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Home Remedies For Hair: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about?

There are various issues that might plague our hair like hair loss, dandruff, lice or dry hair. Here are some easy home remedies to keep our hair healthy and strong:

  • For hair loss problems, natural oil treatment can be very beneficial. Take a bowl of olive oil or coconut oil and heat it up so that it is warm. Now gently massage your scalp with it. Leave it for an hour or two and then wash it off. This strengthens the root of your hair thus decreasing hair loss.
  • For grey hair, Amla can be very beneficial. Boil a few pieces of amla in coconut oil until it turns black. Now cool the paste, apply it on your hair and wash it off after 15 minutes or so. This will reduce the grey hair on your head. Amla also helps in getting rid of lice.
  • Dry hair is another common problem. A common remedy to this problem is baking soda. Prepare a paste of baking soda by mixing some water. Apply it on wet hair. After some time clean it thoroughly with shampoo. This should help keep your hair moist.
  • To get rid of dandruff, use lemon peels. Take a few pieces and boil them in 4-5 cups of water. Let it cool down and then wash your hair with it. This should reduce dandruff.

Are there any side effects?

  • Applying baking soda on your scalp increases its pH level. This might result in hair breakage or irritation. Hence it is better to do a patch test for any side effects before applying it on your hair.
  • Amla might cause scalp dryness.
  • Frequent use of lemon can cause scalp irritation and dryness.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

  • Keep your hair clean.
  • Wear a headgear while going out to protect your head against dust and other harmful particles.
  • Avoid hard brushing of your hair. Keep it gentle.
  • Have citrus foods regularly to increase Vitamin C levels in your body.

How long does it take to recover?

Some hair problems like lice or dandruff can be taken care of within a short period of time. However, problems such as hair loss and grey hair can take anything between 6 weeks to 16 weeks.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

Some conditions like lice problems can be permanently resolved provided you follow all the precautions and keep your hair clean. However, conditions such as grey hair or hair loss can only be reduced or delayed. Grey hair occurs naturally with old age, but with the help of these remedies you can reduce the chances of having grey hair at a young age.

Is there any training or experts required?

All the remedies are completely natural and easily applicable by all. Hence there is no requirement of formal training.

Effectiveness: Medium Side Effects: Low Time for Recovery: High Price Range :

Approx 10 - Rs 100

Training Requirement:

All the remedies are completely natural and easily applicable by all. Hence there is no requirement of formal training.

Popular Health Tips

10 Amazing Hair Care Secrets!

MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, Diploma In Dermatology And Venerology And Leprosy (DDVL), MBBS
Dermatologist, Bangalore
10 Amazing Hair Care Secrets!

The secret behind beautiful hair is having healthy hair. In order to have healthy and beautiful hair, you must take care of your hair on a regular basis. The following are ten hair care tips that you should never ignore:

  1. Choose your hair care products according to your hair type. Avoid getting lured by advertisements. Take the responsibility of knowing your hair type oily, dry or straight. Knowing your hair type will help you to pick out the appropriate product suitable for your hair type.
  2. Do not forget to use a conditioner every time after you apply shampoo on your hair. Conditioner helps to lock the hair cuticles and prevents hair from shedding.
  3. Try massaging your hair and scalp with oil at regular intervals. Oil provides nourishment to your hair and can also reduce hair fall.
  4. Remember to make a visit to the salon for regular trimmings. That can help you to avoid split ends and can make your hair grow longer.
  5. You must make sure to use an appropriate comb for your hair so that your scalp is not affected in any way.
  6. Include foods in your diet, which are replete in vitamins like Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Also incorporate proteins; eating the right foods can help you get the hair you always wanted.
  7. Indulging yourself in regular exercises is also crucial in order to maintain good and healthy hair.
  8. Using vitamin E capsules and hair revitalizers occasionally can enhance your hair growth.
  9. Avoid using hair dryers as they may damage your hair if used from a close proximity.
  10. After every wash, let your hair dry naturally as it will reduce hair fall.

Following the aforesaid hair care tips can help you to have beautiful and long hair. Taking care of your hair in a proper manner can reduce your chances of developing hair problems also. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Dermatologist.

