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Good Evening, my name is Dr Tarun Jham, I am consultant physician. I have an experience of 15 years I completed my medicine in 2002. Today we will discuss about the unhealthy lifestyle and health issues, as we know health is directly related to our lifestyle. If we are driving our bad lifestyle we are predisposed to the health problems, so we will discuss the few of the common problems which are related to the health and healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. So one of them is not taking the regular exercise schedule, as in the morning or in the evening, then we are prone to obesity, then because of this the joint pains and other health problems of diabetes and blood pressure and same for the cardiac problems, they are also predisposed if we are not taking regular exercise. And another issue of unhealthy lifestyle is our eating habits and that's very important issue, either not taking proper food in timing if you are not taking proper ingredients which are related to our health and if you are not taking proper amount of food, we are to dispose to the unhealthy lifestyle and same for the illness also. Overeating is again not good for health that increases the high-calorie values and overheating and not eating to over thurst or not keeps eating to our appetite then we are prone to the side effects of the ingredients which are not essential for our food also. Again eating from the wrong material or unhealthy sides also makes for our gastric infection as well as our liver infection and we will discuss few of the topics like if you're not taking the regular medical checkup like one of them is not going through the health checkup of basic blood test and vaccination and we are prone for our health issues. Many problems can be detected before the time and we can take a preventive action accordingly and next we will discuss about one of the important issues of our habits of, some people habits of smoking and alcohol. Alcohol is known to cause the oral ulceration, the gastric issues, the vomiting, loss of appetite, liver problems, cirrhosis so it's not just it to have any kind of or any limit of the alcohol to take for any person or any society person. Next we will discuss about the smoking, smoking is again have the injurious to the health in the formant irritate the mouth because it causes the sweating as well as the chest discomfort, breathing trouble and making the concentration of the focus disturb, so they are the very common side effects and serious side effects of the heart attack and stroke attack and the gastric bleeding, they are also associated with some smoking associations. Again we will discuss about the general issues of not feeling good for our health in general or thinking that we are old. So feel you are young and you're more energetic, be positive that is the attitude of life, that's the healthy lifestyle. If you're not going through that, we know and the study also showed that if we think positive there are health issues they remain under control and we can take preventive actions against the menu of our health problems also. Some of the unhealthy lifestyles like sporting exercises are dangerous like horse riding, parachuting, sports car, cars and these are the high-risk zones are there, so we have to make our interest according to our risk factors also. Then overuse of a lot of tablets and pain Killers we are taking without prescription, suppose the use of the continuous painkiller cause the gastric, acidity and kidney problem, so this is also not good for the health. And again repeated lack of exercise sleeping late and engaging in a lot of entertainment that again makes the health issues on a usual basis. So it advisable to have the healthy lifestyle which includes taking lot of fruits, vegetables and balanced diet regular food habit and taking food according to appetite and next is the regular exercise although in the short term but on the regular basis, if you are not taking proper time you can do the exercise on the twice or three times a week also and taking the regular health checkups regular whatever the vaccinations are needed and having the good adequate sleep and just focus on our positive mind because health is to include both the physical as well as the mental health. Thank you for the information and thanks for the Lybrate service for promoting. If you need any my service of the medical services then just contact me through the Lybrate services I will be most happy to help you Thank you.

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