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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Impotency - Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of It!

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Dr. Prashant K VaidyaHomeopathy Doctor • 16 Years Exp.Diploma In Gastroenterology, Diploma In Dermatology, BHMS
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Impotency is the basic lack of power or strength and of being in a state of feeble and weak in terms of sex. The main point is the total or sometimes partial inability to copulate, usually for the male counterpart. In this condition, the person is unable to produce any offspring. For a male, it is the inability to impregnate and for a female, it is the inability to conceive.

It is more common among males. The risk of developing this disease increases with age and is higher in men who are in their 60’s. Impotency can vary in range based on many factors. From total and complete inability to achieve ejaculation or erection to sustaining an erection for a sufficient amount of time.

Types of the disease:

As stated earlier, impotency varies in range. There are five types of impotence:

Primary Impotence: Here, the male has never achieved an erection before, and never will he had one.
Secondary Impotence: Here, the male had achieved full erection in the past, but now is not able to erect his penis.
Situational Impotence: Here, the male can sometimes manage to achieve full a full erection in only certain situations.
Partial Impotence: Here, the penis of the male manages to become stiff, but very quickly becomes floppy.
Total Impotence: Just like the term suggests, it is the total and complete inability to erect.

Causes of the disease:

There are several causes for Impotency and here are some of them:

Signs and Symptoms of Impotency 

The key signs and symptoms to indicate someone with Impotency are:

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Reduced sexual desires
  • Trouble keeping an erection

Treatment For Impotency 

Some common ways to treat impotence include:

  • Avoiding tobacco or any kind of smoking products
  • Avoid eating unhealthy foods as much as one can
  • Commit to avoiding alcohol totally
  • Make sure to exercise regularly
  • Keep your weight in check
  • Maintain low blood sugar
  • Avoid any kind of anxiety, stress or depression as much as one possibly can
  • Do not take medications which might worsen your condition

Diet For Impotent Individuals

The diet for those suffering from impotency include:

Consume cocoa: It will provide you with nitric oxide. Cocoa can help improve cardiovascular health.
Include pistachio in diet: They improve our cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
Make sure to have watermelon: Watermelon helps in relaxing the blood vessels and improves blood flow.


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