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Sleep Disorders - Know How Homeopathy Can Be Of Help!

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Sleep Disorders - Know How Homeopathy Can Be Of Help!

Sleep disorders are grouped into those conditions that alter the sleep wellness ability of an individual on a daily basis. Majorly, the people experience sleeping disorders because of increasing stress level, changing lifestyles, busy schedules, etc. However, this is a very rising and increasing problem as it alters our day to day functioning. Due to sleep disorders, the person feels difficulty in sleeping and remains tired for all day. Due to the lack of sleep, tiredness persists throughout the day and negatively influences energy, mood, concentration, and health.

Symptoms of sleep disorders
The symptoms of sleep disorders vary due to the severity of the problem as well as the type of sleep disorder. The common symptoms of sleep disorders include difficulty in sleeping on time, tiredness, anxiety, agitation, frustration, concentration problems, depression, and a strong need for relaxing in the daytime.

Causes of sleep disorders
Sometimes, the medical illnesses such as common cold or flu or respiratory infection make the breathing process difficult and this may cause you difficulty in sleeping. The problem of urinating frequently disturbs the sleeping pattern. Hormonal influences and urinary tract infections may also cause a problem. Pervasive pain in certain body part also makes it difficult to sleep especially those patients who are suffering from arthritis, headaches, lower back pain, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Those people who remain stressful and anxious could not able to sleep properly.

Types of sleeping disorders
There are several types of sleeping disorders which are mentioned below:

  • Insomnia refers to the inability to sleep and is the main cause of stress and anxiety these days. It can further be divided into three stages: Chronic, intermittent, and transient.
  • Sleep apnea which is mainly characterized by the breaks in breathing while sleeping
  • Parasomnia is a class of disorders in which a person behaves abnormally while sleeping such as sleepwalking, talking in sleep, nightmares, bedwetting, etc.
  • Restless leg syndrome in which constant movements of legs occur

Usually, a physical examination is performed and then medical history is taken. There could be various tests that can be performed such as polysomnography, electroencephalogram, genetic blood testing.


If a person is suffering from sleep disorders then it is cause of great concern, however, homeopathy can be of immense help in handling such problems. A homeopathic practioner will study in detail as to why the proble is ocuring in the first place i.e. what is the root cause of the problem. As, homeopathy belives in treating the actual reason behind the problem being faced and not just symptomatic relief. Lifestyle changes are also promoted such as maintaining a proper diet, regular exercising, and reduction of stress by following relaxation therapies, forming a sleeping schedule, etc.

The doctors recommend incorporating more vegetables and fish into your diet. Also, the caffeine intake should be limited especially at the time of late afternoon or evening. One should not do substance abuse and eat low carbohydrate meals at dinner.

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