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Lifestyle Changes to Boost Mental Health

Myself Dr. Milind Barhate, psychiatrist, practicing in Mumbai since last 10 years. Mental illness is the most common illness in the world. Stress is the most common factor for causing most of the psychiatric illnesses. People believe that stress is not a psychiatric problem and it is a part of life. That’s why most of the patients are not coming for the treatment.

Some misconceptions about stress are there. Stress affect everywhere, your mind and body, from head to toe. When it affects your mind it causes migraine, headache, head ache, vomiting, nausea, paralytic attack, heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, acidity and stomach problems, breathlessness, muscle cramps, sexual dysfunction and lot of other illnesses like constipation, diarrhea, anxiety problems, it affects every part of this body. Not only body, it affects your mind and emotions, when emotion affects person becomes irritable, he feels sadness, then gradually other faculties of the mind gets affected and gradually the person either goes into depression, anxiety, sleep problems, psychosis or addictions.

People believe that stress is not an problem. When it becomes a big problem they come for a treatment, with a disease, like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, psychosis or suicide attempt. That time treatment becomes difficult and patient has to take treatment for a longer period. There are a lot of factors causing stress. Most people blame others for their own problems like inflations, job problems. Most of the time he himself is responsible like irresponsible behavior, suspiciousness, not taking responsibility of family-child-workplace, unmanageability, procrastination, all these lead to problem either in home or workplace or in society which leads to stress.

So when the issue of stress management comes most of the general people go for changing their lifestyle, starting exercises, pranayam, moving around or reading some books, listening to music or going outside, all these relieves your stress but only for a couple of days or couple of weeks. Again after that the stress becomes as it is, because the reason for stress is your character defects, until and unless you are not going to change yourself the problem is not going to come down. So when the stress management issues come, initially and most importantly the character defects that leads to the stress has to be managed and it needs a tough and long behavior therapy, counseling, and if the problem arises then you may need psychiatric help.

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