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Role Of Hysterolaparoscopy In The Evaluation Of Infertility

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Hello friends,

I am doctor Jayanti. I was consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist practicing at Srushti fertility test centre and women's clinic Mumbai.

Today I will be talking about his true laparoscopy hysteroscopy is considered as the gold standard in the evaluation of infertility so what exactly is this hysteroscopy so it consists of two parts that is hysteroscopy and laparoscopy so you're still we introduce a Periscope instrument to the cervix of the mouth of the uterus to visualise the inside of the uterus the why is it so important many many of a patient sir ask me why is hysteroscopy should be really do it it's a major surgical procedure is it really necessary before we understand this let us just revise our knowledge of how conception occurs as you all know every month an egg 1 is released from the ovary and this it travels to the fallopian tube around the same time is intercourse takes place the sperms travel inside the uterus meet the egg inside the tube and form an embryo.

And finally embryo gets implanted inside the uterus suppose there is any problem with ovary with ovulation on with the transport in that you are in the uterus so this process of conception will not histoleproscopy precisely evaluates the reproductive system of the female hysteroscopy what we do if we introduce a Telescopic instrument with the cervix of the mouth of the uterus instrument his introduced inside the uterus we also study the cervix well because of some tremendous it is very tight of Stinos and even the sperms cannot pass through it so you are such a situation we dilate the cervix and then we go inside the uterus slowly and the first thing which we see inside the uterus is the opening of the tubes know the opening of the tubes.

How to be free of editions safe there any additional we can clear it around at the same time what is to see inside of the uterus we notice whether there is enough space because ultimately the baby is going to grow inside the uterus so we just observe whether than enough space for the baby to grow we observe the lining of the uterus and whether the cavity is normal whether there is a Submucous fibroid which is popping in a weather that is a symptom of whether there is a polyp a certain things cannot be visualised by ultrasonography so whenever we do hysteroscopy we get a lot of surprises and the beauty of the specifications you cannot read it was but you can also treat the condition at the same time this is often a company by another procedure called as laparoscopy.

So what we do in laparoscopy is we introduce a Telescopic instrument through the umbilicus through the abdomen to see the outside of the uterus so what do we say from the outside of the uterus we see the ovary the tubes the uterus and the other structures which are surrounding the uterus so what problems can occur wear that can be a cyst in the ovary or the ovaries may be very much and large in a Barclays spec PC OS for they may require drilling or the tubes or maybe some additions which are blocking the tubes are the tubes are getting kinked and some time so we free the tubes from the additions then we observe the uterus so whether the uterus has any tumor has fibroids whether It is a sub serious fibroid all these things we observe whether the uterus the shape of the uterus is normal because some women are born with an abnormal uterine shape so post of the time even this can be treated with laparoscopy.

We do a procedure called as laparoscopic chromotubation so what exactly this procedure be introduced a dye in the cervix and through the mouth of the uterus and we observe whether the die is coming out from both the surprise coming of really that means the cubes are open the patent and they can allow the passage of the site and the embryo suppose that is a block so this blocks can also be treated by hysteroscopy by a procedure called as hysteroscopy tubal cannulation so all these things can be observed in by doing a laparoscopy we can also see other diseases associated diseases like I already mentioned fibroids we can be bought diagnosed as well as we can remove fibroids.

Also then there are conditions for this endometriosis can be diagnosed only and only by laparoscopic photography will not diagnose endometriosis unless the patient has a huge ovarian endometriotic cyst this condition can be suspected what the ultimate diagnosis will only be by laparoscopy in our country that another disease causes genital tuberculosis so people think that tuberculosis only limited to the lungs and the richest known as pulmonary tuberculosis. Under which is known as pulmonary tuberculosis what happens if the patient has a lot of symptoms.

He feels Breathless he keeps popping that is loss of weight has an evening rise of temperature of slight fever all the time this condition can be very well diagnosed by a simple chest X rays especially the conditions genital tuberculosis condition cannot be detected by the actual confirm over diagnosis and in case the person has blocked you resist them will have to be created for a total period of 9 to 12 months so this is how laparoskopi helps us in diagnosing various condition now there are other conditions apart from infertility where leproscopy can we use like tubal patency have already mentioned and conditions like endometrosis or Pelvic conditions where the patient has undergone fewest surgery or there is Tuberculosis endometriosis.

So everything is all stuck together we can free all this structures that acute pelvic region such as ectopic pregnancy very important because it to the pregnancy is something that usually a pregnancy is inside the uterus ectopic means something away the pregnancy growth of an abnormal site and what is the economic side anything other than the uterus will be an abnormal side opposite to be pregnancy is it that you can diagnose it at the same time we can remove the ectopic pregnancy also an impact save the life of the patient then acute appendicitis can be made out salpingitis and inflammation of the fallopian tubes that also can be diagnosed that certain tumors can be taken out by leproscopy laparoscopic and helpful and helps us to even take out the cancerous growth from the uterus in short as of today almost all surgeries which can be done by the open Method can be done by histleproscopy the advantage here as have already told you we can diagnose and treat the condition at the same time it requires a very short Hospital Spain and patient need to spend the patient did not take prolong bedrest or anything you can get back to work very quickly.

So friends any questions about historical Scorpio laparoskopi gunec leproscopy you can always contact me at Thank you.

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