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Uttarbasti Panchkarma Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction!

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Uttarbasti Panchkarma Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction!

Sex is the most significant need of the human being as it helps to maintain a healthy relationship between a man and women. But in this world where people are too shy to talk about things like genitals. 

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease that occurs in males it is more commonly known as impotence. It is the incapacity to have a brief erection while performing sexual intercourse. There are many reasons which can leads to erectile dysfunctions i.e clogged blood vessels, obesity, diabetes, stress, sleep disorders, certain medicines etc. In the Ayurvedic texts a detailed explanation is given for improving sexual power, Panchkarma offers natural full body treatments which can rebuild normal erections and sexual activity. 

What is Panchakarma
Panchakarma means the five ‘kriyas’, which is to purify and eliminate the impurities from the body. Panchakarma therapy is one of the types of Shodhana / Sharirshuddhi (Detoxification process of the body) therapies in Ayurveda. It includes five types of process, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, and raktamokshana, together they are called Panchakarma. 


  1. NASYAM (Applying small drops of medicine through the nose) 
  2. VAMANAM (Medicated vomiting
  3. VIRECHANAM (Medically cleansing the gut through purgation) 
  4. BASTI (Medicated enema) 
  5. RAKTHAMOKSHAM (Bloodletting) 

Uttar Basti is the significant panchakarma techniques for curing the genitals and urinary diseases of both males and females. The procedure involves applying medicinal oils, ghrita or decoction into the urinary bladder. The time required for the procedure is about 15 to 20 minutes for three or more successive days as per the need of the patient. 

The process is OPD (outpatient department) based. Medicinal oils or decoction is injected to the urinary bladder with the help of a pipe through the opening of the urethra. 

Throughout the treatment, the patient is advised to consume light food( liquid or semi-liquid). 


  1. In males Nourishes the reproductive organs. 
  2. Assists the function of the reproductive organs. 
  3. Improves sexual power. 
  4. Treats Prostate Enlargement. 
  5. Neurogenic bladder 

In females, it can give following benefits: 

  • It is very useful to remove tubal blocks. 
  • It treats PCOD Treats primary and secondary infertility

Does this procedure have any side effects? 
The procedure does not have any side effects as great care is taken when the medicinal oils are applied to the sexual organs. There is no probability of infection of the penis as the procedure is performed by experts and sterilized medicine is used. The precautions are taken to the process causes minimal or no pain

Cost of the treatment: 
The cost depends on the clinics that carry out the treatment. The cost of the treatment varies from clinic to clinic. The average cost of the treatment is 700 to 1200 per sitting. As the slots get quickly filled it is advised to book ahead of the treatment. 

So why let a disease put an end to your desires? 
According to the study, as many as 52 % of the males suffer from erectile dysfunction. 40% of the men of age 40 and 70 % of men age 70. So this treatment may be the best way to gain back your sex life. Reignite your romance with Uttar basti and satisfy the desires of your partner. For any query you can consult with our Panchkarma Experts.

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