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Allergy - Penicilloyl G Antibiotic Test

Allergy - Penicilloyl G Antibiotic Test

also known as: Allergy Penicilloyl G Fluorescence Assay

Penicilloyl G or Penicillin G (benzylpenicillin) is an antibiotic drug that occurs naturally. It is used as a cure for various bacterial diseases and infections such pneumonia, syphilis, tetanus, and more. When this antibiotic binds itself with proteins and reacts, there is a creation of antigens of the penicillin allergy. The Allergy Test detects the presence of IgE antigens in the blood that leads to the penicillin allergy. It is a short test, conducted as a routine blood check-up. The results provide information about the probable medical consequences resulting from this allergy.

No specific preparation is required beforehand. You can contact the doctor regarding the daily medication you take so as to avoid any medicines that might interfere with the results. The doctor will suggest you any changes in the routine depending on your medical condition. You should wear comfortable clothes to appear for the blood test.

This test is used to study the allergic antigens of the penicilloyal G antibiotic. This antibiotic is used to cure a multitude of diseases. If a person is allergic to it, therefore, there is a need to avoid its use for further treatments. This test informs the patient of the allergy and its extent. It also helps in examining the treatment results.

    • The process for this test is simple and carried out as a regular blood test.
    • A band is wrapped around the upper arm for stopping the blood flow for some while.
    • The skin area for drawing out the blood is cleaned with an alcohol pad.
    • A needle is inserted into the vein to take out the blood in a tube.
    • The skin is cleaned and bandaged.
    • The results are analysed by injecting IgE antigens in this blood sample and recording the reactions.

  • Specimen
    whole blood
    serum seperator tube
    Type Gender Age-Group Value
    Allergy - Penicilloyl G Antibiotic
    All age groups
    Rs 1000- Rs 3000

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