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Common Health Problems In Women

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MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Ghaziabad  •  23years experience
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Hello friends,

I am Dr. Vandana Jain, practicing gynecologist at Ghaziabad Vasundhara. I am here again to talk few important tips regarding women health. Most important complain in our day to day practice is doctor why I am so much tired daily? Why I am having fatigue? Why I got lethargy all the time and even at rest? I ask a simple question to my patient first. Are you taking proper sleep? At least 7 to 9 hours sleep is required. Are you taking proper diet? Green vegetables, fruits daily, milk daily, protein daily? And are you doing physical activity? That is 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week. If you are not taking proper sleep, you are not able to eat, you are not able to exercise. And the other way round also holds true. So most important ask yourself, ask are you taking care of your body right or not?

If the answer to all these three questions are right, you are taking proper sleep, you are taking good diet, you are doing exercise, but still you are drowsy even at daytime and if you are still at first gear in the middle of the day, then you need doctor advice, doctor personal consultation. Because the doctor will give you plenty of tests to do lots of important diseases which can lead to fatigue, lethargy as a symptom. Most important disease or you can say the problem in females is Anemia and it is mostly ignored because of menstruation, because of delivery, multiple pregnancies. Ladies are always anemic. The doctor will advise you in anemia profile, will give you a test for haemoglobin, and if it is less than 11.5, then you are anemic you need iron supplementation.

Anemia is not only because of iron deficiency, it can be because of Vitamin B12 deficiency also. And this deficiency is most common in vegetarian people. So anemia profile is needed. Second is Diabetes. It is a symptomatic. You will feel only hardly in the daytime. You won’t take food even after taking food. Then you should check your blood sugar level. Third is sleep apnea. Although there it occurs in old age females, in obese females. Brain has a signal that you are not getting rid of carbon dioxide from your body in the night. Then you will wake up in the night in brief episodes and because of this you will get decreased oxygen in your body and that can lead to drowsiness and lethargy in the daytime. Sleep hack is the thing to correct this problem. Another problem is the most common is Vitamin D3 deficiency and calcium deficiency. Very common in females and very common in working ladies. They are not taking in sunlight, their bones are weak, their vitamin D is totally down to a level, to an extent that can lead to backache, lethargy, menstrual problems and so many things.

For this, your doctor will advise you Vitamin D3 level and Calcium level. Next important thing is Thyroid, Thyroid is butterfly-shaped gland at your neck and it secretes thyroid hormone. Sometimes it is hyperthyroid and sometimes hypothyroid. Most common is hypothyroid. In hypothyroid your thyroid gland will secrete less thyroid hormone for taking high protein, exogenous thyroid hormones in the form of tablets. In hypothyroid, there is lethargy, there is increased body weight, leg swelling and many problems. Another problem patient came in old age because of menopause. Menopause is the normal phase of life but still ladies ignore it. They think that it is the part of life to feel lethargic at this stage. There are so many medicines available hormonal treatment, non-hormonal treatment to decrease the side effects of menopause like night sweating, hot flashes, bone pain, backache and skin dryness, so many tablets are available to cure this. Most important thing is to feel that your body is not so old, you can live a normal life as you were earlier. Another important thing is depression.

It is very much ignored in Indian females. Most of the ladies are patients of mild depression and they think it is normal to feel sometimes lonely, having teary eyes, always unhappy, they are lethargic at times. Because there is a hormone secreted by the brain called serotonin, if it is decreased then the brain gets rob of the serotonin, then this depressive problem increases with time and even it can become moderate and even suicidal tendencies can appear. So if you are feeling not happy all day and very lethargic then also consult a psychiatrist. Another very fatal thing is congestive heart failure. It is the result of many problems and in this case the hospital admission is needed and multidisciplinary approach is needed to correct it and it’s most common symptom is breathlessness even at rest and fatigue by doing small works. So friends all these tiredness symptoms are very common and very easily and very easily neglected by us only. So it’s our duty to rectify them, correct them and to visit the doctor.

Thank you!

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