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Status Epilepticus: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Generally seizures tend to last for about 2 minutes. But status epilepticus (SE) is a condition where people have continuous or sometimes rapid seizures for a period of 30 minutes and more. The literal meaning of status epilepticus is a state of seizure that is continuous. If one seizure lasts for nearly 5 minutes it is a symptom of status epilepticus and is a serious condition. Whenever status epilepticus occurs it becomes a condition which requires immediate medical supervision. The mortality rate is very high in people who suffer from this condition. Some treatments or therapies for status epilepticus emphasize on reducing it instead of trying to end the seizures completely.

There are mainly two types of status epilepticus- mainly convulsive and non-convulsive. The Convulsive type is very common and the most dangerous of the two. It includes seizures that are tonic-clonic where there is a stiffening of the muscles and the person having it loses his/her consciousness coupled with jerking movements. In non-convulsive status epilepticus a person doesn’t lose their consciousness but go into a state of epileptic twilight. There is clouded consciousness. About 25 % of people who suffer from epilepsy are prone to have SE attacks. And 15 % of these people will have one SE attack at some point or the other in their lives. Children below the age of 15 years and adults above the age of 40 years are susceptible to having a status epilepticus attack.

How is the treatment done?

when treating a loved one suffering from status epilepticus it is imperative that the drug being administered is effective enough to stop the seizures from taking place and the method of delivery of the medication is reliable and easy so that the drug can easily get inside the brain and blood stream and start its work.

The different kinds of medications for status epilepticus includes intranasal, intramuscular and intrapulmonary. In the intranasal method the medications such as midazolam or diazepam can be easily administered and are easily and quickly absorbed into the body. Diazepam, especially is being further tested in laboratories for the possible treatment of cluster seizures which are very high in magnitude. In the intramuscular method the drugs can be quickly administered but the rate of absorption is a bit unreliable as it varies. This method also poses a threat of complications at the site of injection. In the intrapulmonary method after the administration of the medications it gets quickly absorbed into the pulmonary capillaries which get into the heart by way of direct flow in the brain. This is a quick route. However, there aren’t any drugs available in the market as of yet that can be quickly absorbed into the lungs, and researches are trying to see if the existing ones can be modified for easy absorption into the lungs while still having their impact on seizure control.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Everyone is eligible to undergo treatment for status epilepticus however, you need to be a minimum of 2 years. Patients who are having seizures for a minimum of 5 minutes or more are diagnosed with status epilepticus and need immediate medical attention.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Children below the age of two years are not-eligible to go for treatment of status epilepticus.

Are there any side effects?

Information Not Available

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

After your seizures have been controlled or stopped and you have received the required treatment it is essential that you adhere to certain post-treatment guidelines in order to prevent any future seizures from occurring. In order to maintain stable conditions you should get blood cultures done from time to time. A lumbar puncture or spinal tap procedure should be carried out in order to keep in check any possibility of infections or subarachnoid haemorrhage. If you have already been diagnosed with an infection then you need to take empirical antibiotics. Anticonvulsants should be maintained regularly and adjusted from time to time depending on the serum level fluctuations. These adjusted anticonvulsants should be administered accordingly.

How long does it take to recover?

The time taken to recover from a status epilepticus treatment is proportional to the duration of the attack. If SE can be effectively halted in a short duration of time then it is possible that a full neurological recovery will be successful. There are high chances of causing serious cerebral damage if the seizures continuous to go on for longer durations.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The cost of treatment for Status Epilepticus including any surgery and medications ranges from about Rupees 1600- 574,000 in India. However, the direct cost of SE is about Rupees 19,000.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

If patients adhere strictly to the guidelines and regularly take their medications on time their epileptic condition can be stabilized and a possible status epilepticus can be prevented.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Information not available
Safety: Medium Effectiveness: Low Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Low Side Effects: Low Time For Recovery: Medium Price Range: 1600- 574,000

