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Semen for Fructose Test

Semen for Fructose Test

In order to identify male infertility semen analysis is the first test that is ordered. In this assessment, certain physical characteristics like quantity, volume of the ejaculate, time taken to liquefy, pH, and the level of fructose is taken into consideration. Fructose is the basic source of energy that helps in the movement of the sperm cells. It also helps in their emergence, development, mobility and vitality. It is produced in the seminal vesicles under the control of androgens and from there it gets into the sperms. Any deformities in the formation and functional disorder of the seminal vesicles or the amount of hormones would lead to reduction in the level of fructose.

One should follow the following instructions to get the best sample for accurate results: One should refrain from sexual activity for a minimum of 3 days but not more than 7 days before the semen analysis. Having sex before the day of the analysis may lead to the decrease in the number and volume of sperms. However, abstinence of more than 7 days could lead to the death of mature sperms which are capable of fertilization. Avoid smoking, strong black tea, caffeine, alcohol and drugs such as marijuana and cocaine 2-5 days before the test. Avoid any kind of hormone medication, fatty and fried food.

When the doctor reviews the test, there are many factors that the doctor has to consider, following are a few points that would show the test results normal: In a normal result more than 50 percent of the sperms will be normally shaped. Similarly, for a normal result, over 50 percent of the sperm should move about normally an hour after ejaculation. A normal result should have a pH level between 7.2 and 7.8. Anything above could indicate an infection and a result less than the normal level could indicate that the sample has been contaminated. For a normal result the volume of semen should be higher than 2 milliliters. Semen should take about 15-30 minutes to liquefy. In a normal semen analysis the sperm count should be between 20 million to over 200 million. If the result is abnormal it means that the sperm has trouble penetrating eggs and could indicate infertility, infection, gene defects, hormonal imbalance, etc.

For Semen for fructose test, an individual is required to provide the doctor with a semen sample for the semen analysis. Basically, there are four major ways to collect a sample of semen: Masturbation. Sex by means of a condom. Ejaculation that is provoked by means of electricity. Sex with withdrawal just before ejaculation. Out of all these methods, masturbation is the most ideal way to get an uncontaminated sample.

1 ejacuation
sterile specimen container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Semen for Fructose
All age groups
1200 to 4500 μg/ml
Rs 30- Rs 300

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