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Know Everything About Hair Transplant And Its Procedures!!

M.Ch - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Surat
Know Everything About Hair Transplant And Its Procedures!!

Many men and women suffer from baldness these days and in order to conceal it, look for options available in the market. Though there are many temporary solutions, the most permanent & natural solution today is hair transplantation. 

What is Hair Transplantation?
Hair transplantation is broadly achieved by removing hair grafts/follicles from the back of the head which are more resistant to hormonal changes and placing them in areas of scanty growth or baldness. There are two methods to remove the grafts – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In FUT method, a strip of scalp is cut out from the back of the head and is dissected into individual grafts.

FUE method of hair transplantation involves taking the individual follicular units/grafts from the back of the head one by one by cutting around it through a tiny specialised machine(punch) and removing them. The process is tedious and takes a few hours but is painless after a few numbing injections are given.

The rest of the procedure remains the same in both techniques. Micro-slits are created using very fine blades or needles in the balding areas after numbing them with local anaesthetic injections. Hair grafts are then inserted in the sites on the front of the head or wherever there is hair loss

Both methods are done under local anaesthesia making them essentially painless.

Advantages of FUT method

  1. Larger areas of baldness can be covered in fewer sittings.

  2. The recovery time is much quicker with the patient often returning to work the next day itself.

  3. The transection rate (the roots that get cut while separating them) is lesser providing superior results. (However, it depends on the skill of the surgeon and his/her staff.)

Advantages of FUE method

  1. As this method of hair transplantation does not involve taking an entire strip of scalp from the back of the head like in strip surgery, there are no cuts or stitches.

  2. There is no linear scar.

Both methods involve surgery hence a proper consultation with the surgeon is required who can explain the procedure and its advantages and disadvantages. It takes several hours to perform the surgery and implant hence it is important to block the day out completely and be mentally prepared for it. Most surgeons will want to shave the entire head before embarking on the procedure so make sure that you factor that in.

Post-surgery care
It is important to follow post-surgery instructions and take good care of the grafts. Swelling of the scalp & face is common for few days (usually stay for 3 days). You will be on antibiotics & pain medicine for couple of days and will be asked to use Minoxidil and Finasteride.

The grafts are wetted with saline repeatedly for a few days after the transplant. Hair is washed with a diluted shampoo the next day in a specific manner without disturbing the grafts. They will eventually fall out after two weeks and the new growth will start appearing at three months. In FUT method, post-op wound care of the scar is important and the sutures are removed after a week. 

Who should opt for FUT method?

  1. People who have larger areas of baldness. 

  2. People who would like to get the procedure done in a single sitting.

Who should go in for FUE method?

  1. Suitable for people who have smaller areas of baldness.

  2. People who want to wear shorter hair styles.

  3. People with active lifestyles like sportsmen, etc.

  4. Women with smaller areas of baldness.

  5. People who prefer less invasive procedures and don’t want cuts, stitches on the scalp. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon.

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Hair Transplant - Choose The Best Option!

MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Chennai
Hair Transplant - Choose The Best Option!

If hair fall is a problem that’s troubling you more with each passing day, then you should take it seriously before going bald. Needless to say, that your decreasing strands results in decreasing confidence and you spend your time horrified by the thought about what you should do to help the condition. Of all the methods that promise to bring back your lost tresses, the hair transplant surgery is the most effective one. It will not only cover up the bald patches, but aid in restoring a young and self-confident appearance.

Choosing the best option:
Patients who feel like undergoing the process of hair transplantation treatment come across the two common terms FUE and FUT while doing their research. The problem is that in most cases it becomes difficult to decide which one should one go for. When you are in this kind of dilemma, the best way to get the best advice is to consult a cosmetic surgeon who can determine the most suitable treatment option based on your clinical history, personal preferences and budget.

Understanding the difference:
There are two ways in which a cosmetic surgeon can remove the hair follicles from the donor areas of the scalp one is follicular unit transplantation, and the other is follicular unit extraction and are known as FUT and FUE respectively.

