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Back Pain - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Back pain?

Back pain or lower back pain can happen for several problems with any part of the interconnected network of spinal nerves, muscles, bones, tendons or discs in the lumber spine.

What are the causes of Back Pain?

Some of the typical causes for back pain are:

  • The small nerves on the lower back may get irritated
  • The large nerve root (sciatica nerve) that go down to the legs may get irritated
  • The large paired erector spinae muscle may get strained
  • The joints, bones or ligaments may get damaged
  • The intervertebral disc may get degenerated

Although it can happen at any age, back pain, especially lower back pain occurs in people who are in their 40s. Back pain is typically characterized by a localized pattern of discomfort in the lower back area that mostly occurs after an event that culminated in stressing the lumber tissues.

The severity of this condition, depends on a number of issues, which comprises of the degree of the strain and also the resulting spasm of the lower back muscles that occurred owing to the trauma.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of back pain is generally done by the doctors based on the location of the pain and history of the injury. X-ray is usually performed on the patients suffering from this ailment which helps in excluding osteological abnormalities.The most popular treatment for all kinds of back pains or lumber strains consists of resting the back to avoid subsequent injury. Apart from that reconditioning exercises are also prescribed to the patients to strengthen the back muscles along with medications to relieve pain and muscular spasms. Local heat applications are also advised to the back pain patients along with massage which is often done by certified physiotherapists.

What happens when you don't get treated on time :

In rare cases back pain can also be a sign of CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome), which is a condition that requires immediate surgical treatment.

In patients suffering from CES, something compresses their spinal nerve roots, which cause severe pain. As the cauda equine are a bundle of nerve roots which is located in the lumbosacral spine and sends messages to the brain from the feet, legs and pelvic organs, inability to provide a fast treatment, often leads to lasting damage which can lead to incontinency and also permanent paralysis of the legs.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is also prescribed at time along with a Myelogram (X-ray of the spinal cord after injecting contrast material into the spine), which aids in pinpointing the pressure point on the spinal nerves or on the spinal cord.

Can't be cured, but treatment helps Require medical diagnosis Lab test sometimes required Short-term: resolves within days to weeks
Leg numbness Pins and needles sensation Sensitivity to pain Muscle spasms

Popular Health Tips

Tips To Manage Back Strain At Home!

Orthopedist, Mumbai
Tips To Manage Back Strain At Home!

Pain management begins at home. Of course, your doctor is the expert you need to go to to check the possible causes and treatment methods to alleviate pain. However, sometimes, the pain can be managed well as home as well. For example, it is possible to manage back strain at home with the help of simple remedies. Some of these remedies include the following:

  1. Ice is the best way: Back pain that is associated with inflammation or an injury can be treated with ice. You can also try using ice and heat alternatively. Use an ice pack for 20 minutes, followed by heat therapy for 20 minutes. This helps in regaining movement.
  2. Lying down is not the right thing: Lying on the bed is often thought to alleviate back pain due to strain. However, several studies indicate that people who are active and suffer from mild to moderate back pain levels actually end up experiencing less pain, compared with those who resort to bed rest. Unless your doctor advises you to stay in the bed for rest, it should not be practiced for more than three days.
  3. Exercises ease the pain: Staying active is the best way to keep any pain at bay. This is especially true if your job is sedentary and you need to workout at least three days a week. If you think that you are not made for the gym, do not fret. Simple exercises can do wonders beyond imagination. You can try simple cardio exercises or even a brisk walk, to begin with. Swimming is another excellent way to exercise that keeps off back pain, helps you lose weight, and keep you stress-free.
  4. Posture means a lot: While other remedies definitely soothe the pain, it is important to tackle the root cause of pain in the right way. A bad posture is one of the leading cause of pain due to back strain. Avoid straining the back unnecessarily by maintaining a correct posture. From leaning at a wrong angle over the sink to leaning over the desk at your work can cause back strain and pain. Keep off from the incorrect posture to ease the pressure off the back and neck.
  5. Become more flexible: Tensioned muscles cause tightness and eventually, back pain. To tackle this and improve flexibility, try this simple technique. Sit on the edge of the bed and ensure that the body is equally spread over the edge. You need to keep one of the legs on the floor, and the other extended. Stretch and lean forward. Your back has to be in a neutral position. Back pain can be at the peak when you wake up. Try this exercises to ease the movement through improved flexibility.
  6. Heels don’t let your pain heal: Heels can be a nice show-off but they are not recommended when you suffer from back pain. They can be a reason for back pain or they can also be the reason to increase or worsen the pain triggered due to various reasons. Shoes with heels of less than one inch are a nice choice. If heels are must for any reason, remove them as often as possible. For instance, remove your shoes and keep them under the desk when you are sitting.
  7. Stay off from smoking: Smoking is associated with several health issues. It also increases the risk of osteoporosis. People who smoke are at a higher risk of developing back pain, as compared to people who do not smoke.
  8. Use the weighing scale: Being overweight or obese puts a lot of strain and pressure on the back, thus causing pain. Keep a tab on your weight. The ways to put off back pain are simple and if you are determined, you can see improvement faster.
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Spleen Removal - Why Is It Performed In Kids?

