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24 Hrs Urinary Calcium Levels Test

24 Hrs Urinary Calcium Levels Test

also known as: Total Calcium Colorimetric 24 Hour Urine

Calcium is an important mineral mainly concentrated in bones yet a portion is utilized by the cells of the body. A balanced calcium level is crucial for proper functioning and restoration of body elements. In case calcium level becomes too high in a body, it is expelled out through urine. A urine calcium test, also called as the urinary Ca+2 test is performed to measure calcium level in urine. Any condition with high or low calcium level does not show any signs of caution yet the test is advised in case of bone diseases, kidney stone and problems related to parathyroid gland.

Your doctor will provide a set of instructions before the urinary calcium level test. He will guide you on the low calcium diet, which you should follow for a couple of days before the examination. If you are taking any medication, inform the doctor. Certain medicines interfere with test results. The doctor might want you to hold that. Only light exercise can be done 24 hrs. before the test. The lab technician will provide either a sample collection bag or bottle and funnel the session on how the sample collection has to be done.

The normal calcium level in urine should be 100 to 300 mg/day to a maximum and the minimum in the low calcium diet is 50 to 150 mg/day.
• A change in calcium level may disturb nerve signaling. Neurologist uses the 24-hour calcium level to access the response of nerves.
• The test may be found useful to know endocrine gland activity. Hypoparathyroidism and hyperparathyroidism, pancreatitis like disease results from irregular secretion.
• Bones concentrate major portion of calcium. The calcium level test is used to detect bone disorders.
• The 24-hour-calcium-level test assesses the functioning of kidney and can presage about the renal stone.
• The test evaluates the calcium and vitamin D absorption capacity of the intestines.

• Collect every drop you urinate during the day and night in the 24-hour period in the given bottle or bag. Flush out the first urine of the day 1 and then collect every urine starting the next.
• Label the bottle with the date and time of sample collection. Refrigerate for an entire 24-hour duration.
• Save the last sample on day 2 morning. It is the first void of the day.
• Handover the sample collection to the lab for further investigation.

24 hour urine
metal free acid washed container
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Calcium 24 Hours Urine
All age groups
Calcium 24 Hours Urine
All age groups
20 - 275mg/24 hr
Rs.150- Rs. 700

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