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation
In the follicular unit transplantation or FUT method, a thin strip of hair is removed from the region of the scalp with relatively high rate of hair growth. Then the hair follicle is harvested from the strip by a professional surgeon before they are individually transplanted to the areas with lesser hair growth.

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction
On the other hand, in the case of follicular unit extraction or FUE, each single hair graft is removed from the donor area one by one with the aid of a punch tool. In this process, the hair follicle is removed randomly which results in unnoticeable changes in the donor areas. No matter whether you choose the FUT or FUE method, the process of transplanting the grafts remains the same.
FUE is highly recommended than FUT because it is a comparatively safer process that doesn’t require many professionals to carry out the task. Another reason is that many patients complain that FUT is not quite comfortable and there have also been instances of swelling and pain in the areas where the tissue was removed. Although this could be controlled and managed with the medication and other associated medical aid, one should talk to his doctor regarding which method should be chosen.

The primary difference between the hair transplant process and any other hair loss treatment is the permanence of the results. When you opt for this treatment, you will not only be able to flaunt your hair, but they will be so natural that no one would understand that you have undergone a hair transplantation process. Hence, with the modern treatments available, hair fall management has become more promising than ever. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon.

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Why Should We Condition Our Hair?

PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC), PG Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine & Hair Transplant, MBBS
Dermatologist, Mumbai
Why Should We Condition Our Hair?

Even in this era of rat-race for the career oriented gen next of our society, looks do matter, and we all tend to find some time at the end of a very busy day for a simple touch up. Yes, would be the answer by most. Let’s check out how our near and dear partner in our daily lives, the conditioner, is helping us have a few good hours of the day and saving us from some unavoidable hair conflicts.

Why do we need it?
Of course, we wouldn’t want our 20 minutes of extensive hair wash to go in vain at the end of the day! To enjoy a long lasting effect of our dedicated hair wash, we need to use conditioners. Shampoo and extensive hair wash, disposes the natural oil from the hair, squeezing out the nutrition in it. The conditioners help rejuvenate the hair shaft avoiding unnecessary hair breakage and split ends.

How does it help?
The conditioners are made of surfactants, oils, lubricants, moisturisers and reconstructing agents, which prevent hair damage, help increase hair volume by adding a noticeable bounce to it, and keeping the shafts hydrated as well.

Know what you want, when you want it. What we should be aware of are the different kinds of conditioners to understand the specific ones, which are good for our hair. From the wide range of leave-ins packs, and holds, it might be difficult to choose, if you are not experienced. You can consult any hair specialist or dermatologist for the best advice.

Here’s a simple tip on how to use it. Always try using conditioners before you shampoo. This is because conditioners have ingredients that don’t really wash out when we use them after we shampoo. This tends to weigh the hair down, reducing its volume. Using it before a shampoo wash will add an extra bounce worth significant admiration!

For more tips on hair care, you can always visit a dermatologist near you.

Recognise the devil in disguise
Conditioners are obviously for the best interest of any individual. But do keep your eyes open for the silicon-based products. These usually rinse off the natural nutrients from the hair.
If you are already an avid user of the mighty conditioner, here is some friendly information, which you might already be aware of; and for the ones who haven’t tried, let’s save the world from another Bad hair day. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist.

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Hair Transplant - Who Can Opt for it

MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Delhi
Hair Transplant - Who Can Opt for it

Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness is a condition that affects both men and women equally. Surgical hair transplantation is the only solution for restoring the lost hair in pattern baldness when medical hair restoration does not offer you a good hair re-growth. If you have well-defined and clearly established areas or patterns of baldness on the crown with healthy dense coverage of hair at the sides and the back of the head, you are probably suitable for a hair transplant surgery. Hair that is transplanted in the frontal region of the skull generally offers the best results. However, a hair transplant procedure can also be carried out on any other area of your head if you have some bald patch there.

It is best to have detailed information about the hair transplant procedure before you make plans to undergo a surgery. It is only after you have read through all the information that you can understand and appreciate the significance of surgical hair restoration. The information will also help you decide whether you are the right candidate for the hair transplant surgery. Receiving a hair transplant can improve your appearance and self-confidence.

