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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Pollution - Know How It Can Cause Chest Related Diseases!

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Dr. Prashant RuikarHomeopathy Doctor • 14 Years Exp.BHMS
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Chest-related diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, congestion, and conjunctivitis are caused by various factors but off late, pollution has emerged as one of the prime culprits responsible for wreaking havoc on the chests of people. Nowadays, no one is immune from the ill-effects of air pollution. Be it children, adults, or the elderly, everyone is vulnerable to the smoke and toxin-filled air that has led to a rise in chest-related diseases such as coughing, congestion, breathing difficulties and similar disorders.

As, pollution is a constant problem, engulfing every city day after day, one is always prone to chest-related diseases and many people resort to allopathic medicines or home remedies to get rid of these problems. These remedies do provide relief but most of the time, it is temporary. Homeopathic medicine, on the other hand, has been found to be highly effective in treating chest-related problems and disorders. There are a good number of homeopathic medications available out there that can cure these diseases completely and provide permanent relief as well.

Also, these medicines do not carry any side effects. They are totally safe and can be taken by children as well as adults without any fear. The following are some of the common homeopathic medicines that can cure chest-related diseases caused by air pollution.

  1. Phosphorous: This is very useful against problems caused by air pollutants, including conjunctivitis, asthmatic bronchitis, rhinitis, emphysema, and leukemia. It also helps with breathing problems such as shortness of breath, tightness in chest, heaviness, and coughing.
  2. Sulphurous acid: It is very helpful in fighting persistent coughing, hoarseness, chest congestion, and constriction.
  3. Natrum muriaticum: It is effective in treating cold sores, headache, allergy, and runny nose caused by a chest infection.
  4. Sulphur: This works wonders for problems such as conjunctivitis and headache.
  5. Bryonia: It is most suited in cases of persistent coughing, loose cough, dry cough, painful cough, headache, and fever.
  6. Bromium: It is the best remedy in case of dust allergy, asthma, dry cough, and difficulty in breathing while sleeping.
  7. Ammonium Carbonate: This is highly effective in frequent sneezing, plenty of discharge from nose, nose blocking at night, breathing through the mouth, difficulty in sleeping, emphysematous changes in lungs, a sensation of dust particles in the throat, wheezing, dry cough, and choking.
  8. Spongia: It is known to work best against asthmatic bronchitis, dryness of the respiratory tract, rapid short breathing, waking up suddenly at night, and wheezing. It also brings relief in uneasiness caused by sudden changes in atmosphere and smoke.

All these homeopathic remedies have proven to be of great help in curing chest-related diseases and providing long-term relief to patients across age groups. Nevertheless, anyone who decides to take any of these medications should consult a homeopathy doctor first. The doctor will prescribe the right medication after diagnosing the problem. Self-medication should be avoided but if one wants to take these homeopathic medicines along with other medicines, one can do so as the former do not result in any side effect.

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