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Chronic Problems - Common Signs Your Body Gives You!

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Chronic Problems - Common Signs Your Body Gives You!

Critical illnesses does not occur all of a sudden, and there are always a few signs that your body gives you, which indicate that all is not right with your system. These are the signs that we must watch out for and not ignore them. As ignoring them can sometimes turn fatal for your health. So what are these that you must be careful about?

  1. Sudden weight lossHave you recently lost weight despite not intending for any? This calls for a visit to your doctor as unexplained weight loss can be your body's way of alerting you that you may have developed serious medical conditions such as diabetes or endocrine disorders. Unwanted and severe weight loss, in many cases, is also a common sign of cancer.
  2. Frequent headachesIf you suffer from headache frequently, that won't go away easily it might mean a burst blood vessel or an aneurysm in the brain, which requires immediate medical attention. Sometimes, such headaches can also be a sign of shingles or meningitis.
  3. Chest painChest pain is probably one of the most prominent signs of trouble in the body that one should never delay in seeking medical attention for. Feelings of lingering tightness in the chest area or severe pain may indicate that either there's a presence of a blood clot or a heart disease.
  4. Pain in the abdomen: A pain centralizing the area around the belly button that is unexpected as well as quite sharp should not be ignored as a mild effect of overeating or gas. It can be a sign of something more serious such as an aortic aneurysm or the perforation of the intestine or stomach due to an ulcer, or intestinal ischemia. When the abdominal pain is accompanied by vomiting and nausea, it is likely to be a sign of gallstones.
  5. Constant fatigueDo you often feel extremely exhausted and severely fatigued, even when you have not  performed any hectic physical activities? Then, it may be a symptom of anemia or gastrointestinal cancer or depression. Some amount of tiredness is normal for everyone, but even after having a good sleep feeling severely drained out of all your energies is an alarming sign of the body.

Remember, the signs mentioned above are some of the ways of the body telling you that you should visit a doctor right away and there may be something serious going on inside. To stay healthy and fit, it is not only essential to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it is also crucial to make it a point to pay heed to the signs to avoid complications.

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