M.Ch - Paediatric Surgery, MBBS, MS - General Surgery
Pediatric Surgeon, Hyderabad
Spleen Removal - Why Is It Performed In Kids?

Splenectomy is an operation conducted to remove the spleen. The spleen plays a vital role in building immunity against bacterial infections, located in the uppermost area of the left hand side of the abdomen, just below the diaphragm. There are some specific requirements with regard to the immunizations as well as blood work that might need to be completed before this surgery takes place.

Why is Splenectomy need to be performed?
There are a number of chronic illnesses like Hereditary Spherocytosis or Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, which make it a necessity to get a child’s spleen removed. Though it is a rare case but still any kind of trauma to the spleen along with uncontrolled bleeding can create a very serious situation, wherein an emergency might arise to get the spleen removed immediately.

Immunization of child before the operation
Before the surgery of Splenectomy is conducted, immunizations are given to children as a preventive against some specific kinds of infections that are most common for patients to arise after having undergone the surgery of Splenectomy.

How is the surgery performed?
The paediatric surgeon, who performs the surgery, need not require making a large incision for going about the process of operation. In most of the instances, a splenectomy is performed in the following manner, which includes:

  • A laparoscopic way through which a Paediatric Surgeon makes use of a small telescope along with some instruments of miniaturized nature, while placing them through small band-aid sized cuts on the abdomen.
  • The operation gets completed within three hours
  • At the time of hospitalization, a child would receive intravenous fluids, antibiotics as well medicines to get relieve from any kind of pain.
  • As and when the child feels as if he or she is fit enough, he or she would be allowed to eat, drink and also take medicines by mouth.

Essentials after the Surgery
After the surgery has taken place and the child returns home after a couple of days, there are certain essentials that require to be kept in mind:

  • Pain Management: Management of pain is the very first thing which should be kept in mind. The medicines prescribed by doctor for dealing with pain are not required after getting discharged from the hospital.
  • Most of the children would only need Acetaminophen or Ibuprophen once they get back home.
  • Care for Dressings: One may remove the gauze and clear plastic, which are placed over the small cuts, a couple of days after the surgery. The skin that surrounds the incision might have a reddish tinge and look bruised, which can last for few weeks.
  • Restrictions related to Activities: There are no real restrictions with regard to the resumption o regular activities. A child can go back to school as and when he or she feels totally comfortable.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Eliminate Back Pain Forever - Know How Chiropractic Treatment Is Beneficial!

MBBS, MD, M.N.A.M.S(Anaesthesiology), FWACS
Pain Management Specialist, Delhi
Eliminate Back Pain Forever - Know How Chiropractic Treatment Is Beneficial!

If you are suffering from a constant back or neck pain that never seems to go away and disrupts your routine considerably, then you can consider chiropractic treatment option. Chiropractic care is a natural treatment of musculoskeletal disorders without any drugs or surgery. Chiropractors specialize in reshaping the spine, which changed from its original shape due to many reasons causing pain and inflammation. It is widely accepted a form of treatment in all developed countries like the USA, UK, etc. and gaining popularity in India especially in cases of back pain.

How do they treat?
After carefully listening to the patient, Chiropractors initiates the treatment on the specially designed table. Their palm and finger play a vital role in chiropractic treatment. They apply a light thrust on the affected area on the spine and gradually glide down until the end of the spine in the sacral region. This process actually helps to realign the spine by straightening it.

Chiropractors may massage on the soft tissue as well to ease out the pain. A chiropractor glides the pressure through the muscles of their patients, which gives a tremendous value-added benefit with a little time or effort on the chiropractor's part. The massaging action relaxes strained muscle surrounding the spine, which enhances patient satisfaction.

