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My sister is diagnosed a tb doctor sent a cough sample in govt hospital they told she is having a mdr and we also tested a cough in private in private no mdr or refampin resistance occurred please help what should I do.

MD - Pulmonary, DTCD
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Get it done from third relaible center or try to corelate with history of diaease, contact and treatment.
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My weight is 76 kgs. One doctor has diagnosed and advised to use 2 tablets of forecox and other doctor has advised to use 4 tablets of akurit 4. Now can you please advise which one is right?

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Hello User... both have diffferent amount of medicines in them.. you can take any one of them... both are proper dosages...
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Tuberculosis - 6 Ways To Prevent It!

MD - Physician, CCEBDM
General Physician, Delhi
Tuberculosis - 6 Ways To Prevent It!
Tuberculosis or TB is an airborne disease that mainly affects the lungs and has the potential to be fatal. People with an impaired immune system such as newborn babies, pregnant women or women who have just delivered a baby, diabetics, cancer patients and HIV positive people are at the highest risk of suffering from this disease. However, this disease can be prevented and treated.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself from this bacterial infection.

Keep your distance: TB is a communicable disease and hence can spread from one person to another. If someone around you suffers from this disease, try limiting your contact with them. In cases where this is not possible, wear protective gloves and a mask to keep yourself safe. Avoid crowded, unhygienic places and always wash your hands with a disinfectant after contact with a TB patient.
Boost your immunity: A strong immune system can fight off TB bacteria and keep you from getting infected. To build a strong immune system, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with the required amount so carbohydrates, proteins and fats every day. Along with this, consult your doctor and start taking multivitamins or antioxidants on a daily basis.
Maintain proper hygiene: Keeping your surroundings clean are crucial to the prevention of tuberculosis. Ensure that not only your home is kept clean, but the surrounding area is cleaned as well. Do not allow garbage to accumulate around your house. Make it a habit of washing your hands with disinfectant soap every time you come home and before eating anything.
Vaccinate your children: When getting your children vaccinated, ensure that your child also receives the BCG or Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine that can protect him or her against TB.
Ventilate the house: The bacteria that causes tuberculosis, thrives in stagnant air and enclosed spaces. Hence, open your windows and let some fresh air in. Not only does this prevent the multiplication of bacteria and viruses in your house, it also does not allow your home to have a musty odour.
Follow the complete course of treatment: If you have been diagnosed with TB, it is essential to complete the full course of antibiotics and not stop midway even if the symptoms have disappeared. Not adhering to the prescription gives the bacteria the ability to develop resistance to the drugs. When this resistant bacteria is exhaled it can infect more people with drug-resistant tuberculosis that is harder to cure.

Respected sir, my brother was effected from Guillain-Barré syndrome and also he had tuberculosis. What is the treatment for it? How long period required to cure from it? What is the food he taken to eat? Please explain clearly.

MD - Pulmonary, DTCD
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
TB treatment is 4 drugs as per weight for first 2 months and then 3 drugs for next 4 months. For GB syndrome consult a neurologist.
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MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Chest & TB
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
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Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs. It is an airborne pathogen, meaning that the bacteria that cause TB can spread through the air from person to person. The majority of TB cases can be cured when the right medication is available and administered correctly.
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Every Abscess Doesn't Mean Operation!

MBBS, MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Agra
Every Abscess Doesn't Mean Operation!
Every abscess doesn't mean operation.Many abscesses are caused by tuberculosis bacteria. In these abscesses we just aspirated and give drugs to fight tuberculosis.Most patients recover without surgery luckily.
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