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Kidney Stones - When It Is Must To Consult A Doctor?

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Kidney Stones - When It Is Must To Consult A Doctor?

In recent times, doctors have seen increasing incidence of renal or kidney stones. Numerous patients are now coming to doctors with lower abdominal and lower back pain linked to renal uretic stones. In fact, the intensity of pain these patients feel has been proven to be second only to labour pains during childbirth. It is already well known that the cases of stones increase during summer, due to the lack of urination and concentration of salts in the urine. However, now the lack of water and concentration of salts may not be the only reason behind these stones.

According to some Indian doctors in India’s eastern city of Kolkata, they have been coming across a type of stones, called “lifestyle stones” which are formed in the kidney and then pass into the Ureter. These stones get stuck in the Ureter causing the unbearable pain known as Ureteric colic. It has been noticed that these stones are smaller in size than the traditional kidney stones. In such a scenario, you must know that when and why must call on a doctor as you experience abdominal pain.

Some interesting facts about kidney stones: It has been noticed by several doctors across the globe that multiple stones can be formed at the same time. They believe that the pain is in most cases accompanied by severe nausea. These are treated in a two-pronged approach. In the first stage, the pain is taken care of. Once the pain is under control, doctors ask you for a urine test. Later, you need to go through a USG followed by a CT Scan. This is conducted to identify the location of the stone. The stone or clusters of stones are then shattered or destroyed with the use of a laser beam or a Holmium laser.

When it is must to see a doctor?
Kidney stones need medical attention. You can’t keep waiting for things to get worst as your entire excretion process is disturbed. The presence of stones will raise the toxic levels in your body. Forget the kidneys; it may also damage other organs. Therefore, it is always advisable to see a doctor as soon as the symptoms are noticed. You must pay the visit to a doctor, if you are experiencing or have noticed these symptoms:
1. Severe pain in the side, abdomen, groin, or genitals.
2. Presence of blood in the urine.
3. If you see signs of a urinary tract infection, including any pain or burning sensation at the time of urination
4. Severe Vomiting
5. Fever and shivering

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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