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Hepatitis A - Top Ayurvedic Remedies For It!

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Hepatitis A - Top Ayurvedic Remedies For It!

Hepatitis A is a viral infection caused by the Hepatitis A Virus (HAV). It infects the liver causing it to become inflamed and dysfunctional that causes discomfort to the individual. It is necessary to treat the infection on time because if it is taken lightly, it can become chronic. So, the symptoms such as fever, jaundice, weight loss, and nausea should not be ignored. It should be treated on time and Ayurveda offers to be a complete and side-effect free treatment procedure that can give one permanent cure.

Pitta imbalance in Hepatitis A
According to Ayurveda, any liver infection or disease is caused by the aggravation of pitta in the liver. It is believed that when the pitta becomes vitiated, the body experiences problems. Since the liver is governed by pitta, any aggravation in this life energy instantly affects the liver and makes it prone to infections and diseases. In case of hepatitis A too, the pitta becomes aggravated because of the viral infection and thus, the Ayurvedic remedies and therapies seek to correct this imbalance.

Toxin elimination in Hepatitis A
When the liver is infected by the HAV virus, it is weakened and cannot function to its full potential. It is not able to flush out the toxins properly, which causes the toxins to build up in the liver, causing pitta imbalance. Therefore, the elimination of these toxins also becomes a part of the hepatitis A treatment. The Ayurvedic medicines such as katuki, triphala, and bhumi amla come armed with strong detoxification action and thus, remove the toxins from the system. Even external therapies such as virechana work to cleanse the system of the patient and purify the blood, which relaxes the entire body.

Strengthening digestive system
In hepatitis A, the liver is affected by the infection and since the liver is directly related to metabolism, the infection takes a toll on the digestion too. So, Ayurveda tries to boost the digestive system too and it does so with the help of medicines and regulated diet. The medicines restore the health of the liver and the regulated diet makes sure that no strain is passed on the liver. Also, abstinence from alcohol and smoking further boosts the immunity and expedites healing.

Ayurvedic treatment effects
The impact of Ayurvedic treatment is highly beneficial for the liver. They relax the inflamed liver walls and repair the liver cells helping it revert to its normal state so that it can function properly. They also cure the symptoms like fever, jaundice, weight loss, stomach pain by boosting immunity. The digestion is taken care of too in ayurvedic treatment and thus, the healing happens at a faster rate.

Ayurveda is highly recommended in cases of hepatitis A as the medicines and remedies are not harsh on the body and there is no fear of side-effects. The recovery is comfortable for the patient, irrespective of age, and they can be sure of lasting relief. So, as soon as the infection is diagnosed, the treatment should be started as early treatment helps in quick recovery.

In case you have a concern or query, you can always consult an ayurvedic doctor for proper line of treatment.

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