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Hair Fall - Have Ayurveda At Your Rescue!

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Hair Fall - Have Ayurveda At Your Rescue!

What can be more attractive than having a head full of silky, black, long and luscious hair? But the lifestyle issues coupled with pollution have led to the loss of hair among both men and women. Too much stress, lack of nutritional food, ageing and genetic factors along with hormonal imbalances have also contributed to an uncontrollable hair fall.

Most people who are affected by hair loss often tend to opt for chemically enriched products that make the situation even worse. Thankfully, Ayurveda offers top-notch solutions to these problems, and you can easily get rid of hair fall problems with the ingredients that are almost found in all households.

1. Go for a hair oil massage: The foremost step that would help you combat the issues of hair fall is massaging your head with the right hair oil. The proper technique of scalp and hair massage would improve the flow of blood to the hair follicles and condition the dry scalp, which is required for strengthening the roots of your hair. You will feel much relaxed and there will be a reduction in stress and slowly these factors would promote the growth of hair.

2. Have Indian gooseberry to help you: When you are willing to have faster growth of hair, you can get some Indian gooseberry, which is commonly called by the name of Amla. This citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C, a deficiency of which can lead to breakage and loss of hair. The Indian gooseberry has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and it is also believed to have exfoliating properties that are essential for the maintenance of a healthy scalp as well as promoting the growth of new hair follicles.

3. Get yourself a handful of fenugreek seeds: Also known by the name of Methi in Indian households, fenugreek is a common ingredient found almost in all kitchens. It is rich in hormone antecedents, which are known for their ability to boost hair growth along with aiding to rebuild the hair follicles. Fenugreek seeds are also rich in nicotinic acid and proteins that can cause stimulation in the hair roots and induce growth of hair.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, Panchkarma therapies are also of great help in getting rid of unwanted hair fall. Panchakarma frees the body of toxic substances and improves the circulatory system in the body. This rejuvenates hair follicles and ensures that they receive the necessary nutrients. Panchkarma can be literally translated to mean five therapies. Not all five forms of this therapy are needed to treat hair disorders, such as alopecia hair loss or premature graying, but the therapies that hold the key to treating these problems are:

  1. Nasya: Nasya is the application of Ayurvedic medication through the nostrils. It is regarded to have the most immediate effects on scalp and hair conditions. Naya involves pouring Ayurvedic medicated oil through one nostril and letting it flow out of the other. In its travel through the nostrils, the oil reaches the membrane at the entrance of the brain and alerts the nerves that connect the brain to the scalp.

  2. ShirodharaShirodhara involves pouring a gentle yet continuous stream of warm, medicated Ayurvedic oil on the forehead. A typical shirodhara session lasts for half an hour. In some cases, the oil may also be replaced with herbal liquids. This rejuvenates dry hair follicles.

  3. Hot oil massage: Ayurvedic oil massages on the scalp can help arrest hair falland aid in the regrowth of hair. Bhringaraj, teak wood extract and jatamansiare common Ayurvedic herbs used to treat problems of hair growth and scalp disorders. Bhringaraj and teak wood extract promote hair growth and control hair fall while jatamansi helps reduce stress. Ayurveda believes that stress is one of the major causes for hair fall.

  4. DietAs with any other form of Ayurvedic treatment, a proper diet is essential when it comes to Panchakarma. Food that is bitter or sweet can be beneficial to treating hair loss. According to Ayurveda, hair is a bi-product of bone tissue formation. Since iron is essential for healthy bones, it is thus, also essential for healthy hair. Along with this, tonics and food that strengthen the liver and purify blood can also help treat scalp and hair conditions.

When you have easy access to the items that are always available then what is the point of using artificial products with an overflow of harmful chemicals and compounds that cause damage to your hair in place of repairing it? So, it is recommended to seek the aid of Ayurveda and have a Rapunzel-like hair.

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