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Kidney Infections - Factors That Put You At Risk!

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Kidney Infections - Factors That Put You At Risk!

The main task of the kidneys is to balance the electrolytes in the blood and maintain the pH homeostasis. The kidneys also remove waste products from the blood. Infections in the kidney aren’t uncommon and affect women (majorly pregnant women) and children below the age of two in most conditions.

Kidney infections are of two types:

  • Uncomplicated kidney infectionThe infections in this condition are minor and can be cured with minimal medication.
  • Complicated kidney infection: These infections are more complex and serious as compared to the uncomplicated ones.

If not treated on time, kidney infection can prove to become a serious condition and lead to various complications including kidney damage and blood poisoning (sepsis).

The most common causes of kidney infections are:

  1. Weak immune system: If you have a weak immune system, you are prone to getting a bacterial or fungal infection on the surface of your skin which eventually enters the bloodstream. The infection might right reach the kidneys and cause an infection there.
  2. Bacteria entering from the urethra: The pathogen which causes an infection can enter the body through the urethra and multiply in the bladder. The infection spreads to the kidneys and causes renal infection.
  3. Kidney stonesPeople diagnosed with kidney stones are at a very high risk of developing kidney infections. Kidney stones are caused because of a build-up of dissolved minerals in the inner lining of the kidneys.
  4. Enlarged prostateMen with an excessively enlarged prostate are prone to developing kidney infections as compared to men with a normal-sized prostate.
  5. Intercourse: Engaging in sexual (anal or vaginal) intercourse with an infected person can be a major reason for kidney infection as the bacteria can enter the body through the anus or the vagina and affect the kidneys.

It is not difficult to detect infection in the kidneys as they have very visible symptoms. A few symptoms of kidney infection are:

  1. Excessive back pain
  2. Sudden chills or fever
  3. Nausea and puking
  4. Blood in the urine
  5. Pain while urinating

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