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Home Remedies For Neck Pain: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about? Are there any side effects? What are the post-remedy guidelines? How long does it take to recover? Are the results of the remedy permanent? Is there any training or experts required?

What is the remedy about?

The neck has an intricate structure, comprising of vertebrae that stretch out from the skull to the upper torso. The human head which weighs about ten to twenty pounds is supported by a pile of bones known as vertebrae and thirty-two complex muscles. Any variations, aggravation, or injury can bring about neck pain. Although most of the times neck pain isn’t much a serious condition, in few cases, it may turn serious and require medical attention. There are a wide array of home remedies that you may apply to get relief. One of the simplest home remedies is to use ice packs. The cold temperature of ice helps in reducing irritation and eases the pain. Crush ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag. Then wrap the bag in a thin towel. You may apply it on your neck for not more than fifteen minutes eight to twelve times a day to get relief. Hydrotherapy is another effective solution to neck pain. Take a shower in warm water for three to four minutes targeting the neck area and then switch to cold water and target the neck area for one minute. The hot water increases blood circulation while the cold water eases inflammation. Neck exercises are yet another effective remedy for neck pain. There is a wide range of exercises, two of them are particularly most effective. One is you slowly rotate your neck clockwise as well as anti-clockwise in a circular motion. It helps in stretching out the muscles and gradually loosens it up and heals. Another one you may try is moving your neck slowly side to side as well as back and forth. You may also try lavender oil message, turmeric powder and ginger powder as remedies.

Are there any side effects?

There is a typical misunderstanding that home remedies are free from side-effects. They may be less harmful than the chemical derivatives but you may face some side effects if you don’t use them properly or the ingredients are impure. A few herbs or natural substances could bring about poisoning or have some contraindication with physician endorsed drugs, in these cases the side effects could be hazardous. Therefore you must be aware and know your skin properly before applying any remedies. While using ice pack never apply ice straight on your skin, it may cause ice pack burn or frostbite. If you message your neck area with any oil make sure that you are not allergic to it. In the event that your skin is dry or flaky, don't apply fruit extracts or lime squash on the skin. These will dry out the skin and make it more delicate, causing irritation. If you have oily skin, keep away from milk derivatives and oils on the face. These will obstruct pores and produce more whiteheads. Always make sure that none of your ingredients are old, or the containers are unclean. Dirty spoons, hands are home to germs, and you must wash them well before using them. Many doctors suggest patch tests before you use the remedy. These are easy, to begin with, apply a little sum within your arm then wait for few minutes and wash it off. Sit tight for 48 hours to check whether you get a rash or not and continue in like manner. Remember not to use mixtures until you have attempted each one of the ingredients independently first.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

Neck pain is a high-prevalence health problem, almost half of the active population has suffered from neck pain on some occasion. Even after the cure, you need to deal with your neck carefully so that the issue doesn't return. There are a few things you may try to avoid having neck pain again. You may try a new pillow, as using a relatively flat pillow or an orthopedic pillow decreases the chance of having neck pain again by a considerable level. You may also try sleeping on your back if you are unable to sleep on your back, try to sleep on your side and make sure your pillow is not too high. You should avoid lifting heavy objects during this recovery period. While working adopt a good posture, especially if your job involves sitting infront of a computer for longer hours.

How long does it take to recover?

That is no certain time limit for recovering from neck pain. It relies on the intensity of your problem. In most cases, if it is a minor injury it heals within two to three days. Sometimes it may take up to five days. If you notice improvements after using the remedy that means your cure is working. Home remedies usually take more time than prescription medicines, so be patient and continue using it till the problem disappears. In case if you have got a neck sprain, then full recovery may take up to three months. Once you start noticing improvement, follow through till you feel completely alright.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

Home remedies may completely cure your neck pain but practically speaking, nothing is permanent is this world. It may return at any point in time. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t stop taking care of your neck. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet and stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water nourish the cervical discs that lie between the vertebrae in your neck. Stretch your neck muscles by doing various stretching exercises. By maintaining a healthy routine, most of such problems can be avoided altogether. And knowing what caused the issue, it should be avoided altogether for lasting results.

Is there any training or experts required?

Most neck pain doesn't require a visit to a doctor or specialist. Home remedies are enough to treat your neck pain if the problem is not severe and you can follow the guidelines properly. But if your pain is severe and long-lasting then you must consult a doctor. You may also take the help of chiropractors or physiotherapists. Always have faith on home remedies as they are natural and natural things are preferable to use than prescription medicines or surgeries. It just takes patience to reap the benefits of home remedies.

Popular Questions & Answers

Dear Sir, I am suffering from neck and shoulder pain also migraine, what kind of treatment wants to take and also some home remedies for the same.

Hi thanks for your query and welcome to lybrate. If you have have localized neck pain with no other symptoms like radiating upper limb pain, neurological symptoms like numbness, weakness, paresthesias etc and with no other associated constitutiona...
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I am suffering uneasy my health I am 28 years old I check BP freikvently it's very time 130/90 to 140/90 how to control naturally and I have cheat pain and neck pain.

If you have chest pain please consult a cardiologist immediately and also please reduce your tension .normal bp for your age is 121/80 and also it can reach a maximum of 133/84. This is cervical pain (neck pain) and that's the reason the pain radi...

My mom is having pain on left back side of her neck and lower head portion. And is unable to swing on left side fully. She even feels pain while talking. Can dis be due to wrong sleeping method. Please suggest some medicines, home remedies and kind of exercise. Thank you.

Do breathing exercises in the morning. Best to be empty stomach. How to do--- after full inspiration-hold the breath in for 3-5 seconds -release all air. Do it for 10-15 min. If the problem persists than go for physio it's may be due muscle spasm....

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