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Dark Chocolate - Why Eating It Is NOT A Sin?

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Dark Chocolate - Why Eating It Is NOT A Sin?

Do you feel guilty about consuming too much chocolate lately? Well, don’t. Chocolate has various health benefits that even chocoholics are unaware of, which makes moderate amounts of chocolate a must add to your diet.

Here are a few reasons why you should be consuming more chocolate:

  1. High nutritional value: Switching to dark chocolates is a wise choice as they are packed with a number of nutrients, which makes it equivalent to any other healthy food nutritionists recommend. 100 grams of dark chocolate contains 11 grams of fibre and is packed with zinc, iron, phosphorous and potassium, which classifies it as a nutritious choice.
  2. Helps in promoting better sexual health: Chocolate is a popular aphrodisiac, which has been known to stimulate blood flow to the different parts of the body. Indulging in chocolate also helps you to get rid of apprehensions; which is why consuming chocolate acts as a sex stimulator.
  3. Helps in preventing diabetes and reduces cholesterol: It is ironic how the intake of dark chocolate in moderation prevents the onset of diabetes. The cocoa present in chocolate is proven to improve insulin sensitivity thereby delaying diabetes. The high content of flavonoids in chocolate also helps in reducing cholesterol which lowers hypertension and the risk of suffering from coronary diseases and ailments.
  4. Chocolate might prevent cancer: Cocoa present in chocolates contains ‘pentameric procyanidin’ which restricts the ability of cancerous cells to multiply and spread. When cancer patients were treated with pentameric procyanidin, it was observed that the required protein for multiplication of cancerous cells was restrained and their division was blocked.

The major health benefits of eating chocolate coupled with the relief a bar provides during PMS and pregnancy, advances the delicious food item to the category of healthy food. Hence, consumption of chocolate in moderate amounts daily is something you shouldn’t refrain from. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a dietitian-nutritionist.

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