What is the duration?
Treatments generally take weeks for a permanent solution to the back pain. Initially the skilled professional may suggest you to for 2-3 visits within a week. Depending on the response, it may come down to once a week. Each session varies between 20 - 30 minutes under the expert's fingers. They keep on tracking the improvement level by comparing to the first visit. They are effective in Subacute back pain, Chronic Back Pain, and Neck Pain.

Are there any Contradictions?
Yes, people suffering from fractures, bone tumors, arthritis, infective bones & joints, osteoporosis, etc. should not be treated by Chiropractors. Screening process by the chiropractor at the first visit is to see whether you may be at high risk for these problems. Screening allows the chiropractors to identify stress points, misalignments and other issues related to back pain. It helps in reaching to the origin of pain and determine what treatment is necessary.

Any activities providing synergy to the treatment?
Spinal adjustments are most effective if combined with conventional therapies to treat back pain, which include:

  • Heat and cold therapies
  • Relaxing methods
  • Electrical stimulus
  • Promo block
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Educating the Patient

Chances of further aggravation in chiropractic treatment are low if performed by a trained practitioner. Further, if you have been under a chiropractor for long and your back pain isn’t improving its time to visit your family physician to find out if any other treatment option should be pursued, but in most cases, this procedure can provide relief on a long-term basis. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Spinal Cord Stimulation For Chronic Back And Neck Pain!

MD,DNB, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Fellowship In Pain Management
Pain Management Specialist, Mumbai
Spinal Cord Stimulation For Chronic Back And Neck Pain!

It is very challenging to find operative treatments for chronic pain that offer improved daily functioning. Spinal Cord Stimulation is an excellent pain management method that can be used for patients when their neck or back pain cannot be treated by surgery or other options.

Each year more than 14,000 patients undergo the spinal cord stimulator transplant. The procedure comprises of mild electrical stimulations to the spinal cord. This modifies the nerve activity reducing the pain sensation or sensitivity that reaches the brain.

Neurostimulation therapy recommended by doctors is very effective, especially for chronic pain sufferers. The benefit of this proven therapy is that the pain experienced by the brain is minimized to a great extent. The therapy was designed only after observing how pain is managed by the brain. The therapy approved by the FDA is used to treat the pain caused due to nerve damage in the legs, arms and in the trunk. Spinal cord stimulation for chronic back and neck pain is provided to patients in pain management centers. The staff taking care of patients in these centers are specialized and trained in pain relief -how it occurs and best ways to treat it. Injections are also used to ease the pain.

How to treat back Pain?
Probably the worst pain an individual can experience is back pain, in some cases so severe that it hampers daily life. The treatment options that are used for treating back pain include electrical stimulation to the back and medication to the spine. The most common reason for spinal cord stimulation is failed back surgery. The pain related to the following conditions can also be alleviated through this therapy, scarring of the protective layers of the spinal nerves, painful inflammation and arachnoiditis.

Devices Used for Spinal Cord Stimulation
The devices used for spinal cord stimulation are available in several types but they comprise mainly of three parts. The pulse generator with a battery, a lead wire with 8-32 electrodes and a hand-held remote control that is useful in adjusting the settings of the device, and to switch it on and off. Electrical pulses are delivered to the spinal cord through the electrodes. It is very important that the procedure is carried out by doctors who specialize in pain management or by neurosurgeons. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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Electrotherapy - How It Can Help In Managing Pain?

MD,DNB, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Fellowship In Pain Management
Pain Management Specialist, Mumbai
Electrotherapy - How It Can Help In Managing Pain?

Pain management is an issue that stares back at mankind, irrespective of the underlying health condition. Whether it is a headache or a back pain, burn or fracture, heart attack or cancer, pain is always a symptom. In some cases like migraines, cancer, etc., the pain is chronic and the patient needs to be constantly on the vigil to know when an attack will ensue. This has also put high pressure on the medical fraternity to identify ways that can provide relief to these people. Various methods have been identified, and one of them is the electrotherapy.

