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Dr. Anirban Biswas 93% (1281 ratings)
PGP In Diabetologist, Fellowship in Non-Invasive Cardiology, MD - Medicine, MBBS
Endocrinologist, Delhi  •  22 years experience
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Here are some facts & Myths about Diabetes

Hello. Good Afternoon. I am Dr. Anirban Biswas. I am a diabetologist. I am practicing at Fortis Hospital. I want to discuss with you a few facts about Diabetes.

As you all know friends that diabetes is a leading cause of mobility in India. There are, basically, two types of diabetes; one is Type 1 Diabetes which is insulin dependent and usually occurs in small kids and children. The other one is Type 2 Diabetes which is mainly in adults and can be treated without the need of insulin. Now, first of all, we should focus what are the symptoms of diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes are weakness, lethargic, and you are not able to do your daily activity and second is that you are feeling irritable and disturbance in sleep, excessive thirst and hunger and frequent visits to the loo as you are not doing it earlier. You are having frequent breakages in you are sleep and you have to go to the toilet even at night time.

You may have non-healing ulcer, or skin infections which are not healing, you can also have other disturbances like visual disturbances and urinary infection or chest infection which is taking enough time to heal. All these symptoms can lead to diagnosis of diabetes and sudden loss of weight is also seen in few adults. So if you have diabetes, the best test to do is fasting and PP Sugar. Fasting sugar could be less than 110 and the PP sugar which is done after two hours of having your breakfast should be less than 140. If one of them is high then it is known as pre-diabetes then it is followed by a HbA1c test. HbA1c test is a glycosylated hemoglobin which tells us about the average blood sugar which is present in our body in the last three months. It should be less than 6 in case of a normal individual.

If it is more than that then you are either a pre-diabetic or diabetic. so, now coming to the treatment and modification part; the first thing that doctors advise is that insulin resistance is there so to break the insulin we have lose weight and for that we have to do regular exercise and control in our diet. The diet should be such that it should include all the course grain, milk, fruits, vegetables, sprouts and less of carbs, maida, processed food, fatty, oily should be avoided. The other focus should be on exercises as we all know that a 30 minute exercise and even 10000 steps everyday can reduce our insulin resistant drastically. If we can do all these things and it reduces our sugar then it is very well otherwise we have to take medicines and for that you have to visit any doctor.

The complications of diabetes basically it is known as diabetic triopathy. Diabetes is basically a vascular disease and has microvascular defects which causes disease in the retina, small vessels of the heart and brain and kidneys are involved and because this the patients weasel equity can go low and that is known as diabetic retinopathy. It is usually diagnosed by frequent eye checkups and the second disease which is known as chronic renal failure, for this also you have to go for the KFT test or even a better test is there which is known as microalbumin creatinine ratio and the third is diabetic neuropathy which is which causes pain and tinian sensation in the nerves. For this we have to take some medicines and vitamin B12 supplements along with diabetic supplements.

Thank you. If you have any query or you need to consut me then you can contact me through Lybrate. Thanks a lot.

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