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Ova / Cyst Test

Ova / Cyst Test

The Ova / Cyst test is conducted to measure the level of parasites in the stool. The test also checks the presence of ova and cysts in the stool. Ova/s are the eggs of parasites and cysts are hard shells that protect the parasites when they reach a certain stage of their lifecycle. To do this test, a sample of stool is taken and analysed. The presence of these parasites can cause trouble in the lower digestive tract thus leading to symptoms such as diarrhoea. If you have such symptoms, your doctor would recommend you get the test done.

Usually for tests, the sample is collected in the hospital or clinic but for the Ova/Cyst test, the sample is taken at your home. For preparation, the doctor may ask you to follow certain things that are mentioned below: You may be asked to avoid certain foods two weeks prior to the test. If you are taking antibiotic or antiparasitic drugs, the doctor may ask you to stop them. Depending on your medical conditions, your doctor will give you further suggestions. Apart from these, there is not any specific preparation required for the test.

The test enables the doctor to find out if your stool contains any signs of parasites or eggs that can infect your lower digestive tract and cause problems such as mucus or blood in the stool. You usually get the results within two days of the test. If the test results are normal, it means that no parasites or eggs were found. If you continue experiencing the problems even after a normal test result, your doctor will use additional tests and medicines for you. If your test results say abnormal, it means there are parasites and eggs in your stool. Based on your results, your doctor will prescribe medicines and treatments.

The procedure for Ova / Cyst test involves the following steps: Make sure you use latex gloves and wash your hands afterwards. Collect the stool sample using a catching device, or by placing a plastic sheet loosely on the toilet seat and then transferring it in a sealable container before you take it to the lab. When the stool sample reaches the lab, the technician will use a special dye to stain some of the stool sample. The stained stool sample is then placed under the microscope and scrutinised for the presence of parasites or ova.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.100 to Rs.850 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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