What is done?
A few electrical impulses are directed at the area of the pain using a hand-held device. This is similar to providing electric shocks of mild intensity to the affected area (forehead, low back, neck, etc.). What this does is stimulate the nerve endings, improves circulation and muscle strength and promotes bone growth and tissue repair. The end result of all this is overall improved functioning and pain relief. Depending on the actual condition, the sessions will have to be repeated. In some patients, the electrotherapy is used in conjunction with other therapy so that they can go about their routine exercise and pain relief.
The sessions may also have to be repeated as most often these are used in individuals with chronic pain. They are also helpful in providing relief during the acute attacks.

How does it work?
The most common form of electrotherapy is known as TENS, which stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The area to be treated is cleansed with spirit and then small sticky pads are applied through which the electricity is passed. A hand-held device is used, through which electrical impulses are passed to the skin, which stimulates the nerve cells to provide relief from pain. It causes a vibrating and tingling sensation in the treated area. It is believed that it blocks the nerve impulses and therefore provides pain relief. Another theory states that they promote the release of endorphins which are natural painkillers; it is also very effective in case of migraine and sciatica and neck pain where the chronic pain is coupled with acute spurts.

With narcotic painkillers having various side effects, techniques like electrotherapy are gaining popularity. A small catch also is that it does not work for everybody and in most people with back pain, fibromyalgia, and migraines, requires repeat sessions for relief. The cost of each session also needs to be considered against the extent of relief achieved. However, for those whom it works, it is a very good technique for chronic pain control. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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Popular Questions & Answers

My MRI report is enclosed. Suffering from left leg pain, back side pain in centre of both solder below neck up to head. Full body muscle cramping. After 1 hour rest feel so tiredness and body pain. Please any experienced doctor help me how to cure this problem.

MBBS, Diploma In Orthopaedics, Fellowship In Joint Replacement
Orthopedist, Nashik
You might be having calcium and vitamin-D deficiency. Kindly get following blood tests done CBC Sr Calcium Sr Uric Acid vitamin-D vitamin-B12.
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Having pain in left side lower back at a particular point which extends upto left leg pain is constant doesn't increase or decrease with any activity but the pain is all day round it doest go away please suggest what to do?

MBBS, Diploma In Orthopaedics, Fellowship In Joint Replacement
Orthopedist, Nashik
It might be due to sciatica. You need to take anti inflammatory medicines from orthopedic surgeon. Consult Orthopaedic surgeon.

What is the solution for back pain. i am working in mnc and my fill day job is working by sitting on chair. Pls confirm.

MBBS, DNB, National Board Of Examination
Orthopedist, Faridabad
Avoid forward bending, avoid lifting of heavy weights. Analgesic gel application locally. Backstrentheing exercises. Physiotherapy. Don't sit for prolonged periods. Consult Orthopedician for detailed evaluation and treatment.

Hi, I am from Mauritius I am 55 years I had a back pain for several years I took some anti inflammatory and had passed now 2 days ago I got the same back pain and I am a diabetic .Thanks.

MBBS, MD - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Orthopedist, Mumbai
You must be having a recurrent disc prolapse sec to over weight .For a person having 5.1 feet, a weight of 103 kg is high. I would suggest 1 For time being g take anti inflammatory and serratiopeptidase tablets 2 Use a lumbosacral corset custom made 3 Join a back school programme to prevent recurrence.

Table of Content

What is Back pain?

What are the causes of Back Pain?

Diagnosis and Treatment

What happens when you don't get treated on time :

