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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Natural Supplements That Facilitate With PCOS!

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Dr. Surabhi Jain Nutritionist And Lactation ConsultantDietitian/Nutritionist • 18 Years Exp.M.Sc - Dietetics & Food Service Management, Post graduate diploma public health Nutrition , Certified in EFT and TFT, Lactation consultant, certified in energy healing, Certified in plant based diet, Certified NLP Practioner
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A few completely natural food items can be extremely helpful for reversing your PCOS. Want to know about them? Check out here.

There are lots of supplements that may facilitate reverse PCOS is many various ways in which, from reducing androgenic hormone levels to up internal secretion resistance. Here area unit the eleven best natural supplements that facilitate with PCOS:

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are notable to extend sex-hormone binding simple protein levels and scale back sex hormone and internal secretion levels, creating it a perfect supplement for ladies with PCOS. A recent meta-analysis of forty-five randomized placebo-controlled trials on flax seed supplementation conjointly found that flax seeds facilitate folks slim and inches off the waist. They achieved this result with a daily dose of ~2.5 tablespoons of whole flax seeds. Here are some ways in which to feature flaxseeds to your diet:

  • Put them on high of a dish.
  • Blend them into your macromolecule shake or smoothie
  • Make a seed butter snack with them by grinding some tablespoons of flax seeds into a powder and mixing some liquified vegetable oil, low-calorie sweetener and cinnamon into it.

Flaxseeds will facilitate treat PCOS symptoms.


Many high-quality studies counsel that cinnamon helps scale back internal secretion resistance and restore follicular gland perform in girls with PCOS. To urge these advantages,

  • ½ to one teaspoon per day is all you would like.
  • mix the cinnamon into your flax seed butter, and add some buggy for even a lot of of a health boost.


Nuts area unit a healthy addition to any diet (as long as you’re not allergic to them). Walnuts and almonds, specially, have the foremost helpful result on girls with PCOS. for instance, walnuts increase sex hormone-binding simple protein, whereas almonds decrease free sex hormone levels. This means that these buggy address the reason for several PCOS symptoms. consequent dietary supplement on this list, however, gets to the underlying reason for PCOS — internal secretion resistance.


This compound is found in herbs like herb, barberry, and American state grape root, and it’s been utilized in Chinese drugs for hundreds of years to treat a range of health conditions. In one spectacular study, berberine was found to cut back internal secretion resistance as effectively as an antidiabetic drug, drugs oft prescribed for PCOS. Berberine conjointly crystal rectifier to slightly a lot of weight and belly fat loss, a bigger increase in sex-hormone-binding simple protein levels, and lower levels of the free androgenic hormone than a constant dose of the antidiabetic drug. In different words, this natural compound is simpler than one amongst the foremost popularly prescribed PCOS medications.

The suggested dose for berberine is five hundred mg taken 2-3 times per day. Berberine has been shown to treat PCOS. Something else to contemplate is taking it with milkweed or vegetable oil. Milkweed and saturated {fatty acid} (a fatty acid in coconut oil) could increase the absorption of berberine.


Magnesium deficiencies area unit the second commonest deficiency in developed countries. The metallic element is vital for ladies with PCOS as a result of metallic element deficiency reduces internal secretion sensitivity and will increase nerve excitability, resulting in a lot of stress, a lot of tension, and a lot of PCOS symptoms. When it involves metallic element supplements, metallic element turn is most well-liked. It’s well absorbed however could have a gentle laxative result in some sensitive folks. For the people that area unit sensitive to metallic element turn, metallic element bisglycinate is that the most suitable choice.

Regardless of that supplement, you select, check that you’re obtaining around 310 mg of metallic element per day if you’re a lady. Magnesium will facilitate with PCOS treatment.


Zinc is important for the functioning of enzymes, hormones, and also the system. A deficiency in the metallic element will cause a secretion imbalance and create PCOS worse, whereas metallic element supplementation will scale back a number of the symptoms of PCOS. This was confirmed in one study that found that the metallic element was ready to reverse facial and chest hair growth in girls with PCOS. The dose they used was 220 mg per day of zinc vitriol, that is such as fifty mg of elemental metallic element per day.


One of the foremost well-studied PCOS supplements is vitamin B complex, a sugar alcohol compound found in keto-friendly foods like citrus fruits and buggy. Multiple studies have shown that vitamin B complex supplementation could improve internal secretion resistance and reduce male hormones within the blood. Most notably, vitamin B complex looks to market organic process and fertility. In one study, solely six % of management cluster participants older catamenial cycles versus eighty-six % within the vitamin B complex cluster (a finding confirmed by follow-up research). Most studies conclude that, at doses between one,200-2,400 milligrams per day, vitamin B complex will considerably improve PCOS symptoms. Inositol may also facilitate treating PCOS symptoms.

Chasteberry (commonly referred to as Vitex)

Chasteberry helps restore the balance between several hormones concerned within the cycle. It will this by lowering luteotropin levels. this will facilitate girls with oligo/amenorrhea and physiological state, that has been confirmed in 3 randomized management trials. However, some girls with PCOS might not like taking chasteberry if their luteotropin levels area unit among traditional ranges.

 Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom will facilitate scale back stress levels and inhibit 5-alpha enzyme, associate degree accelerator that converts androgenic hormone to dihydrotestosterone. There are not any studies on the results that reishi mushroom has on girls with PCOS, however, its ability to inhibit the assembly of dihydrotestosterone and scale back stress create it a promising supplement for PCOS.

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