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Work Addiction (Workaholic) - Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

What is Work Addiction (Workaholic)? Causes of Work Addiction (Workaholic). What is the symptoms of Work Addiction (Workaholic)? Treatment of Work Addiction (Workaholic). Prevention to avoid Work Addiction (Workaholic). Withdrawal symptoms of Work Addiction (Workaholic).

What is Work Addiction (Workaholic)?

Sometimes people take workaholic as positive as you get to do lot of work, but being a hard worker is not the same like being a workaholic. The time when you feel your work/personal life is out of balance and is leaning far to heavy towards work? These are the kind of people who fall under the category of workaholics. These people are obsessed of overworking, without their knowledge they work more than required. That’s not what is required in a work, in early stages of business sometimes you do have to work late nights, sometimes you have to set aside your family apart for a short duration to get things going. But after sometimes you need to get back to normal, you need to get back to your normal life and especially family. Their greatest accomplishment in life is business and that is it, they miss out on friends, they miss out on family, social life, party and the list go on. To be frank it’s not worth it. This might sound crazy but don’t you think so many of us go to work and spend so much time even when it is not needed to be there.

Causes of Work Addiction (Workaholic).

Make a list of all those things that are important to you in your life. Your family, friends, vacation time, replenishment time, books and take care of how much time you spend on each of these things. Spending time for work is fine but there is a healthy way of doing hard work but the unhealthy way of doing work. There life become completely work. Important thing to realise is that being workaholic neurosis its similar to obsessive compulsive disorder where will find people who have this serious behaviour pattern and which remains the same almost every time you meet him/her. They have an intense desire to be successful in life. They work so hard because they think that if they do not work in life they will become worthless in life. Another important point to be noted is that these workaholics are extremely talented people, they are good at what they do that is why the whole thing of overworking comes into picture.

What is the symptoms of Work Addiction (Workaholic)?

When you are good at your job and you are very skilled and it’s a very validating thing to do so it’s almost like a drug. It’s like you press, press and press this button over and over again to get high because every time you have this big business success you feel proud about yourself. It’s a fact that workaholic contribute lower productivity to work. If they approach their work in a much healthy well-rounded perspective they would actually create better outcomes than usual way of doing work. These people are perfectionists, they have trouble working with others, inefficient, trouble delegating, High stress and health problems.

Treatment of Work Addiction (Workaholic).

First thing to understand is to that your job is not a relationship so might you might love your job but your job might not love you back. So first thing first flip all the things that you have been doing into a positive way of living life. Try involving more with your friends, family, involve more in doing your best things like your hobbies, your interest so that your involvement from work is deciphered and these are the things that will add colour to your life. Most importantly you have time to relax and rejuvenate. So this will make sure that you will look at your job in a well-rounded perspective and approaching your job from a balanced healthy way. The best way is to come work next day to work being full positive, refresh and rejuvenating.

Prevention to avoid Work Addiction (Workaholic).

First would be to start with a confession that I am a workaholic and to realise that workaholic is a problem. It can be an eye opening, it can be tough in the beginning but this realisation of where their workaholism is seeming will help them come out of it. Once they can open on it and handle on this problem they will be able to open up a whole new world for themselves. Be aware of the realities that drive you so that at least you know what’s going inside you. Crammed little time for your family and be open and be self-honest about being workaholic and things will fall at places.

Withdrawal symptoms of Work Addiction (Workaholic).

These people are happier, content and rejuvenated with the work. They try to work better with people, they are happy working within a group. They try to spend more time with family, now they have even better life than what they had thought of. These people will be able to notice better progress in life and things that they do. These people after realising that they are workaholics become more cautious about things they do and hence the overall progress of them at work is astonishing. Hope these reading will provide a better insight on workaholics and how to better handle the pressure.

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