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Homeopathy - A Holistic Approach to Healing

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Homeopathy Doctor, Navi Mumbai  •  27 years experience
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Hi friends,

This is Dr. Prriya Thakkar, I am a practicing homeopath at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Friends this is my first interaction on this particular platform.

So I would like to start with something which is most commonly as to a homeopath. People come across and ask me mam, homeopathy kis cheez mein de sakte hain, kaun si problem mein de sakte hain, this is the most common question we come across. So friends, let me tell you homeopathy is a beautiful science, it can be used anywhere you like meaning in any of the disease conditions what varies is the role that it plays, say for example you have conditions like skin diseases, hair fall, respiratory problems, like cough, cold, fever, asthmatic conditions, GI disturbances, hair fall etc. these are the conditions wherein homoeopathic medicines can be used as a sole curator meaning it would be the only medicine which can be used to cure the condition. Then there are other conditions, like cancer you talk of Diabetic foot ulcer or you talk of accidents, cuts and bruises. Let me tell you about a case there was a young child boy of around 12 to 14 years of age, he just with his friends and one of his friend just pushed him and he bang into a pillar, now he injured his eye the eyelid on the outer end and he had a cut which needed I think around 1 or 2 stitches. Coincidently I was around the place and we applied local homeopathy medicines. There was no oral medications given whatsoever and he was dressed only with homeopathy medicines for a week and the cut just disappeared it were hard even to find where the injury had taken in the first place. So friends this is how homeopathic works, let me describe about one more patient this was again a boy of 10 years and he met with an accident, wherein he had a deep injury on the right lateral side of his leg at the knee joint and he had a real deep cut which had to be sutures around 17 to 20 sutures would given in that particular area. Then as the norm goes off all the painkillers, antibiotics and dressing were advised by the concerned surgeon. This patient again was a relative of mine, so what we did was we gave him some oral medication for the pain relief and healing and he was dressed only with homeopathy medicines. Within 15 days he required no painkillers no antibiotics whatsoever and the wound heal beautifully with minimal scarring. You have bruises say you have a bad fall with an injury you can create them with homoeopathy. Similarly accidental cases, cases of accident where you have fractured a particular bone you definitely need to go undergo plaster, you definitely need the initial mode of line of treatment given by orthopaedic surgeon but with that but you can do is you can give homeopathy medicines which help the fracture to heal faster, this is our homeopathy helps and plays a parallel role. Let me describe one more case, this is a patient this is was this was my first cancer patient which I handled this was a lady of 72 years old, she was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, the stage which was diagnosed was very late and she being a diabetic which was not under control doctor advised against chemotherapy radiation she had nothing whatsoever which we could do in that particular case. So the doctor suggested let us get a stenting done of a common bile duct, so that she doesn't develop jaundice and other complications, that was the only help they could give. They did that this patient for more or less throughout for a year in the hospital on a IV fluids, after a while she developed nausea, vomiting and lot of vertigo. Now the patient being known to me when to a homeopath and to a senior homeopath practicing somewhere in Mahim I was the moderator in between, she was under him for a while but the case was not improving and she was still suffering. Finally somehow the case landed up in my hand and I gave her a few doses of homeopathic medicines, the patient really improved when in terms of nausea and vomiting which stopped her vertigo, though she was in the bed she just couldn't turn around not even move her head and that also subsided. After a while say a period of around 2 months or so again this patient now she developed Ascites, Ascites is a condition where there is a lot of fluid accumulation in the abdomen and the only solution that you have is to aspirate this particular fluid from the abdomen, which is called the peritoneal tap. She underwent 3 sittings of peritoneal tap each time that tap being down around 2 to 21/2 litres was aspirated. Again I was called in, we gave her a couple of doses of homeopathy medicines and she was posted next day for the tap again. So next day she was again posted for peritoneal tap to the at a surprise of a gastroenterologist there was hardly any fluid which was aspirated say around 3 to 400 ml, that was it and friends I am glad to say that was the last peritoneal tap which underwent till that time she died.

So a friend this is how a homeopathy works, it is really wonderful how well you use it is all that matters.

Any of your queries regarding homeopathy or any of your illness which can be treated through homeopathy, you can definitely contact me through Lybrate.

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