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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Vertigo & Dizziness - How You Can Get Rid Of It With Physiotherapy?

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Dr. Pinky Parekh0Physiotherapist
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Dizziness, vertigo and balance issues are common symptoms and most of us may have experienced momentary symptoms. It is a sensation of feeling a movement even after the movement has stopped. For example the sensation we feel when we get off a merry-go-round or feeling butterflies in the stomach when we are on a roller coaster ride. Imagine if these symptoms are constant and start affecting our day to day activities. Even a simple task of walking can be bothersome as we may feel like our body is drifted and we cannot balance properly. We may feel a severe spinning sensation when we change position from lying down to sitting or rolling over in bed. It can also cause fear, anxiety and make us limit our movements and activities. These may cause more complications such as neck pain, headaches, body pains and depression. It is therefore very important to find out the root cause of vertigo and treat it immediately.

  • Dizziness is a sensation of light-headedness or unsteadiness. It can be caused heart disease, brain related causes like stroke, prolong illness, psychological issues, side effect of certain medications, blood pressure fluctuations and many other conditions. Neck stiffness, pain and weakness can also cause dizziness called Cervicogenic dizziness or Cervical Vertigo.
  • Vertigo is a spinning sensation or a feeling of motion when we are not moving. Its a common symptom in inner ear disorders. Some of the conditions that cause vertigo are: BPPV or Positional Vertigo, Meniere's, Labrynthitis, Vestibular Migraines, Vestibular neuritis, mal de barquement syndrome, perilymph fistula, toxicity of ears due to certain antibiotics, acoustic neuroma etc.
  • Balance problems or Disequilibrium means unsteadiness, imbalance or loss of equilibrium. It can occur as a primary symptom or with vertigo and dizziness.

You need to consult a Vestibular Therapist or Vertigo specialist who can diagnose your problem correctly. If you have Positional Vertigo known as BPPV then specific tests and manevers can help cure it completely. If there is inner ear disease such as Menieres disease, ear infections, labrynthitis or vestibular neuritis then proper medications prescribed by ENT specilialist and Vestibular Therapy can help you get rid of vertigo. In case the symptoms are related to Central nervous system (Brain) then promt treatment from Neurologist and Vestibular Therapist can help decrease vertigo and improve daily activities. If the symptoms are related to the neck called Cervical Vertigo or Cervicogenic Dizzienss then proper treatment of neck by a Vestibular Physiotherapist can help. Also making sure the posture is good when working on computer/laptops for prolong periods can prevent strain and reduce dizziness related to neck and back muscle tightness.

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