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Depression is a clinical, mental, and emotional condition that may give rise to feelings of hopelessness and chronic sadness. It slows down the way people process everyday activities and leads the patient to a sense of constant gloom and doom. It is a disabling mental condition as per WHO, and may be caused due to reasons like genetics, changes in the balance of hormones, stress, grief, trauma and prolonged, chronic physical ailments. Depression is also connected with food and nutrition. Do you want to know how? Read on to see the three ways in which food and depression are connected. * Severity and Duration: Depression is a mental illness that signifies an imbalance in the hormones and the emotional faculties in the brain. Nutrition is the fuel that keeps the brain and body in prime working condition. When a depressive state sets in or becomes emotionally rooted, then nutritious eating and a proper diet take a back seat as the patient succumbs to a state where he or she is not concerned about the food intake. As a result, the brain and hormonal balance get further affected. This can have an adverse effect on the severity and the duration of the depressive mode, which makes it all a vicious cycle of sorts. Poor appetite, not having proper meals, skipping meals, eating junk, avoiding social settings where food will be served, and even emotional eating are all outcomes of depression too. * Eating Disorders: Many patients who have eating disorders often experience deep rooted and chronic depression. Since despondency and hopelessness are the main characteristics of depressive behaviour, the outcome is that the patient tries to behave in a way that seeks approval. And in all this, the patient usually thinks that he or she is not 'good enough'. In such a scenario, the patient may start trying out fad diets and eventually fall prey to eating disorders like Bulimia that make the patient overeat and then vomit. These eating disorders usually come with phases of binge eating, throwing up, starving and then repeating the cycle again. Eating in secrecy is also a symptom of this condition. * Nutrition to Fight Depression: Nutrition and proper food intake can build a sense of resilience by first of all improving the overall physical condition of the patient. This can take care of a lot of angst even as the minerals and vitamins travel to the brain for better functioning in the long run. Ensure that you eat right as a part of your therapy for depression. This is as good as taking your medication on time!
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Irrfan Khan - Battle Against Neuroendocrine Tumour!

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MBBS, MD - General Medicine, Certification In Diabetes
Endocrinologist, Delhi
Irrfan Khan - Battle Against Neuroendocrine Tumour!
Irrfan Khan's saddening revelation about his health and diagnosis of Neuroendocrine tumour (NET) has undoubtedly created a rage amongst his fans, which is now being followed by good wishes for speedy recovery from his supporters all across social media. The actor shared in an emotional Twitter post that he s been diagnosed with NET, a rare tumour that develops from cells of the neuroendocrine system and grows predominantly in the digestive or respiratory tract - lungs, appendix, small intestine, rectum, and pancreas - it can occur in any part of the body. Here is more on Irrfan s disease: What is NET? A neuroendocrine tumor is characterized by a rapid and abnormal growth that happens in the nerve cells which produce hormones. Hormones control how different organs in the body work. It is a condition wherein, endocrine cells, the hormone-producing cells of the body, develop a tumor in any part of the body - while it can can grow in lungs or the thymus, or more rarely, in the ovaries, kidneys, or testicles - the most common is lung, intestines, and pancreas. What causes NET? A neuroendocrine tumour is quite a rare disease, occurs in less than one per million cases. The exact cause is not known. The Symptoms- It can cause a myriad of symptoms, depending on where in the body the NET is. If it is in your digestive system, it can cause pain or discomfort in the abdomen area that comes and goes. You may feel sick, nauseated, vomited, or there may be a change in how often you pass stools. If the NET is in the lung, it can cause shortness of breath, chest infections, or you can even have a cough up blood. Weight loss and loss of appetite may also be some common signs of a neuroendocrine tumour. Some NETs may overproduce a hormone-like substance called serotonin. This causes a group of symptoms called carcinoid syndrome. Symptoms include wheezing (like asthma), flushing of the skin and diarrhoea. Who can be affected with NET? These tumours, depending on the type, are more common in certain age or sex. And few have very strong family history too. People who have a rare condition called multiple endocrine neoplasia 1 have an increased risk of developing a NET. Did You Know? Apple founder Steve Jobs died from the same disease in 2011. The tumour affected his pancreas. Know The Different Types of NET: Based on the organ that is affected, NET can vary a lot. When the chromaffin cells that produce adrenaline are affected, it is called Pheochromocytoma, and it is related to the stress levels of the body. When a cell is formed abnormally under the skin and the hair follicles, it is called Merkel cell cancer. This is also called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin and the condition can occur anywhere in the body. The commonly occurring places include lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and brain. The status of the tumour, cancerous (malignant) or noncancerous (benign), decides the survival rate. Often slow-growing and noncancerous, they can invade surrounding parts of the body and at times, turn cancerous and spread across the body. However, you can still choose to live a good quality life with strict modifications in diet and lifestyle. The changes are made after taking into consideration the symptoms of the tumor. The organ where the tumor is formed also matters. How Is It Treated? Treatment depends on the location of the tumour, its type, how severe it is and whether it has spread to other parts of the body. Usually, the first treatment choice is surgery to remove the tumour. And, if the NET cannot be removed, your will prescribed with a treatment that will not only relieve the symptoms but will also improve the quality of your life. How can a NET be prevented? The first thing you need to do for the prevention of NET is to curb stress. Stress affects the entire body severely. Lifestyle modifications: A healthy lifestyle is what you need to stick to if you want to manage its symptoms during the treatment cycle. Your doctor will prescribe you