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Back Pain & Knee Pain
Few very common causes of back pain and knee pain include Vitamin D deficiency and lack of exercises. Exposure to sun is very important. Few preventive measures include forward bending and sitting on ground.
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Interfascial Pain Management
Hello! I am Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N Surange. I am intervention and pain specialist. And I am director of IPSC India- Pain and Spine centre. We have branches in all over India. We have branch in Delhi, Gurgaon, Visakhapatnam, Jammu and Hyderabad. So, let me tell you about interfascial pain. This is a new type of pain. In this we don't have to do the surgical treatments. Normally, when we go for pain management for chronic patient, we go for the medical management, physiotherapy, exercises. If that is not helping than we have another options called interventions. We do this treatment under ultrasound guidance and CT guidance. We localise the painful area and we try to resolve that particular area. Now I will give you some examples. We will take an example of compression fracture of the spine. Few years back, the only option with us was to open the spine and fix them with screws. So, that was the major surgical procedures. Now, with the help of the spine interventions, we can fix the same without opening it with the help of a new treatment. We can put a cement inside and can fix the fractured vertebrae without opening the spine. Another example we can take of heart patients. Patients with cardiac problems. Earlier the options was bypass surgery. But now with the help of angioplasty, we can do the treatment under fluoroscopic guidance. We can go inside and can remove the damaged part. So, that is possible with the help of cardiology interventions. Another problem nowadays we are seeing with those people who has sitting job for long hours, they have the problem of slip disc or the prolapsed disc. Few years back we had the option of conservative management. We use to give them the drugs for 2-3 months. But that is not possible nowadays. Patient cannot sit at home for 2-3 months at home as this is the competitive world. So, patient needs an urgent treatment which can be done without opening spine or any surgery. The pain is coming from the leg and going down in the legs. So this pain is because of the compression of the nerves. So, now with the help of endoscopy which is called as spine intervention, we can go inside with a small hole, we can remove that damaged part and nerve can be decompressed without opening the spine. The same day patient can go home. Even with the spine fracture, we can discharge the patient on the same day. The complications are less. Within 3-4 days patient doesn't feel any pain. Anther advantage is cost. The cost factor is very less. So, don't worry about the back and chronic pain problems. Now you don't have to suffer with the pain for long. We are here to help you out. You can reach us via You can book an appointment through Lybrate. You can also take the audio and video consultation through Lybrate. You can visit at our Delhi, Gurgaon, Visakhapatnam, Jammu and Hyderabad center.
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Improve Posture For A Healthy Back

Mai Dr. Devesh, consultant surgical Neurology. Aaj apko kamar dard ke bare me btana chahta hun. Kamar dard aaj ke zamane me bhut hi common ho gya hai. Pehle iske lia 40 se upar ke marij aate the lein aaj 20 saal ke bache bhi is bimari se grasit hain. Kamar dard hone ke bhut sare karan hain. Iska karan ye hai hmari lifestyle. Hmari lifestyle bilkul bhi shi nhi hai. Bilkul bhi healthy nhi reh gyi hai. Jiski vjha se hum bhut hi kam umar me kamar dard se garasit ho jate hain. Kamar me dard hone ke bhut sare karan hain. Ek apka dincharya shi na hona, apka uthna, baithna, sone ka tarika galat hona. Dusra aap lambe samay tak baithe hue hain. Prolonged sitting is not good. Aap kbhi gir gye hai jis vjha se apki rid ki haddi me kisi trha ki koi chot aa gyi hai. Ya apka kisi trha ka cancer hai jo apki rid ki haddi me phuch gya hai. Ya kamar ki jo haddiyan hai or andar jo taar hai, usme kisi trha ki ganthe banti hain. Usme bhi kamar dard hota hai.

So, kamar dard is not a disease, it is a full syndrome. Iska bilkul ache se evaluation, along with MRI or x-ray ki help se proper diagnosis bhut jruri hai. Jyadatar 80% kamar dard ke patient apne aap thik ho jate hain with the routine treatment, proper rest, proper way in the sitting posture. Llekin jo bache hue 20% log hain usme utni sudhar nhi hoti. Or usme se bhi kuch logon ki final surgery krni pad jati hai. Jyadatar patients sirf dawa se hi thik ho jate hain. Jo degenerative spine or spondylitis bolte hain, sume hota kya hai ki rid ki haddi ki bich me jo disc hoti hai, ye fut ke bahar aa jati hai or jo aas pass ki nasen hoti hain unme dabav hone lgta hai. Is dabav ki vjha se hi, jis part ke pair ko supply kar rhi hogi, jhan niche ja rhi hogi, us hisse me dard jata hai. To kamar ke dard me ye janna jruri hai ki presentation kya hota hai. Dermato neurological examination is mandatory in all the spine patients.

Is se hume pta chalta hai ki clinical diagnosis kya hai. Agar is trha ke 100 mariz kia jaye jisme disc futti hai to usme se 80 logon ki disc, agle 3-4 hafton me ke andar apne aap kam ho jati hai or nus ka dabav khatam ho jata hai. Ye patient apne aap thik ho jate hain with normal treatment. Lekin bache hue jinme disc ka dabav bna rehta hai, usme disc ko nikalna pdta hai. Us surgery ko discectomy bolte hain. To piche se hum haddi ko katte hain or iske bhut sare tarike hain disc nikalne ke.

