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Urine Uric Acid Random Test

Urine Uric Acid Random Test

Purine metabolism has an end product called the uric acid. The increased level of uric acid in the urine indicates an increased plasma uric acid level. Active tubular secretion means uric acid is filtered by the glomeruli present in the body and is reabsorbed by the tubules. It is essential to keep the urine uric acid under control it reflects the amount of dietary purine and other endogenous nucleic acid breakdowns.

A 24- hour urine-uric-acid test is often suggested for collection to measure and interpret the urinary analysis. However, random collections for the urine-uric-acid test are conducted when there is a suspected an acute renal failure secondary to uric acid is there. The test is advisable for small children or patients who cannot collect a 24-hour specimen. Therefore all that a urine-uric-acid-random test does is to measure the uric acid in the urine. The acid is produced during the digestion of some foods that affect the natural breakdown of cells in the body. The test is recommended when the doctor finds symptoms that could be the reason for high uric acid levels.

There are no specific preparations to go on with. The doctor must know the kind of drugs you are taking before going ahead with the test. This is so as some medicines may affect the results of the test, such as ibuprofen, water pills, aspirin etc. In such a case, the doctor may advise refraining from the medicines before the test. Also, consumption of alcohol is not permissible while getting prepared for the test.

It helps in further investigation of urolithiasis. It is useful to assess and manage patients with kidney stones. The Urine-uric-acid random test shows differentiation of acute uric acid nephropathy from that of other reasons of acute renal failure. To identify conditions where there is an alteration of acid production like gout, leukaemia, renal disease. Treating asymptomatic hyperuricemia is useful.

The procedure is safe and painless. Few things must be kept in mind while dealing with the urine sample. Procedure for Uric Acid Random Urine Minimum 2 ml of urine should be collected. Labeling of the name on the bottle should be done before the collection of the urine. The submission of the urine must be at room temperature only. The sample urine should not be refrigerated. No preservatives should be involved in the sample urine. They have carried further ahead for examination in the research laboratory. The testing is done using the automated method.

no over the counter drugs should be taken as they can affect the results.
non sterile plastic container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Urine Uric Acid Random
All age groups
Rs180- Rs. 300

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