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Hepatitis A Virus Qualitative Test

Hepatitis A Virus Qualitative Test

also known as: HPV A

A complete Hepatitis A Qualitative PCR test is a very effective test for diagnosis of a liver infection caused by hepatitis A virus (HAV). The test is implied to determine the therapeutic level of the underlying treatment and past infection. This test is applicable even if the person doesn’t know the signs or symptoms. It looks for the presence of IgM and IgG in blood in total. The individual on whom the test is being applied gets to be acquainted with the acute infection. The HAV IgG provides protection against the virus. The test is very appropriate and can be trusted.

Though doctor will prescribe blood test, there is nothing to worry. In case if the person has any complications, he should inform the doctor at the earliest. The doctor can suggest something else. If in case it's not mentioned, the person may be affected adversely. Sometimes people are already engaged in some other treatments, so they should tell the doctor. The person can be infected by being in the presence of the infected person. It is in their best to maintain distance from an infected person. The person so affected should also be taken to the doctor.

Separate symptoms represent different things. Doctors direct exacting treatment after considering the test reports along with the symptoms. The treatment depends upon the patient’s condition.
• Presence of IgM HAV antibodies refers to the early infection of Hepatitis A (HAV).
• Presence of IgM and IgG HAV antibodies are the signs that the person has been infected with HAV in the past.
• If the test results are negative, then there is nothing to worry but it is a matter of concern if it results positive.
• Doctors declare the patient being infected in case of positive test results.

The HVA qualitative test needs blood investigation. The lab technician takes a sample of blood from the arm. They rub alcohol on the venous point and insert a needle to draw the blood. The collection is done in a tube which is covered with an absorbent pad. In cases when the blood has to be taken from small kids, the doctor will take out blood using a tool called a lancet. A drop from the blood samples so taken is used to form a smear on the glass slide. The blood samples are sent to laboratories for further analysis.

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Hepatitis B Virus DNA
All age groups
Rs 500- Rs 2000

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