Dusra endoscopic tarika hota hai. Usme bhi hum ise thoda sa katte hue, andar jake ise nikalte hain. To ye sare tarike hain iske management ke . Ye to hui management ki baat. Prevention is always better than cure. To prevention ke toor pe apni lifestyle shi bnaye rkhen. Apna vajan control me rkhen apni height ke hisab se. Or morning walk ya koi bhi physical exercise jo apko suit krti hai like yoga, morning brisk walk, aerobics, regular gym hogya. But gym me koi bhi heavy weight ya power exercise nhi krni hai. Only jisme apka mobility jyada hai taki apki spine pe vjan na aaye. Ye sari baaton ka agar aap dhyan denge, hopefully apki problem delayed hoti jayegi. Aani sabko hai problem because these are degenerative spine. Umar ke sath spine ghista hi ghista hai. Lekin jistna aap ise ache se handle krege, apke spine ki life utni hi jyda hogi.
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How to prevent Back Pain?
Few tips to prevent Back Pain
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Back Pain
Few daily habits to get rid of Back Pain
Hi I am Dr. Sidharth Verma and today I will tell you about Back Pain and how to prevent back pain. So back pain is, one of the most common pain which hampers the activities of mankind and it is so common that all of us will suffer from it at some point in our lifetime.
So how can you prevent that?
You can very easily prevent back pain and most of the cases which we see in our daily practice are due to lifestyle disorders and some other factors. So as far as lifestyle is concerned. Humans, when they evolved and became erect, so their back pain is the cost they have to give; and as the back is made of very small, small bones which are known as vertebrae. This is a model of the human back, you can see there are small, small bones which make up the back and there are a lot of small intervertebral discs in between. These are the structures that provide cushion and hold the vertebrae and there are a lot of small, small joints and many nerves and structures which are coming out, therefore, the back is a very complex structure and if you do not maintain it properly then you might have back pain. Now, this is all complicated stuff. Furthur, I will tell you how to easily prevent it.
First and foremost is which you can do from day 1 is maintain adequate hydration. Human body is 70% water, and if you see the back, The back has intervertebral discs and they are 90% water. So if you are not hydrated well then you will probably have more problems.
Number 2 is to control your body weight. So it has been seen that in patients or in persons who are obese, this problem occurs more. That is, they have more back pain. The causes are many but you should try to control your weight this will result in lesser back pain.
Number 3 is proper posture while you are you are doing your jobs or in your workplace or while you are driving or you are travelling. By proper posture, I mean that you should always sit with your back straight, and not hunching forward. This is one of the techniques.
Number 4 you should avoid sitting for long period of time without taking a break. This will help you to redistribute the weight of the back to different muscles and this will avoid fatigue, thereby resulting in lesser incidence of back pain.
Number 5 is selecting ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture means which is designed for your body. If you go to the market usually the furniture and the kind of furniture you will get is designed more or less for a similar kind of individual maybe 5 ft 5 inches height or maybe who is sitting for a few hours. However, in actual practice, if you see that nobody is the same so everyone is different and hence you will need to have ergonomic furniture which will be specifically designed for you or there is kind of furniture available which has lots of keys or levers with which you can adjust the height, for example, the chair or the table where you are going to sit or at your workplace, you can get it all adjusted. And it may seem very difficult but if you actually start doing it is very easy. Most of the chairs which we use in our offices, they are rolling chairs which have adjustable levers and height as well as the seat quality and backrest all of it can be adjusted. Similarly the height of the tables can also be adjusted in many cases, if not all. So you can have these ergonomic furniture and this also will help.
Another factor which is responsible for majority of back pain, is unaccustomed activity. By unaccustomed activity I mean, that if you are not used to a particular activity and you do it once then probably you will have some problems. Say for example there is a folder which is kept at a height and you want to fetch it and you stretch your hand and you stretch it so much that your back muscles and your full arms, hand has to stretch so much which is unphysiological. So in these cases, it may result in micro injuries or macro injuries and this may result in back pain. Another common example can be, while lifting heavy loads. So in our routine structure, most of the people are sitting or doing jobs which do not involve lifting of heavy loads. So if you lift some heavy load on one particular day say for example, I got something to install in my house and when that thing comes and I lift it and I try to fit somewhere then that is unaccustomed for me because I am not doing it every day. So this may result in unaccustomed stress and sprains and strains to my back and this may result in back pain. So these are how you can prevent it.
