milk in your diet

Ayurveda also believes that yoga and exercise can heal the condition from within and restore the balance of the doshas causing the disease. 

Exercising regularly helps to control acidity. Morning walks are good for health and may prevent the occurrence of acid peptic disease. 

Yoga works well to keep your digestive system healthy. As we know, certain mental disorders like anxiety and depression can worsen acid peptic disease, it is imperative that you live a happy and stress-free life. Yoga helps relieve stress and elevates your mood, and helps to strengthen your overall system.

Some yoga postures that may help include – 

  • Bhujangasana 

  • Naukasana - 

  • Suryanamaskara

  • Vajrasana

 Amlapitta or acid peptic disease can be distressing and extremely uncomfortable to live with. The best way to treat and prevent the condition is to adopt Ayurvedic remedies and precautionary measures. These not only help reduce the symptoms of acidity but also build your immune system.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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