All those who can opt for a hair transplant:

  1. Men with male-pattern baldness

  2. Women suffering from hair thinning

  3. Anyone who has lost some hair from a burn or scalp injury

Hair replacement isn’t a good option for:

  1. Women with a wide-spread pattern of hair loss throughout the scalp

  2. People who don’t have enough “donor” hair sites from which to remove hair for transplant

  3. People who form keloid scars (thick, fibrous scars) after injury or surgery

  4. People whose hair loss is due to medication like chemotherapy

Two types of procedures

It's worth noting that there are new surgical techniques involved in hair transplants:

  1. FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction: The hairs are individually extracted from the back of the head and re-planted across the area. This is a lengthy, pain-staking process but the result is minimal scarring and a very natural-looking hairline.
  2. FUT - Follicular Unit Transplantation: This technique involves taking a larger area or 'strip' of hair from the back of the head, dividing it into smaller units and then re-planting those units in the desired area of hair loss. Scarring can be slightly more conspicuous at the back of the head as a larger area has been removed but an expert surgeon will minimise incision marks to ensure rapid healing.

Hair transplant do, of course, utilise your own natural hair and re-growth can be expected within 4 weeks of surgery. Great care must be taken during your recovery period to protect the newly-transplanted hair. However, once it is deemed safe to resume normal activities, the results can be life-transforming. A successful hair transplant is permanent and can restore confidence and self-esteem. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dermatologist.

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Popular Questions & Answers

Dear Dr. Am 32 years old female for last few years am suffering from heavy loss of hair pls help me in fixing this. Suggest me some natural or home remedies Thanking you.

MBBS, DNB (Dermatology)
Dermatologist, Mumbai
Hi Thanks for your query. While your hair mostly depends on your genetics;  stress, hormonal imbalance and poor diet have a great influence on your hair health and appearance. Start by following a good diet - Eat adequate amount of protein. Your hair is made up mainly of proteins. Include skimmed milk, cottage cheese, lentils in diet. Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B are other important nutrients for great hair health. So include lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet. Next important step is to follow good hair care - Oiling your hair with a mixture of oils like olive, sesame, coconut and castor oil keeps provides moisture to your hair and prevent them from drying and breakage. Once in a week apply a good hair mask. You can mix and prepare different types of masks using green tea, olive oil, milk, gooseberry,  etc. Condition your hair using organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Rosemary tea once in a while. You can also start with zinc and biotin supplements. Consult on private chat for further help.
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I am having hair fall Nd I can see baldness in my head. Pls tell me some homemade remedies to stop hair fall .Nd so that hair can grow once again. Pls I just want my hairs back.

MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Sambalpur
Hello dear Lybrate user .Use home made oil containing curry leaves, Amla powder, fried onions, garlic, cinnamon,fresh rose petals in mixture of oil ie Extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin Castor oil, Extra virgin Olive oil in Mustard base oil.
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What is the procedure and home made remedies and exercises to regain or regrowth of hair. Is hair regrowth and regain is possible?

MBBS, DPD-Cardiff (U.K)
Dermatologist, Noida
Hair loss from the hairline or crown can occur due to many reasons, more commonly due to hormonal effect, nutrition and lifestyle imbalance. The exact reason can be found out by taking detailed history and hair analysis. Accordingly, anti hairloss medicines, hair specific multivitamins, lotions and gels are prescribed. Many non surgical external treatments are available that show good results and can prevent hair transplant. These are mesoporation with hair peptides, stemcell, dermaroller, PRP etc. That are prescribed according to diagnosis. You can expect results in 6 to 8 months with a combination of these treatments.
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After delivery I lost a lot of hair n I do not c it grow back. Its gonna b two years now. Further I had vitamin d deficiency which led to more hair fall recently. How to stay healthy without supplements? I am vegetarian please suggest some food to hav healthy hair naturally.

M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi
Ms. Jai There are many reasons for hair fall like stress,dandruff,thyroid,hormonal imbalance,improper diet,etc.To control hair fall eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.Increase your intake of protein in your diet like cheese,egg,soya,whole grains,skimmed milk.
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Hi. My hairs are very thin and they r nt growing .i tried many oils bt it does not work at all. Please tell me how can I grow my hairs faster by natural way thanx. Do reply.

MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Bangalore
Hi, be on high protein diet like have eggs, sea fish, sprouts along with regular exercise. Get complete hemogram, serum ferritin levels, Sr. Viatmin D3 and B12 to check for any deficiency. Onion juice can be applied overnight to improve growth.
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Are there any side effects?
What are the post-remedy guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
Are the results of the remedy permanent?
Is there any training or experts required?
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PRP Therapy For Hair Loss!
Check out how PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natural looking result

Hi I am doctor Sandesh Gupta, dermatologist and hair treatment Doctor. Aaj m aapko hair treatment ki bahut he khaas or effective treatment k baare m btauda jisko hum kehte hain PRP.

agr hum hair treatment ki baat Karen to bhaut saare hair treatment k bhaut sari cheeze hair treatment use krte hai .bhaut sare factor hote hain hair treatment k lie or cause or bahut sari uski treatment PRP ek Aisa treatment hai jisko hum kisi v conventional treatment k Saath add kr skte hai. Even homeopathy treatment k Saath v PRP kr skte hai Ayurvedic treatment k Saath bhi hum PRP kr skte hain or kisi v disease k Saath PRP therapy de skte hain.

PRP kya hota hai?

PRP is plated rich plasma. isme blood m se hum 10ml blood lete hai patient ka or blood leke uska plated rich plasma banate hain. iss plasma m Jo platelets ki concentration hoti hai usually 8 to 10 times jyada hoti or ye platelets Jo hoti hai iske anadr bahut sari work factor hoti hai energy ka source hote hai oxygen carrying capacity iski jyada hoti hai to ye jaise he patient ki skin m isko incorporate krte hai to ye andar jati h or hair follicles pe react krti or apne Saath bhaut sare factors le jaati hai jisse hum hair ko repair kr skte hai restore kr skte hai remake kr skte hai ab kuki ye patients ka apna he blood hota hai its patients own blood to isme jb wapis scalp m dalte hai to kisi v tarah ki immune reaction ya side effect hone k chances isme nhi rehte hai.

ab hum isko kaise banate hai ye batata hu apko hum patient ka 10ml plasma lete hai usko double centrifuge technique se ek khaas tarah ki tubes m blood lia jata hai or isme hum double centrifuge technique se isko centrifuge krte hai or centrifuge v normal nahi hota ye ek particular temperature pe centrifuge Kia jata hai or centrifuge krne k baad hum isme se 2 to 3ml plasma banate hai. Ye plasma platelet rich v hota hai ek plasma platelet poor hota hai to hum platelet rich plasma ko separate krte hai isme milate hain. Usko firse rakh fir hum patients k scalp m plasma ko Inject krte hai isme hum derma ruler ki madad se ye derma ruler hota hai isme bahut sari needles hoti hai or in needels ko hum iske upar chalate hai or upar se plated plasma ki drops dalte rehte hai to in hole se Jo holes hum isse create krte hai usme thousands of hole bnte hai unke through is plated plasma ko incorporate krte h yehi kaam hum simple needles se v kr skte hai lekin thoda sa painful hota h isme pain k chances bhaut kum ho jaate hai is steps se hum 30 30 days m at least 6 to 8 times plated plasma therapy de skte hain.

conventional treatment k Saath Jo bhi usually 6 to 8 months ka hota hai ye bhi hum 6 to 8 times kr skte hai to isse hum patient ko bhaut accha condition m phauncha sakte hai kuki normal Jo kaam hum krte hai conventional medicine se usse jitne growth aati h usually usse 20 se 30% growth aati h additional 20 30% growth hum isse le skte hai unn baalo m jahan par phle se follicles hain or jahan follicles damage hai ya kum develope hue hai ye tha PRP k baare m easyfy version kya hota hai kaise hota hai bhaut sari myth thi PRP k baare m

Toh isse hum PRP k baare m bhaut saare doubts clear kr skte hai incase of any queries & any further questions you can contact me on Lybrate website.
Having issues? Consult a doctor for medical advice