to do exercises at least 4 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. You can also try a walk instead of strenuous exercises. People with carcinoid syndrome may be advised to avoid food or activities that may trigger flushing, such as eating spicy food or drinking alcohol. Indulge yourself in therapies that help in gaining more positive energy. If you are already affected by NET, eliminate all the sources of stress and get a good night's sleep every day. Join the support groups that make you grow strong and happy. After all, the mind is devised to do miracles when it is full of life and positive thoughts. Is Irrfan Khan's tumour curable? Dr Saumitra Rawat, HOD, Surgical Gastroenterology & Liver Transplant, Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, said, "NeuroEndocrine Tumour is an abnormal growth of Neuroendo cells which are present in bodies. When there is an abnormal growth, then it forms a tumor - Normally seen in intestine, pancreas, lung, thyroid and other parts of the body". On commenting on Khan's case, he said, "It depends on the location of tumour, its size, and what is its mitotic index". "Depending on where the tumour is localized, you can take it out surgically and the chances of cure are very high", Dr Rawat explained. Actor Irrfan, who has been diagnosed with the disease is one of the most versatile actors in India, has also made a name for himself in the west, where he has been an important part of critically-acclaimed films such as The Namesake , Jurassic World , and Life of Pi . At home, the actor has delivered remarkable performances in films such as Haasil , Paan Singh Tomar , Maqbool , Lunch Box , Piku , and the most recent Hindi Medium . Irrfan Khan is not just a disarmingly natural actor, but also an endearing human being -- honest and humble to the core. It s time to stand together and pray for him a speedy recovery!
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What is proprioception? Proprioception is the sense of knowing where your body part is in space. This can be a difficult concept to grasp until you lose it, because so much proprioception occurs subconsciously. Your proprioception capabilities can be impaired when joints are injured, such as with ligament sprains. When you lose proprioception of your joint after a sprain, you may experience an unstable sensation of the joint. Your joint may even give-out. The most common symptom of reduced proprioception is poor balance. In this respect, most people can understand the concept that poor balance can be a result of poor proprioception. However, even your spinal posture has a proprioception component telling you whether or not you are sitting or standing upright. Good posture, for example, could be thought of as perfect spinal balance! Every injury has the potential to decrease your proprioception and subsequently your balance. However, you can quickly improve both your proprioception and balance with proprioception and balance exercises. That's where your physiotherapist is an expert and can help you. What are proprioception / balance exercises? Proprioceptive and balance exercises teach your body to control the position of a deficient or an injured joint. An common example of a proprioceptive or balance exercise is the use of a balance or wobble board after an ankle sprain. The unpredictable movements of the balance board re-educates your body to quickly react to the wobbly movements without having to think about these movements. That is, your natural balance and proprioceptive reactions that we are attempting to retrain make the transition from a conscious to a subconscious state. A quality subconscious proprioception and balance system is important in everyday life and particularly in sport. Elite athletes are not thinking about how to stay balanced as they pass or kick a ball. That all happens automatically behind the scenes. The best athletes can then elevate their performance by focusing on what they plan to do with the ball and performing that match winning skill rather than wasting their mental power on just staying upright. How does your proprioception or balance improve? Proprioception exercises are designed to improve your proprioception feedback circle. In simple terms, your brain sends electrical contract or relax messages to your muscles. Your joint movement response is detected by your sensory nervous systemand reported back to your brain for fine tuning and improvement with repetition of the process. In other words, perfect practise will eventually mean proprioception perfection. There are hundreds of injury specific proprioception and balance exercises whether your injury is your shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or spine. It is best to see your trusted physiotherapist to ensure you are doing the right things at the right time and not disrupting tissue repair. It is possible to commence advanced proprioception or balance exercises too early, which can be detrimental to your rehabilitation outcome.
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Hello, Thanks for the query. It appears excess smoking for years may affected lung capacity, hence the breathlessness. There may be emphysema developing. Get a physician's opinion. Thanks.

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I am 54-year-old man. Since 8 years I am facing premature ejaculation. I have blood sugar, I am using insulin dose. I am implanted pace maker in the year 2014. Recently I am facing erectile dysfunction problem along with previous problem of premature ejaculation. Please advise me by Homeopathic Doctor.

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Dear lybrate-user It's good to share your concern about your health problem. You've mentioned two major issues related to your metabolism and your heart. IDDM is a major cause of ED and premature ejaculations. As you are on pacemaker, I'll suggest you to practice 15 mins of Kegel's exercise. Let me know after 1 week about your status.

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It signifies the importance of keeping the sugar levels in good control so the the complications of diabetes do not affect the vital organs. Tell him to take charge of his health by a firm commitment. Let him follow a healthy lifestyle and stick to the discipline. Read more (from the internet) about Diabetes and its management -which is quite easy otherwise. Let him learn Yoga and do some simple exercises everyday. Regular followup along with basic tests is essential to keep a check on the overall status of health. You can try Homeopathy which can help in the natural healing process and aid the body to overcome the problem without any side effects. A detailed consultation is required to select remedy which suits his constitution. You can contact me for the same.

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