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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Tamarind (Imli) - You Never Knew!

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 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Tamarind (Imli) -  You Never Knew!

Tamarind has a plethora of health benefits from reducing body inflammation to boosting respiratory health, strengthening the immune system to improving cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol to healing skin conditions, preventing cancer to treating piles, the benefits are endless. Unlike many herbs, it has a delicious taste and can be used for both culinary as well as medicinal purposes. This fruit has juicy pulp wrapped in a thin brown shell.

Apart from many organic compounds, some of the beneficial components present in this sticky natural food include calcium, dietary fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B, iron, vitamin C, and much more. Some of the health benefits of tamarind are mentioned below:

5 Best Health Benefits of Tamarind 

Tamarind offers lots of benefits to our health and it can be consumed in different forms such as fruit, juice, tea in various health conditions. Read more health benefits of tamarind given below to know more about natural food:

  1. Tamarind Good for Digestion Problems: Due to its high fiber content, tamarind acts as a natural laxative. It is believed that tamarind increases the efficiency of the digestive system. The fiber can bulk up the stool by easing its movement through the intestinal tract. It has the capability to stimulate bile activity that results in dissolving the food faster and stimulate gastric juice. Studies have shown that tamarind can be extremely useful for patients suffering from diarrhea and chronic constipation.
  2. Tamarind supports Cardiovascular Health: Several studies have proved that tamarind is a great agent when it comes to reducing blood cholesterol and blood pressure. The fiber content of the tamarind can filter out the LDL cholesterol from the arteries and the veins. The potassium content can reduce blood pressure. Vitamin C present in tamarind can reduce the dangerous effect of the free radicals. The pulp of 2-3 tamarind seeds can be taken daily as this helps in to maintain cardiovascular health.
  3. Tamarind Benefits in Body circulation: Being a very good source of iron, a single serving of tamarind can cover up to 10 percent of the body’s iron requirement. A constant supply of iron is necessary for the body to keep up the production of RBC and proper oxygenation of all the organs of the body. Iron deficiency can create conditions such as fatigue, cognitive disorders, anemia, stomach related disorders, headaches, etc.
  4. Tamarind Helps in Weight LossHydroxycitric Acid can be extracted from tamarind seed. The Tamarind is a unique compound that greatly helps in reducing weight. Furthermore, tamarind can suppress hunger by increasing the count of serotonin enzyme in the body. While there are several types of research going on the effect of tamarind on weight loss, it is a key driver of weight loss in one way or the other.
  5. Tamarind For Nerve Function: Tamarind or Imli fruit contains B complex and Thiamine is one of the key components of the vitamin family. Thiamine fruit improves the function of the nerve, development of the muscle, activeness of the body, reflexive action of the nerve, and so on. A daily serving of the pulp of 2 tamarind seeds a day can greatly help an individual maintain the nerve function.

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