Another very common cause is sleeping on very soft mattress or sleeping for inadequate amount of time. Some people have a habit of surfing mobile phone for a long period of time and they sleep on their table chair maybe on their bed with unphysiological postures. So these will result in increased incidents of back pain. Another common cause which you can prevent is while travelling. So if you are travelling and you are driving a car for example you should adjust your seat so that your back is always upright. And while taking the support, many people ask me if it is helpful to use fancy supports that are available for the car seats. The answer is no. They will not help you. In most cases, they are just fancy items and they will not help you. However, straightening your seat will help you a lot. If you straighten your seat to a point where you are sitting independently and you are seeking only the lower back support from your seat and you are sitting on your own then probably the chances of you getting back pain are less.
Another common thing which you can apply when you are travelling is do not drive for extended period of hours like, I have seen people who drive for maybe 6 hours at a stretch so if this is done occasionally or frequently then it may result in back pain. So if you can avoid and take a break maybe around 45 minutes to an hour every 45 minutes or an hour you can stop and walk around maybe for one or two minutes or you can get out of your car or you can just get down and have a break then you can continue driving so you can drive in bits and bytes then you can travel long distances also. But please be sure to take a small break at least so that your back is not strained unnecessarily.
Another common reason why people come with this back pain are these motorcycle riders or scooter riders who are travelling these long distances throughout the day. What they often do is that they carry these bags. So they carry these bags and backpacks and they funnily carry it on one shoulder. So it will be like a strap and they will carry it on one shoulder and they will do this throughout the day and then after one month or two months they will start having a pain on one side. So this one-sided stress is one of the reasons why people have back pain. If you are not driving a vehicle, then also if you are carrying a load or a backpack or if you are a student or if you are an office goer who has to carry these laptops. Because I have often seen these laptops come in suitcases or briefcases and obviously you have to carry them with one hand. SO it is better to switch from these one handed or one sided carrying devices to devices or bags which are distributing the load equally to both shoulders and back. So that the load is distributed and there is no asymmetrical stress that is the back, on one side, is not stressed unnecessarily.
Another common reason for people who travel a lot is that their legs are not properly placed. So, in addition to the back of the seat, the height of the seat also plays a role. In majority of vehicles however, the height is not an adjustable portion. So the one thing you can do is, you can go forward or you can go backwards that is towards the steering and away from the steering. This mechanism is available for most of the cars or most of the vehicles and with the help of this, you can have enough distance between the steering and your body so that your thighs are touching your seat till the point they can leave the seat that is until the maximum point they should be able to touch the seat. So this will again be helpful to reduce the stress on the back.
Another common cause of back pain is the lack of exercise. For exercise, I don t mean well I don t advise that you should go to the gym and lift weights or something like that. But by exercise, I mean exercises like walking. Even simple walking is one of the best exercises for back, swimming or even cycling, or even exercises for your abs. You may underestimate the importance of the exercises for your abs but you should know that abs they support the back to a great extent and weak abs or abdominal muscles are the common causes of back pain in healthy adults.
Other than these, there are causes like nutritional causes. By nutritional causes I mean the deficiency of specific nutrients in your diet. This may be deficiency of Vitamin D .This is one of the most common deficiencies which I see in my practice that most of the people who come to me with these deficiencies they are normal healthy individuals otherwise but due to some reasons, they have this Vitamin D deficiency. Many of them are non-vegetarians so it is a myth that you cannot have Vitamin deficiency if you are a non-vegetarian. So you may have deficiency of Vitamin D, which is necessary for the calcium metabolism and in the deficiency of this Vitamin you are more likely to have weak bones and this pain.
In elderly individuals, however, you may have other causes of weak bones and they may also lead to this back pain. So last but not the least, we have population which is ageing now. So we have more number of people who are above 40 years of age. In these people there are conditions known as degenerative conditions which is, due to age, the body starts degenerating. So if you don t use your body properly, it will start to degenerate. In many people, who are using the body properly also, due to genetic reasons, and environmental factors, it starts to degenerate. So in these patients there are lot of conditions that develop, and these may affect the intervertebral discs, the joints of the back, the muscles, as well as the ligaments. So these conditions can lead to the back pain in this age group, the elderly age groups that is. So these are the common causes and if you are careful enough, you can easily prevent them and help yourself to prevent your back pain. Prevention is always better than cure, so I will strongly recommend that you take my advice and follow these steps, and you are less likely to have back pain.
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